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In light of the current media reporting of the recent Coroner’s findings related to the deaths of three young men in Queensland as a result of the botched Government Home Insulation Program, it is timely to revisit the importance of safety switches. Master Electricians Australia is asking the Government to legislate for safety switches to be installed on all circuits as a matter of urgency and in addition, has reminded householders that power needs to be turned off before entering the ceiling space.

A safety switch detects a fault in the circuit, and cuts the supply of electricity in as little as 30 milliseconds. Notably, this response time is faster than the critical phase of a heartbeat, and therefore significantly reduces the risk of death or serious injury.

A safety switch will protect you should you accidentally drive a nail into the wall and hit a wire when you hang a picture. A safety switch will protect you should a light fitting become faulty and live with electricity (you don’t want to be touching this light to change a bulb!). A safety switch will protect you should a leak in your roof cause water to go into a light fitting. A safety switch will protect you if a rat chews through your electrical cabling exposing the live wiring.

It is a concerning fact that more than 80% of home owners believe that they are safe from electrical injury in their homes. Many Australian homes already have safety switches on their power outlet circuits and some also have safety switches on the lighting circuits. In most homes though, other circuits such as pools, air-conditioners, hot water systems and stoves are not protected. For the highest possible level of protection, a safety switch on every circuit is essential.

Clearly, a safety switch should always be considered a secondary safety response as it is not a substitute for good old-fashioned common sense around electricity. A review of causes of death by electrocution in Queensland in the ten years to 2010 reveals some alarming statistics. Safety switches could have prevented 76%, or 25 of the 33 non-power line related electrical fatalities, if safety switches had been fitted! Of course, do not make the mistake of being lulled into a false sense of security just because you have a safety switch; having a safety switch means nothing unless you test it regularly! It is good practice to do this every three months, and a timely reminder would be the arrival of your electricity bill.

Research shows that there is an electrical fault rate of one in five homes. These faults can sometimes be associated with the deterioration of electrical fittings and cables, particularly in older homes. Just picture your neighbourhood street … one in five is a significant number! For the sake of yourself and your family please don’t risk it! Of course never risk doing your own electrical work. It’s tempting to try to save a few dollars, but what price can you put on a life??

Call your local Brisbane Electrician from Prestige Power. They will be more than happy to chat with you and discuss your specific situation, and recommend the best solution to protect you and your home.BRISBANE ELECTRICIANS | SAFETY SWITCH BRISBANE | SAFETY SWITCH TESTING BRISBANE | LIGHTING SAFETY SWITCH BRISBANE | POWER SAFETY SWITCH BRISBANE | SAFETY SWITCH TEST BRISBANESave TodayTestimonials


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Currently Energex are providing customers in South East Queensland with rebates to connect their pools, hot water systems and air conditioners to the cheaper Tariff 33.

Energex are offering a $250 rebate for pools, a $250 rebate for air conditioners, and a $100 rebate for hot water systems.

A Tariff 33 connection is simply a connection to select appliances where the supply authority (i.e. Energex) has the ability to switch on an off at different times at will. On the Tariff 33 connection, Energex will guarantee 18 hours of supply a day, and they will usually switch it off at times of peak demand in South East Queensland, say when everyone comes home from work and begins to switch on stoves, air conditioners and the like. Tariff connections allow the supply authority to turn off some of the load on the grid at peak times, thus lightening the load. Energex’s ability to remotely turn off Tariff 33 connected appliances at will remotely entitles you to a discount on that supply (usually around 7 to 8 cents off per kilowatt hour). This can translate into rather large savings on your power bills per annum.

Appliances like your pool and hot water system are ideal to be connected to Tariff 33 as it usually doesn’t matter if the power is turned off for a little while to them. Energex will guarantee a minimum of 18 hours per day supply to Tariff 33 connected appliances, and some days they do not turn it off at all. Typical times the Tariff 33 connected appliances are turned off is around 4:00pm, and the power may be turned back on again later that night or first thing in the morning. In regards to a pool chlorinator, you usually just set the timer on the controls to turn the pump on outside these typical ‘off’ hours.

Talk to your expert electrician from Prestige Power to discuss the many benefits, and for him to visit you to provide some recommendations and pricing. The work to connect the tariff is mostly performed by an electrician. He will then liaise with Energex to attend site and perform the final connection. Our team at Prestige Power will handle all the applications with Energex to ensure a smooth process.

Not only will you be saving on your power bills right away once the tariff is connected, now is a better time than ever to have the work done, as there are these generous rebates in place to save you even more money.

Call our Brisbane Electricians on 1300 608 208 to discuss your connection to cheaper Tariff 33, and start saving today!


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There are not too many homeowners out there it seems, who aren’t devoted viewers of the home renovation shows exploding onto our television screens at every turn. Oh, how we love the reality shows such as ‘The Block’ and ‘House Rules’! There are just so many great ideas to spark the imagination and get our creative juices flowing!

We don’t always want to spend a fortune on a reno these days, but we still want our homes to look great and make our friends envious; and of course, in our tough economic times we know it is often cheaper to renovate than to relocate.

It’s easy to forget though that most walls contain electrical cables, so start by putting your power tools down and checking where your cables run. And always make sure the power is off before you pick them up again! Asking an electrician is certainly the best way to go. If you cut through a cable the work involved to fix your mistake could be costly, and much more expensive than consulting the professionals to begin with. Remember, a small mistake with electricity could even be fatal.

So, apart from the important safety angle what do we need to consider electrically when planning our reno? Never have we heard a homeowner complain about having too many power outlets in the kitchen – or anywhere else for that matter! Consider all the appliances out there these days which have been designed to make our lives easier – food processors, blenders, mixers and bread makers, and not forgetting our microwave, coffee machine, toaster and kettle to name just a few. The convenience of having sufficient outlets to plug in these various appliances can sometimes make the difference between getting a hot meal on the table or one that is just lukewarm. You might also like to consider having some of the appliances installed under a counter, rather than them cluttering up your bench.

Maybe you enjoy watching television while you cook, or you require an outlet nearby for your computer linked to the internet to access your favourite recipes. Our qualified electricians can install data lines at the same time as the TV outlet.

Another consideration could be recessed lighting for that special room ambiance as well as dedicated behind-the-wall wiring for music. Today’s surround sound entertainment systems benefit from locating the speakers at strategic points around the viewer and these wires can be installed neatly out of sight during your renovation.

But if you really crave the latest technology, why not consider a structured network for your home that will keep pace with your family needs (and make your friends super envious!). Home networking products provided a unique structured wiring solution that integrates and distributes home entertainment, computer networking, audio and video, digital and pay TV, and security signals throughout your home. In simple terms, a ‘Smart Home’ provides superior comfort, convenience, security and energy saving through intelligent control of lighting and electrical devices. Although the idea of having a ‘smart home’ is exciting it can be confusing to know where to start and what it all really means. However, although there are many systems and products available on the market which can enhance your everyday lifestyle, they can be designed to suit your needs and budget. Simply ask your friendly electrical professional from Prestige Power for more information.

Finally, don’t overlook the outside of your home during your renovations; we can also assist with security systems and outdoor lighting to make your home that much safer. Don’t forget your entertainment area either; consider adding speciality electrical fixtures designed for outdoor use, such as spotlights and a weatherproof power outlet or two. You will still want to enjoy your music if you spend time outside so bring the wiring for the speakers outside too. There are weatherproof speakers that complement any outdoor décor, some of which are designed to look like ‘rocks’, which means they won’t even be noticed!

Call our Brisbane Electricians on 1300 608 208 to talk over your renovation plans. We will be happy to discuss your needs, make suggestions and provide you with a fixed quote, all at a time convenient to you===========================

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Most people take their safety switches for granted really. They sit out in the electrical switchboard all year long out of site, out of mind. It is only when they periodically trip does anyone give them much thought. But without a proper functioning safety switch in your home, your household electrical safety is at risk. Wouldn’t it make sense to check your safety switch every now and then to ensure it is still working the way it should the day it was installed?

A safety switch which is not checked for correct operation periodically is more likely to fail when needed most. Like most mechanical devices, they are prone to ‘stick’ when the mechanism hasn’t been operated in a while. Our Electricians at Prestige Power recommend your safety switches be checked at least every 6 months, and preferably every 3 months.

Thankfully, this is a task easily and safely performed by yourself. Every household safety switch has a ‘Test’ button on the front of the device, usually marked with the letter ‘T’. Simply press this test button momentarily, and if the safety switch is operating correctly, the toggle on the device will activate and trip. When this toggle trips, your safety switch will cut power to the household electrical circuits it is connected to. To restore power, simply push the toggle back to the ‘On’ position. TIP: You will notice a fair bit of resistance on the toggle switch when you are re-engaging it, especially as you near the ‘On’ position. This is perfectly normal. Just continue to push the toggle all the way to the ‘On’ position until it stays there by itself.

Note: When you go to test your safety switch, you may like to ensure that everyone in the household is aware the power is going off to ensure no data is lost on computers etc.

We recommend you coincide the testing of your safety switches with a memorable date, such as when your electricity bill comes in every quarter. Whatever way it is you like to remember, ensure you test your own safety switch every 3-6 months. There is no use having a safety switch unless it works.

On the off-chance that the safety switch fails to trip when you press the ‘Test’ button, please call our Electricians immediately on 1300 761 141 to come around and replace it for you. Don’t be fooled by thinking you have a new house and wiring and naturally assume your safety switches work properly. Our Brisbane Electricians have many a time identified safety switches less than a year old that failed. Please check your safety switch today.


Brisbane Electrician Explains Difference Between Circuit Breakers, Safety Switches & Surge Diverters | Electrician Brisbane | Brisbane ElectriciansSkip to MenuSkip to ContentSkip to Footer>

We have noticed lately from talking with our customers that there is a bit of confusion surrounding the difference between a circuit breaker, a safety switch and a surge diverter.

Far too many people get confused between these three devices, not being clear on what each device does, or assuming each device does more that it is actually designed for.

Here is the best way of explaining the role of each device: A circuit breaker (or fuse) is designed to protect your wiring, a safety switch is designed to protect people, and a surge diverter is designed to protect appliances. Simple as that really!

Your circuit breakers or fuses in your main switchboard are really only there to protect the wiring from overload. Because they sometimes take far too long to trip in an overload situation, they cannot be relied upon to protect someone if they poke something in a socket for example. This is where you need a safety switch installed (preferably several!). A safety switch will trip off in less than 30 milliseconds before you receive an electric shock. On the other hand, neither a circuit breaker or safety switch is suitable to protect your sensitive electronic equipment from voltage spikes or surges. This is the job of the surge diverter. Whole house surge diverters are installed in your main switchboard before the wiring that enters your home, and they will protect all hard-wired and plug-in appliances.

Talk with your local Brisbane Electrician from Prestige Power. They will be more than happy to chat with you and discuss your specific situation, and recommend the best combination of these devices to protect you and your home.




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Welcome to T-SHIRTS2.COM!Christian Tee Shirts – What Statement Are You Making? by Jason Huxley

Clothes make the man, or so the saying goes. There’s a certain amount of truth to that– the clothes you wear do make a statement. They tell people a little about the way you think and feel, and it’s definitely part of the first impression you make when you meet someone. If you wear all black, that says one thing; if you only wear bright colors, that says something else. So what if there were a way to make a conscious statement, a way to signal your faith in a trendy, cool way.

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Spring is in the air and ants are on the move in Middle TennesseeThe Bug ManSkip to content← Ant Season? Termite Season?Garage Sale Goodies and Bed Bug Bites →

March 16, 2011 · 9:57 am ↓ Jump to CommentsAt The Bug Man, we want to equip you with as much information as we can on how to keep your home pest free.

Here’s your latest installment of Bug Basics. Follow these tips to help your pest control professional better protect your home.

Inside Tips:

* If you spill something, clean it up. That ketchup on your kitchen table that fell off your corn dog last week is singing, “Come to me, ants. I have succulent sweetness for you to devour. Invite your friends. It’s a party!”

* Regularly take out the trash. Keep this task on your chore list, folks. It is important.

* Before you throw jars and containers into the trash that you just vowed to take out with devoted diligence, rinse them out. This applies to containers in your trash and in your recycling bin.

* Pick up and store Fluffy’s/Fido’s food before you go to bed. Unfortunately, you may have to train your furry friend that they cannot graze on their food all night long. Much like your corn dog’s spilled ketchup, pet food attracts ants.

Outside Tips:

* Seal your doors and windows. Not only will this help with your house’s draftiness, it’ll keep bugs out too.

* Clean those rain gutters! This declarative sentence reminds us of the line, “Get those nail breakers!” in the classic 90s movie Ladybugs, starring Rodney Dangerfield. Hey, we’re a bug company. Of course we’re going to reference a bug-themed movie every once in awhile. If you have no idea what we’re talking about (or if you do and you love that movie), watch this YouTube clip.

* Trim the trees and shrubs near your house. Ants will use tree limbs and bush branches like a bridge to march right into your house. Imagine it as a sophisticated ant interstate. You could call it I-ANT40.

* Store firewood off the ground and away from your house. As you sit by your fireplace enjoying the evening and the ambiance, you don’t want ants sitting there with you, enjoying it too.

You may not know this, but most do-it-yourself pest treatments that you buy at a store actually hinder the pest removal effort because they repel bugs. Instead of killing the bugs, they just cause the pest to move locations, ultimately leading to more damage in the home.

If you find ants in your home, give us a call (615.217.7284) or visit our website.

13-Year Cicadas Set to Invade Middle TennesseeThe Bug Man: A family
owned and operated pest control company Local | Murfreesboro, TN |
Voted Best Pest Control Company four years in a row | Serving
Rutherford and Wilson County and surrounding areasSkip to content←
The Bug Man Joins the Blue Raider Athletic AssociationStorm
Damage and Termites: What You Need to Know →Posted onApril 22,
2011byThe Bug ManTake our cicada poll! Do you love ‘em? Or do you
hate ‘em?Find us on or . The cicadas are coming!
You may have heard rumors that the dreaded 13-year cicadas are
emerging this year in Tennessee. It’s true. They are coming between
April and June. It is predicted that they will appear when the
ground temperature reaches 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Several cicadas
have been spotted in the area. In no time, there will be thousands
of them! What exactly are the 13-year cicadas? And why are they
coming out this year? Don’t cicadas come out every year? What makes
this year special? What’s the difference between a 13-year and a
17-year cicada? What’s the difference between a cicada and a
locust? Read on, Bug Man Blog reader. Read on.Cicadas are known for
their beady little eyes. Contrary to popular myth, cicadas are not
blind. They can see just fine. However, fine eyesight does not
prevent them from flying onto humans occasionally. There are
several different types of cicadas. You’re probably familiar with
the annual cicadas that come out every summer, typically called
dog-day cicadas. The rarer 13- and 17-year cicadas are growing
underground all the time, feeding on nutrients in trees, but only
come out after they’ve fully grown (after 13 or 17 years). The
difference between a 13-year and a 17-year cicada is that one
species simply takes four years longer to mature than the other.
When the 13-year cicadas appear and make a loud racket, it’s called
an emergence. After maturing and growing into adulthood underground
for 13 years–they are ready to emerge above ground and begin
mating. The loud sound that you hear comes from the males. It’s
their mating call. The females hear the mating call, find the
males, mate and then lay their eggs in tree branches. Check out
this informational page from The Tennessean for more details. The
reason the cicada emergence is so loud is because millions of
cicada babies grew into adulthood underground together for 13
years. Then those millions appear above ground singing together in
a shrieking chorus, ready to mate and create millions more babies.
It’s an ongoing cycle. The 13-year cicadas sing loudest during the
hottest parts of day. They do sing at night, but not as frequently
or as loudly. If you hear singing at night, it’s most likely a
cricket, katydid or frog. At The Bug Man, we don’t treat
for cicadas because treating them with pesticides has proved
ineffective. Other than producing a loud and annoying noise,
cicadas are not harmful to humans. They don’t attack or sting. They
don’t destroy the wood in houses. However, if you have young
trees growing in your yard, it’s recommended that you cover them
with bird netting or cheese cloth, or to delay pruning until the
cicadas have left because female cicadas cut and pierce the
branches of young trees, making the trees weak. Also, if you were
planning on any outdoor painting project this summer, perhaps you
should reschedule to another time because flying cicadas might ruin
your paint job. Although cicadas are often called locusts, they are
not synonymous. Locusts are short-horned grasshoppers. Cicadas are
an entirely different, plant-sucking creature. The 13-year cicadas
are a mysterious thing. Many people don’t understand this
phenomenon and will respond in fear. If this blog was helpful and
informative to you, please forward it along to your friends and
family. Hopefully knowing more about cicadas will help you endure
their courtship choruses.Do you have a pest control question? Visit
our Ask An Expert page to submit a question. We’ll get back to you
ASAP! ========================================= Termite Swarms in
Smyrna and Murfreesboro Tennessee |Skip to content← Tips for
Reducing MosquitoesFinding Freedom from Frustrating Fleas
→Posted onMay 27, 2011byThe Bug Man Termite SwarmersA Termite Story
from March 2011The Bug Man received our first termite swarm call
this week. This occurred in Smyrna at a residential slab
home. The termites entered the structure behind
the refrigerator through a crack in the concrete slab.
During the inspection, we found that the termites have damaged the
walls and trim behind the refrigerator. In this
situation, we will recommend a soil treatment to eliminate the
termite colony and recommend the damages be repaired. In this
case, the termites where discovered early and only minor damage has
occurred. Termite swarms are usually the first evidence a homeowner
will discover when they have a termite infestation. They are
described by many homeowners as flying ants, or ants with wings. A
homeowner may also discover mud shelter tubes on foundation walls
built by the termites. These shelter tunes provide a highway
between the soil and the food source, and help protect them from
predators. Shelter tubes can be found on crawl space walls,
exterior walls, on interior walls and in cracks
between moldings. If you ever experience a swarm of
”ant-like” bugs in or around your home, we recommend that you
have them identified by a professional. Termites will usually swarm
between March and June in the Middle Tennessee area. The
swarms are triggered by humidity and temperature.
We will usually have a significant number of calls after a heavy
rainfall when the humidity levels are high. Swarms usually
occur between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you arrive home from work
and find large quantities of bugs on the floors and
windowsills, this is a good indication that you have experienced a
termite swarm. Catching a termite infestation early is
the key to preventing damage to your home. A trained
professional knows where to look and what to look for when it comes
to termites. Termites are still swarming now in May. Here’s a video
of a termite swarm in Murfreesboro in May 2011: We are always here
to answer any questions you may have about all your pest
Finding Freedom from Frustrating Fleas |Skip to content← Termite
Swarms in Smyrna and Murfreesboro TennesseeFruit Flies: Cause,
Elimination and Education →Posted onJune 3, 2011byThe Bug Man
When it comes to pests, fleas are beasts! Small, but mighty,
those minuscule monsters can really create chaos in your
home.A Few Flea Facts Like a butterfly or moth, fleas go through a
complete life cycle (egg, larva, pupa, adult) Only adult fleas bite
Some fleas can stay in the pupa stage for up to six months; other
fleas can hatch in a few days if the conditions are right The
vibration caused by humans and animals walking or vacuuming can
cause adult fleas to instantly hatchFinding Freedom from Fleas If
you suspect that you have fleas, identify the source of the
problem. This especially applies to pets. If your pet dog or cat
has fleas, take steps to treat the fleas on them. Then, vacuum,
vacuum, vacuum. Pay particular attention to vacuum the spots where
your pet commonly hangs out. i.e. A sunny spot next to the window,
under the dining room table, next to the laundry basket. Dispose of
the vacuum bag properly to insure that the fleas don’t infest your
vacuum cleaner. Call a professional pest management company. Hey,
that’s us! We can help you identify the source of the flea problem
and work with you to eliminate those pests from your home. If you
have a flea treatment done in your home, here are a few important
things to remember: Make arrangements to be gone for 2-4 hours so
the flea treatment has enough time to dry. Both your family and
your pets need to be gone during the treatment. Clean your floor.
Pick up everything, even under the bed and in your closets. This
includes pet dishes. After everything is picked up, vacuum like you
have never vacuumed before. It’s time to move the furniture…so that
you can vacuum underneath it. Who knows what treasures you may
find! Or what stash of coins may fall out. Fold over the blankets
on your bed and/or couch so they are well away from the floor. Tie
window curtains or drapes to make it easier for the technician to
treat your floor Save the fish! Cover your fish tanks and turn off
the air supply to the tank during the treatment. Once the flea
treatment has dried and you are back in your home, continue on in
your quest to be a professional vacuumer. Because of the vibrations
of you and your vacuum, the remaining pupa will hatch into adults.
You want the eggs to hatch so that the product in your
newly-treated carpet kills them. Once you have become the vacuum
master, find others (*coughyourkidsoryourfriendscough*) who you can
train to follow you in your Jedi vacuum ways. If you’re feeling
frisky, perhaps you can train them to do chores too.


Exposing the Brown Recluse |Skip to content← Fruit Flies: Cause, Elimination and EducationWhite-Nose Syndrome in Tennessee: How the Dying Bat Population Affects You →Posted onJune 15, 2011byThe Bug Man

We get a lot of phone calls in our office at The Bug Man. Most of the time, the calls aren’t alarming. However, when it comes to brown recluses, most of the calm, cool, collectedness in our customers capsizes.Getting bit by bugs is usually not #1 on the list of fun for most people. Our desire is to offer educational materials and partner with you to keep your home pest free. We try to dispel the fear that comes with bugs through our pest control services as well as educational, informative, and humorous resources. Hopefully this blog will both teach you and tickle your funny bone.

Please take a seat in our virtual classroom, and pull out your study materials. The bell has rung and it’s time for Brown Recluses: 101.

True to their name, brown recluses usually stay away from people. They don’t prey on humans, but they do bite in defense if they are threatened. Brown recluses are active at night and will move if disturbed. They typically hang out in areas that don’t receive heavy traffic, such as in storage boxes, closets, and in piles of unused clothes on the floor.

To prevent brown recluses from getting into your storage and clothing areas, vacuum and clean as often as you can and store your items and clothes in sealed plastic containers. And, shake out any items/clothes before you put them on to try remove any spiders that may be in there.

Brown Recluse spider specimen that a customer brought in to our office

It is important to note that brown recluse venom is tricky. The size of the person, the amount of brown recluse bites and the immune system of the bitten one all have to be factored in. Some people get bitten on a Tuesday at the beginning of the month and don’t notice anything until on a Friday at the end of the month. Conversely, results of a bite could be immediately apparent. No two people are alike in the way they respond to bites. No blanket statements here. It all depends. It just depends.

Although it is widely publicized that brown recluses are deadly, a bite from a brown recluse has yet to kill someone. Many health issues are mistakenly attributed to brown recluses because of the hype associated with them. Because brown recluses are well known, they get the wrap for other skin problems, like flesh eating bacteria or bed sores.

If a person gets bitten by a brown recluse, it could lead to a large, ulcerative sore if left untreated. However, if the person bitten seeks medical attention and the help of a pest professional within a reasonable amount of time, the bite likely won’t lead to lost limbs.

Let’s put it this way, if you duke it out with brown recluses with the help of The Bug Man and a medical professional, you won’t end up like the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. “It’s just a flesh wound.”

Though the violin shape on the back of a brown recluse indicates what type of spider it is, it’s best to call a pest professional who can properly identify the spiders and track where they are coming from. We have two approaches to brown recluses: conservative and an infestation treatment. When possible, we try to use the conservative method to treat them. We place glue boards throughout your home to monitor where the spiders are coming from and how many of them you have.

After monitoring the amount of spider activity, we will move forward with an infestation treatment if we need to. If necessary, we will come back for several follow up appointments until the problem is totally taken care of.

Well, class, we hope you learned a lot today. Please raise your virtual hands via leaving a comment or our Ask an Expert page. We’ll see you next time!
Demystifying Velvet Ants: The Buzz on the FuzzThe Bug Man: A family owned and operated pest control company

Local | Murfreesboro, TN | Voted Best Pest Control Company four years in a row | Serving Rutherford and Wilson County and surrounding areasSkip to content← Rewarding Awards: The Bug Man Wins a Bestie and Tries for a Fourth RuthieDog-Day Cicada vs. Periodical Cicada in Tennessee →Posted onAugust 9, 2011byThe Bug Man

There’s a great buzz in Middle Tennessee over a fuzzy bug. Some call them velvet ants. Some call them cow killers. Most don’t call them what they really are: wasps.

If you’ve seen a fuzzy red thing walking around on the sidewalk or in your yard lately, it’s probably a female red velvet ant. When left alone, they aren’t looking to threaten humans. However, when picked up and toyed with, a threat may emerge.

When most people see something fuzzy, they think, “Aww, cute! I want to touch it.” However, when it comes to velvet ants, it is not recommended that you pick them up, because they may sting you. And, if something can be called a cow killer, it’s sting hurts…a lot!

Velvet ants are wasps that cannot actually fly. They feed on the cocoons of ground-nesting bees. Essentially, the mama velvet ant bores a hole in the cocoon of bees nesting underground and lays her eggs inside the cocoon. Then, when the velvet ant eggs hatch, they prey on the eggs in the cocoon.

Interesting, huh? Wasps killing bees in a dynamic, underground battle.

In an even more interesting twist, velvet ants often prey on cicada killers. A cicada killer is a large wasp that preys on cicadas. Female cicada killers capture cicadas, sting them, and then place them in holes they’ve borrowed into the ground. As their young hatch, they feed on the burrowed cicada.

That shifts our food chain paradigm to wasps killing bees and/or other wasps who kill cicadas.

Is your head swirling yet? Or is that just the buzz of all of these insects swarming around in your yard preying on each other?

If you’ve got a question, please post a comment or Ask an Expert.