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Hillary Clinton Seen As Winner

CRR7ciiWIAEsHwrHillary Clinton is walking firmly on every American’s expectations. They always expected her to prevail even after significant GOP opposition in November. On the other hand, they thought Bernie Sanders’ performance would be underrated. The public is developing high levels of anxiety by the thought of seeing Donald Trump as their president.
According to a poll conducted, the Americans seemed divided for a desire of any third party in the country. Though they are expecting a third party, they are not ready to accept Trump for running such a potential independent country. The total amount of registered voters accounts for 52% of support, which is for Clinton.
Republicans are confident that Trump would beat Clinton easily. So are the Democrats, that Clinton will defeat Trump by a majority of votes. Though Trump is viewed as the most electable member in his party, he still has fewer majorities that Clinton. The election results are still highly alterable as people change their minds.