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seo 4/29/16


The first Lesson teaches how to login and modify the theme, title, footer message and few setings. Creating and modifying Admin Messages o­n the main page is Described.

Your CMS Managed website as described at is ready for your use.

Over the next few days, we will learn how to setup, add content, manage banners, change menus add blocks and much more.

For today, let us explore the administration interface, change your site Title, choose your theme, Setup your footer that appears o­n all pages and learn how to add basic first page content to your site.

Lets Get Started.

First go to your site

Your CMS website can handle three types of users. Unregistered users, Registered Users and Administrators. Each page of your site changes based o­n who is accessing your site. That means, when you login as admin you will see the Administration link and the “My Account” link in the main menu and when other users login they will not see the Administration link but they will get the “My Account” link o­nly after they login. Unregistered users will not see these links, the login box will show o­nly for users who have not logged in as after you login there is no need for the login box.

You should login using the admin username and password provided to you.When you login as administrator, You will be able to see the Administration Link in the Main Menu. Click o­n this link to enter the admin panel. The “Online Manual” Link o­n all Admin pages will display help for the current page.

Click o­n “Settings” link.

There are lots of settings here which would be useful in the future, for most of the settings the default settings is good and you can leave it as it is.

You should change the Site Name and Site Slogan, these together make up your title for your main page. You should include your keywords here.

“The Default theme for your site” is important to choose carefully. You can see a demo of these themes at – Later we can further customize the theme of your choice to include your logo and any other minor changes you want, including search engine optimization. We will do this later but for now just select a theme you like.

The “Footer Line” appears at the bottom of all pages of your site so you should change this to what ever you wish.

All other options are fine and you can change them if you know their functions, you can always come back to this screen and change these options anytime.

After you are Happy with you changes, click o­n “Save Changes” Button and you will see the title, theme and footer change to what you selected.

You you will be back to the Main admin Screen. Or you can click o­n Administration in the main menu to come to the Administration screen.

Let us now see how we can change the message o­n the main page. Click o­n Admin Messages.That should take you to ~URL~/admin.php?module=NS-Admin_Messages&op=main

Here you will see that there is already o­ne welcome message, click o­n Edit and change this message to what you want to display o­n your main page.

You will notice that we have a WSIWG (What you see is what you get) editor to format your content. When you click in the content Box, a dialog box will ask you if you want to use the “Visual Mode” – Select yes and you will see a rich edit box full of features like color picker, bold, italics, Inserting images, links, font selection etc. You can enter your text using these tools. When you click o­n “Swap Mode” you will see the raw HTML for your content. If you know HTML you paste HTML code or make fine changes to your HTML and click the “Swap Mode” button again to view the result.

When you are done with making your changes, you can click o­n “Save Changes” Button. You can add more than o­ne admin messages this way.

After you have changed your admin messages, you go back to your main page at ~URL~ to view the result.

when you click o­n the Logout link in the Main Menu, you will be able to see the main page just as new unregistered visitors will view your page.

That’s it for today. We have learnt the basics of how to login and change settings. You can explore further into the other links available to you in your admin panel. Feel free to explore o­n your own, the o­nline help is always there to assist you.

Tomorrow we will see how to add topics and add content pages to your site, so be ready with some content that you want to publish o­n your site,

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