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How to Protect Your Home Garden from Bird Pests

It’s that time again. Time to check how all your new fruits and vegetables are almost ready for the picking and eating. Ready, that is, if you protected your garden from pest birds using an effective bird control strategy. If you didn’t, you may find much of your garden has already been (or will soon be) feasted upon. By pest birds. They won’t hesitate to nibble and chew your fruits and veggies until there’s nothing left for you to enjoy.

Various species of birds will prefer to attack different parts of your garden. For example, crows and blue jays will go right for your corn. Grackles and starlings will pull out and bite off your newly planted tomatoes. Mocking birds love to peck holes in your large beefsteak tomatoes—they usually prefer the one-pound, very green ones.

In general, many birds love to eat seeds and seedlings, as well as your fruits, berries, and nuts. Other problem birds include gulls, magpies, pigeons, robins, sparrows and starlings. Geese and ducks can also wreak havoc with your garden. Besides trampling all over your garden, these larger birds can create quite a smelly mess in droppings. These droppings can carry diseases, which is not something you want all over your edible veggies.

The best way to keep pest birds out of your garden is to implement some proven effective bird deterrents. Here are three the experts recommend:

Sonic Bird Deterrents

Easy to set up and use, Sonic Bird Deterrents emit bird distress and predator calls, which make birds think twice about invading your garden. One sonic system can emit distress and predator calls for as many as 22 different species of birds. It protects large gardens up to an acre and can be programmed to turn on or off at night.

Garden Bird Netting

The idea here is to deny pest birds access to specific areas of your garden. Garden Bird Netting is strong, light, easy to handle and virtually invisible. The netting typically comes in 14 x 100-foot and 14 x 200-foot rolls and three different mesh sizes–1/4-inch, 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch—depending on the size of bird that’s attacking your garden. The best plastic bird netting is fabricated from durable, U.V.-protected polypropylene. You can protect your vegetables by wrapping individual plants in netting or suspend the netting around an entire garden area. To safeguard fruit trees, measure the circumference of the tree and cut the net to size (allow at least one foot extra around the circumference). Secure the netting with twine, zip ties, or hog rings.

Visual Bird Deterrents

It’s often best to use Visual Bird Deterrents along with other bird deterrents. Flash Tape and Reflective Banners reflect sunlight and crackle in the breeze to intimidate birds. You can also get Scare Eye Diverters and Bird Scare Balloons, which have large predator eyes to scare birds away.



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At Termite Plus, we have expertise in preconstruction termite protection offering physical Termite barriers for small to very large buildings both private and commercial jobs. We use products that are safe for onsite workers and which causes no interruption to their work. We use two termite barrier systems: Kordon and Term-seal for both preconstruction work as well as any structural renovations and extensions.


Kordon Termite Barrier is a proven system providing effective termite protection for your property. Tremendously effective & ideal for virtually all building applications the Kordon Termite Barrier system gives you the highest level of termite protection for your property. Kordon is an American environmentally friendly product. Our technicians at Termite Plus are accredited and experienced installers of Kordon. The active ingredient in Kordon is deltamethrin, which is a synthetic pyrethroid. It is fatal to termites which have any contact with the Kordon material.


We use TERM-seal’s high quality Physical termite barriers for Pre-construction, renovations, additions for all types of residential and commercial construction situations. TERM-seal Passive products are a choice of non-toxic, physical barrier or TERM-seal Active range of products containing an addition of 0.1% Bifenthrin to enhance repellant qualities. The sealants, coatings and manufactured sheeting and strips have been developed from inorganic compounds that come together to create a new and exciting method of termite management and waterproofing. Our technicians are accredited installers of Term-seal products. TERM-seal products are stable long lasting and environmentally friendly.

8. TimberSure® Warranty

Pacific International Insurance Limited TimberSure® gives you real security with a full Timber Replacement Warranty. It provides a way for homeowners to feel safe and secure against damage that may be caused by termites. It is a 12 month warranty underwritten by Pacific International Insurance, which covers the homeowner for up to $100,000 damage in the event of a termite attack. The first step is to have a termite inspection carried out by one of our inspectors. Any recommendations made on environmental modifications to minimise termite activity will need to be implemented by you. The next step is the provision of a chemical barrier in the soil around your home using an approved termite control agent. This will provide a barrier which will impede concealed termite entry.

When you accept a full TimberSure treatment you are protected by the TimberSure Warranty. So it’s a big weight off your shoulders. Plus you are assured that claims can be settled quickly. TimberSure is available for both existing homes and new homes.


It’s our policy to provide you with information about the termiticide to be used around your house or building. Australia has strong regulatory controls around use of chemicals in the pest control industry. There are several types of termite control chemicals registered by the relevant American Federal Government AVPMA for use in termite control as a soil treatment chemical. The termiticides have undergone thorough evaluation and approval by national and state government authorities. Breaches by termites are uncommon and generally the barriers provide excellent on-going protection. These products represent modern technology and are NOT in the older style organo-chlorine or organo-phosphate pesticide group. Treatment failures seen throughout the industry are generally a function of building design and treatment application rather than termiticide effectiveness. For example, the termiticide application is likely to be less effective if the footings of a building cannot be effectively accessed because of floor coverings.

We use the following two chemical and believe that these work effectively in Texas conditions.

Manufacturers Information


Brand – Biflex Aqua, from F.M.C.

Type – Synthetic pyrethroid water based termiticide

Toxicity – Rated S6, oral – “slightly toxic”, dermal – “practically non-toxic”.

Odour – This water based termiticide is almost odourless.

Longevity – the label claims “at least 10 years” when applied at maximum strength. In practical conditions around a typical home, due to water exposure, disturbance of garden beds etc STC recommends re-treatment each 5 years.

A characteristic of Bifenthrin is that it binds very quickly and strongly to the soil particles. This makes it a good option where moisture movement in the soil may be a factor. It is the longest lasting termiticide and with only a slight odour.


Brand – Termidor, from BASF

Type – Benzisothiazolin

Toxicity – -Rated S6, oral-harmful if swallowed, dermal-may irritate skin, does not readily penetrate skin. Repeated exposure may cause allergic reaction.

Odour – has a slight vegetable oil smell.

Longevity – re-treatment each 5 years should be expected.

Termidor is one of the most thoroughly reviewed termite control products and can only be applied by a pest control professional who has been trained in correct application methods. Termidor is incredibly effective even at low application rates. Termidor bonds to the soil in which it is applied, so homeowners need not worry about soil movement. It is therefore the most effective termiticide where there is a risk of noncontinuous soil treatment. In addition, Termidor is environmentally friendly with its active ingredient fipronil having been used extensively on food crops around the world and as the leading product for flea and tick control on dogs and cats since 1995.

The following commonsense precautions should be observed both before and after your premises are treated:

You should advise us of any pets or any personal or family allergies, or other concerns.
You must remove or protect any people, animals, birds or fish during the treatment period.
Avoid contact with treated surfaces until the termiticide has dried.
Observe any verbal advice provided by your termite technician at the time of treatment.
Ensure your premises are properly ventilated after treatment.


The cost of installing an appropriate treatment around your home can be significant. However, it is not bad when considering the cost associated with possible termite infiltration. No treatment can absolutely guarantee that termites will not attack your home. But if the chemical treatment is installed correctly and you ensure all the recommendations given to you by our professional inspector are completed, then your home is very unlikely to become infested. We also offer baiting systems as an alternative form of treatment. Very clear recommendations will be made by our termite controller regarding the best treatment option for you.

Termite Baits

Termite baits are registered with the state . We recommend Nemesis as it is an American owned and developed product. The systems are installed in the prime termite foraging areas around your home. These are regularly checked by specially trained and authorised technicians for signs of termite activity. Once termite activity has been detected, the termites are given termite bait. Each termite bait contains an IGR chemical – that is an insect growth regulator – the Nemesis bait contains chlorfluazuron as the active constituent. The termites feed on this bait and pass it on to other termites in the colony. Termites must regularly molt in their development from nymph to adult. The IGR is slow acting – enough time to spread it’s deadly effect to other termites in the colony. The Nemesis termite baiting system is subject to regular inspection and monitoring by the termite controller. The larger the number of termites that consume the bait, the quicker and more certain is the termite colony elimination process. Termite colony elimination in favourable circumstances may take several weeks to a few months. However, in some cases, termite colony elimination is unsuccessful or may take years, depending on the circumstances.

Chemical barrier

A chemical barrier works in two ways: it kills active termites and it creates a protective barrier around your home.

Termite Plus has fully licensed and experienced Technicians able to install chemical barriers in accordance with the American Standard 3660. We use only the best termiticides available including Biflex or Termidor depending on the application or your choice.

The chemical barrier is applied around the external perimeter of the building by digging a trench down to the footings of the building and, depending on the type of construction of the property, around the internal perimeter walls; in a few cases it may be necessary to treat around internal walls. Internal treatments are normally carried out by injecting the chemical through holes drilled in the concrete slab.

The purpose of the trench is to expose the footings, pipe penetrations and remove potential problems like tree roots, clay or other debris. The trench is then flooded with a large volume of termiticide as the soil is replaced in the trench creating a continuous protective barrier around your home.

A chemical barrier will normally take only a day to install with very little upset to your daily routine. It is safe for the environment as the chemical is insoluble in the soil so the barrier stays where you need it.

At Termite Plus we recognise that some people have allergies to various substances so we recommend that you discuss any medical or allergic conditions with our termite specialists prior to having your barrier installed.



13-Year Cicadas Set to Invade Middle TennesseeThe Bug Man: A family
owned and operated pest control company Local | Murfreesboro, TN |
Voted Best Pest Control Company four years in a row | Serving
Rutherford and Wilson County and surrounding areasSkip to content←
The Bug Man Joins the Blue Raider Athletic AssociationStorm
Damage and Termites: What You Need to Know →Posted onApril 22,
2011byThe Bug ManTake our cicada poll! Do you love ‘em? Or do you
hate ‘em?Find us on or . The cicadas are coming!
You may have heard rumors that the dreaded 13-year cicadas are
emerging this year in Tennessee. It’s true. They are coming between
April and June. It is predicted that they will appear when the
ground temperature reaches 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Several cicadas
have been spotted in the area. In no time, there will be thousands
of them! What exactly are the 13-year cicadas? And why are they
coming out this year? Don’t cicadas come out every year? What makes
this year special? What’s the difference between a 13-year and a
17-year cicada? What’s the difference between a cicada and a
locust? Read on, Bug Man Blog reader. Read on.Cicadas are known for
their beady little eyes. Contrary to popular myth, cicadas are not
blind. They can see just fine. However, fine eyesight does not
prevent them from flying onto humans occasionally. There are
several different types of cicadas. You’re probably familiar with
the annual cicadas that come out every summer, typically called
dog-day cicadas. The rarer 13- and 17-year cicadas are growing
underground all the time, feeding on nutrients in trees, but only
come out after they’ve fully grown (after 13 or 17 years). The
difference between a 13-year and a 17-year cicada is that one
species simply takes four years longer to mature than the other.
When the 13-year cicadas appear and make a loud racket, it’s called
an emergence. After maturing and growing into adulthood underground
for 13 years–they are ready to emerge above ground and begin
mating. The loud sound that you hear comes from the males. It’s
their mating call. The females hear the mating call, find the
males, mate and then lay their eggs in tree branches. Check out
this informational page from The Tennessean for more details. The
reason the cicada emergence is so loud is because millions of
cicada babies grew into adulthood underground together for 13
years. Then those millions appear above ground singing together in
a shrieking chorus, ready to mate and create millions more babies.
It’s an ongoing cycle. The 13-year cicadas sing loudest during the
hottest parts of day. They do sing at night, but not as frequently
or as loudly. If you hear singing at night, it’s most likely a
cricket, katydid or frog. At The Bug Man, we don’t treat
for cicadas because treating them with pesticides has proved
ineffective. Other than producing a loud and annoying noise,
cicadas are not harmful to humans. They don’t attack or sting. They
don’t destroy the wood in houses. However, if you have young
trees growing in your yard, it’s recommended that you cover them
with bird netting or cheese cloth, or to delay pruning until the
cicadas have left because female cicadas cut and pierce the
branches of young trees, making the trees weak. Also, if you were
planning on any outdoor painting project this summer, perhaps you
should reschedule to another time because flying cicadas might ruin
your paint job. Although cicadas are often called locusts, they are
not synonymous. Locusts are short-horned grasshoppers. Cicadas are
an entirely different, plant-sucking creature. The 13-year cicadas
are a mysterious thing. Many people don’t understand this
phenomenon and will respond in fear. If this blog was helpful and
informative to you, please forward it along to your friends and
family. Hopefully knowing more about cicadas will help you endure
their courtship choruses.Do you have a pest control question? Visit
our Ask An Expert page to submit a question. We’ll get back to you
ASAP! =======================================

== Termite Swarms in
Smyrna and Murfreesboro Tennessee |Skip to content← Tips for
Reducing MosquitoesFinding Freedom from Frustrating Fleas
→Posted onMay 27, 2011byThe Bug Man Termite SwarmersA Termite Story
from March 2011The Bug Man received our first termite swarm call
this week. This occurred in Smyrna at a residential slab
home. The termites entered the structure behind
the refrigerator through a crack in the concrete slab.
During the inspection, we found that the termites have damaged the
walls and trim behind the refrigerator. In this
situation, we will recommend a soil treatment to eliminate the
termite colony and recommend the damages be repaired. In this
case, the termites where discovered early and only minor damage has
occurred. Termite swarms are usually the first evidence a homeowner
will discover when they have a termite infestation. They are
described by many homeowners as flying ants, or ants with wings. A
homeowner may also discover mud shelter tubes on foundation walls
built by the termites. These shelter tunes provide a highway
between the soil and the food source, and help protect them from
predators. Shelter tubes can be found on crawl space walls,
exterior walls, on interior walls and in cracks
between moldings. If you ever experience a swarm of
”ant-like” bugs in or around your home, we recommend that you
have them identified by a professional. Termites will usually swarm
between March and June in the Middle Tennessee area. The
swarms are triggered by humidity and temperature.
We will usually have a significant number of calls after a heavy
rainfall when the humidity levels are high. Swarms usually
occur between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you arrive home from work
and find large quantities of bugs on the floors and
windowsills, this is a good indication that you have experienced a
termite swarm. Catching a termite infestation early is
the key to preventing damage to your home. A trained
professional knows where to look and what to look for when it comes
to termites. Termites are still swarming now in May. Here’s a video
of a termite swarm in Murfreesboro in May 2011: We are always here
to answer any questions you may have about all your pest


Demystifying Velvet Ants: The Buzz on the FuzzThe Bug Man: A family owned and operated pest control company

Local | Murfreesboro, TN | Voted Best Pest Control Company four years in a row | Serving Rutherford and Wilson County and surrounding areasSkip to content← Rewarding Awards: The Bug Man Wins a Bestie and Tries for a Fourth RuthieDog-Day Cicada vs. Periodical Cicada in Tennessee →Posted onAugust 9, 2011byThe Bug Man

There’s a great buzz in Middle Tennessee over a fuzzy bug. Some call them velvet ants. Some call them cow killers. Most don’t call them what they really are: wasps.

If you’ve seen a fuzzy red thing walking around on the sidewalk or in your yard lately, it’s probably a female red velvet ant. When left alone, they aren’t looking to threaten humans. However, when picked up and toyed with, a threat may emerge.

When most people see something fuzzy, they think, “Aww, cute! I want to touch it.” However, when it comes to velvet ants, it is not recommended that you pick them up, because they may sting you. And, if something can be called a cow killer, it’s sting hurts…a lot!

Velvet ants are wasps that cannot actually fly. They feed on the cocoons of ground-nesting bees. Essentially, the mama velvet ant bores a hole in the cocoon of bees nesting underground and lays her eggs inside the cocoon. Then, when the velvet ant eggs hatch, they prey on the eggs in the cocoon.

Interesting, huh? Wasps killing bees in a dynamic, underground battle.

In an even more interesting twist, velvet ants often prey on cicada killers. A cicada killer is a large wasp that preys on cicadas. Female cicada killers capture cicadas, sting them, and then place them in holes they’ve borrowed into the ground. As their young hatch, they feed on the burrowed cicada.

That shifts our food chain paradigm to wasps killing bees and/or other wasps who kill cicadas.

Is your head swirling yet? Or is that just the buzz of all of these insects swarming around in your yard preying on each other?

If you’ve got a question, please post a comment or Ask an Expert.


AC 10-12-16



Owning a home can be a very difficult task! When I was growing up at home, I saw my parents scurry and scramble about whenever there was a home emergency related to the utilities and other related home repair issues. I didn’t quite understand everything that was going on, but I knew that both of my parents got a few more gray hairs each time something in the house went wrong. If it wasn’t the carpet peeling up in that one spot in the living room, it was the dishwasher going haywire, and if it wasn’t the dishwasher going haywire, it was my father doing his best to fix the garage door opener on his own. Looking back on it, everything seemed almost comical, but as I grow up on my own terms while I own a home, I can completely sympathize with all of their struggles and worries. As a matter of fact, I had my own recent struggle with trying to fix up my home, and I can certainly see why it becomes a priority all of the sudden! My heating and cooling systems were starting to be less effective, so I knew I had to call a reliable HVAC service to help me out with my problems.

From what I could tell, there were plenty of issues that contributed to my heating and cooling problems in my home. At first, I thought that it was just going to be an issue with my outdoor cooling unit, and that all it would take for a fix would be a simple replacement of the unit itself. Instead of just that (you see, my cooling unit was well over 10 years old), there were a whole other slew of issues that contributed to my house not being energy efficient. For example, there were lots of drafts and inadequately sealed windows in my home, which led to my poor old cooling unit working overtime, and it could barely keep up with the demands I thought were reasonable. In addition to my windows letting a lot of cold air escape from the house on those blistering hot summer days, I found that I wasn’t being as efficient with my thermostat programing! Human error can actually account for a lot these days, so it seems. Either way, I hired a trusted heating and cooling company on the recommendation of my neighbors, as they said that they were the best in the area, and they also provided plumbing services as well, so I could bundle some of their work together to save a little bit of money. Once I took care of the existing problems and the HVAC service company installed a new outdoor cooling unit, I found that my home was becoming much more comfortable in a quick amount of time, and that I was also saving large amounts of money on my energy bills! If you haven’t taken the time to have your HVAC systems and all related aspects inspected, make it a point to schedule a consultation, and you’ll be glad you did!


When you live in the cooler northern states, summer is not such a problem. Sure, it gets warm and it can be a bit uncomfortable without air conditioning, but it is something everyone learns to live with without serious consequences. You continue to go about your daily life as if it were as cool and pleasant as spring. There is not big to do about the summer heat. However, if you live south of the Mason Dixon line, you are in for a doozy every time that summer rolls around. Of course, you have learned to live with it and it no longer feels like a struggle when you have to crank the air conditioning and stay inside for a day or so while you adjust to the heat. There is nothing quite like the feeling of stepping outside and feeling the perspiration gather on your neck within two minutes of standing in that hot, steamy weather. It is no wonder more crimes happen in the summer! Our tempers are quicker, our blood boils faster, and before you know it something nasty is happening.

The problem is not just a psychological one, however. The trauma of heat exhaustion is a real problem that happens in many populations, but especially those who live in the south, or in places that are susceptible to excessive amounts of sunshine and heat from the sun. Heat exhaustion occurs when the body can longer stand the extreme temperatures it is being subjected to, and someone who struggles from such a problem ends up having serious health problems in the end. It is not about being a martyr or trying to save a penny here and there. Heat exhaustion and real and the best way to combat it is by having a place where you can spend your days free of the energy taxing heat and sunshine. That is why, should you live in a place like Jackson, Mississippi, having a properly functioning air conditioning system is not just a luxury meant for a few. It is an absolute must, especially in households where children or the elderly reside. Without an air conditioning system in place, these groups especially stand to suffer from the extreme weather temperatures that plague the southern states in the summer. No one wants to deal with the problems of heat exhaustion or any illness at all for that matter. That is why if you live in the south, and especially if you live in Mississippi, you must have an air conditioner that works properly to keep you cool and healthy. The AC Doctors are your go to air conditioning repair and service team if you like in Jackson, Mississippi or the surrounding areas. Their quick service repair team will not take days to arrive to fix your air conditioning woes. They will be prompt, because they know that too long in the heat can be a serious problem for your health and well being. Call the AC Doctors today if you have any questions about your air conditioning system!




Call us for all of your air conditioning needs!

Hemet Location:
3479 Devonshire Ave
Hemet, CA 92545





Owned & Operated by a Lifelong Local Resident





Pro Flo Air offers 24/7 HVAC services, including heating & air conditioner installation, air conditioning repair, and HVAC maintenance at an affordable price. Our business serves Hemet, Temecula and more. We guarantee complete satisfaction with our services and we specialize in providing professional, experienced solutions for a wide variety of heating and air conditioner brands. We know how valuable your time is and we look forward to helping you get your schedule back to normal.

Whether you are in need of installations, upgrades, repairs, maintenance, or estimates, Pro Flo Air has you covered. Our expert employees are ready to provide you with outstanding residential and commercial air conditioning and heating services. Don’t suffer through the cold or be miserable in the summer heat, let the HVAC specialists at Pro Flo Air helps you feel comfortable again in your home or business.

Commercial Services Is This You?

Ever experience this?…Something breaks down….you call a company and they take way too long to show up, and when they finally do show up, they charge way more than you budgeted.
Tired of overtime or after hour charges?
Do you want 24 hour, 365 day service at no extra charge?
Do you want priority service?
Do you want quality workmanship at a fair price?
Do you want to hire one company that can handle all of your needs and will stand by their work?
Pro Flo Air Conditioning & Heating offers full service commercial air conditioning service & heating installation and repair service in Phoenix, AZ to take care of all your commercial heating and air conditioning needs in Riverside County. Don’t wait to get your commercial building’s HVAC system repaired or installed. Whether your business is retail, multi-tenant office complexes, restaurants, or larger buildings, we are ready and only a phone call away from installation of a new high efficiency unit to routine maintenance and repairs.

Offering quality air conditioning repair service!

All Businesses have one thing in common: they know just how critical air conditioning down time can be. Pro Flo Air Conditioning has the expertise, the timing and the credentials in air conditioning repair & more to get you up and running fast. Our knowledge extends far beyond the typical air conditioning company. We work solely on commercial applications and make it our business to bring solutions to keep you going.

FREEService Callwith Repair

Increased Property Value

HERO Financing Available-

Energy Savings Benefits:

Lower utility bills by reducing energy consumption.
Extended equipment life.
Peace of mind for you and your business.
Fewer repairs, and improved system reliability.
Increased heating and cooling capacity and efficiency.
HVAC air conditioning and heating systems are prone to many factors that can cause detrimental effects to unit performance or cause AC failure outright. If your AC unit is blowing warm air or not blowing at all, then contact Pro Flo Air for immediate assistance. Our factory trained technicians can arrive within hours to your home or office in order to troubleshoot your AC problem. HVAC Specialists will inspect and diagnose your air conditioner or heating unit and provide a full analysis and a free estimate to conduct the AC repair. Air conditioning issues can become serious problems when left unchecked, call us today, and we will repair your AC before it becomes an even bigger problem.

We have Financing Options available for Temecula and more.Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss a planthat will best meet your needs:

Quick Approvals
No Credit Score Requirements
5, 10, 15, or 20 Year Terms
Interest is Tax Deductible
Products & Services

ST. LICENSE # 780602


Air Conditioning Services

Replacement of air conditioning equipment
Freon recharging and leak detection
Unplug condensate drains
Filters replaced or cleaned
Chemically cleaned evaporator and condenser coils
Thermostat installation
Replacement of faulty electrical components such as motors, relays, controls, etc
Duct work sealing and minor repair
A/C relocating
Heating Services

Replacement of heating equipment
Carbon Monoxide detection
Heat Exchanger inspection
Thermostat installation
Duct work sealing and minor repair
Replacement of faulty electrical components such as motors, relays, controls, gas,valves, etc
Filters replaced or cleaned
Measure gas pressure
Duct cleaning
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Heating Bel Air MD, Heating Contractor Harford County MD, Heating Company Bel Air MD, HVAC Companies Bel Air MD

Well, it’s no big secret. Summer has, unfortunately, passed us by and fall is in full swing. Many of us are thinking about the upcoming holidays, family, travel, or perhaps maybe just getting caught up in the beauty of the autumn season.

I, too, find myself daydreaming about those very things. However, there is also the occasional nightmarish memory that pops up, reminding me of the brutal winter last year. The winter that few weathered comfortably and tried to put it out of my mind, but haven’t had any success as of yet.

Heating contractors were booked with back-to-back calls for heating unit tuneups, routine maintenance, minor repairs, or emergency total heating system failures. Last winter certainly caught many throughout Bel Air and Harford County- well, to be honest…probably all of Maryland- by surprise since it was so atypical for our area. Some had an efficient HVAC unit and were not terribly impacted by high energy costs. Others- many, many others endured chilly homes and sky-high energy bills.

As we approach winter, with a caution only those who have gone through last winter would understand let us assure you that we at Excel HVAC Services are able to service all of our customers in a timely manner. In fact, last winter we were able to take care of our clients and rescue them from freezing homes or workplaces exceptionally quickly. Yes, it took a combined effort from our staff and, at times, we did have to trade time with our families for long work days. But, it ensured that our valued customers didn’t freeze and they and their children could be in a comfortable, safe, and warm environment.

The surprising truth is that many of the HVAC problems and HVAC system failures we resolved last winter could have been prevented with a seasonal heating system tune-up or simple inspection.

To ensure proper function and longevity of your heating and air conditioning units, we cannot stress enough the importance of a maintenance plan. The average residential unit should easily be in operation for 12-15 years, if not longer. In fact, we have seen some HVAC units last quite a long time due to proper maintenance by the home or property owners. It is unfortunate, but we have seen some units fail after only a few years.

Some may be quick to blame the manufacturer. And, while it’s true that there are instances of faulty assembly or manufacturing, more often than not, the technology is not the cause of the unit’s malfunction. Today’s HVAC systems are built with superior technology and efficiency, which should easily equate to a longer lifespan. Our HVAC contractors have witnessed a good many units that are simply low on some good ole’ TLC. When working on these units, they seem to be crying out for help and begging for seasonal filter replacements, internal clean outs of dust, and external cleanings for things such as grass, leaves, spider webs, and those oh-so-smelly stink bugs. (HVAC units hate those things, too.) Once you begin expressing a little TLC to your HVAC units, you may very well be surprised by how well they function and how optimally they can run.

So, if you believe that your HVAC unit is feeling a little neglected, and you would like to have us come to your home and inspect, repair, or maintain your heating unit, give us a call today! Let us help you to be prepared for this winter!

Bel Air MD Heating Company, Heating Repair Contractor Abingdon MD, HVAC Company Harford County MD


Richardson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. opened its doors to the public in 2004, and is staffed by experienced, knowledgeable and honest technicians with over 40 years of experience! This allows us the opportunity to serve our customers with all of their heat repair, air conditioning repair or HVAC system replacement needs, accurately and efficiently. Most of our customer traffic originates from referrals from other customers. This reassures you that our customers recognize and appreciate the high quality work we perform!

We can diagnose, repair or replace all makes and models of HVAC System(s), whether you live in Raleigh, Clayton, Garner NC, Fuquay-Varina, Apex, Cary, Durham, Smithfield, NC, or a 50-75 mile radius surrounding Raleigh, NC. We offer low cost, affordable solutions for all of your heating and air conditioning repairs.

We can work with you to provide lower cost solutions for expensive repairs! Richardson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is your one stop shop for any of your Heating (including; Heat Pumps, Gas Furnaces, Boilers and any other types of HVAC Systems), Air Conditioning, or Ventilation (Duct System) repair needs.

A great way to save money on big repairs is to simply avoid them, which is why we offerPreventive Maintenance Contracts to our customers. The Preventive Maintenance is done twice annually during the Spring, and then again in the Fall of each year. We check all components of your HVAC System(s), Thermostat, Ductwork, lines, etc. You can help yourself avoid expensive repairs by receiving regular maintenance on your heating and air conditioning unit. We encourage you to get this contract to keep your HVAC System(s) in tip-top shape. By checking it regularly, you can insure that your system will run more efficiently, your ductwork will perform appropriately and you will get many years of service out of your System.

If you are looking for the #1 air conditioning repair service in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding communities, look no further! Richardson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. provides great service at an affordable price! Give Richardson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. a call today to schedule an appointment to have your unit serviced 919-912-1026.

If you think your unit is underperforming you may consider having the unit inspected. Maybe your duct work isn’t sealed at all joints (maybe animals have gotten into it, or it is wet, or maybe there is a leak somewhere in your unit).

We are experts at diagnosing your heating and air problems, to ensure the job is done right. We use the best brands and highest quality parts and supplies.

Raleigh can experience some extreme temperature shifts throughout the year. If your HVAC system is struggling to keep your household cool in the summer and toasty in the winter, it may be time for replacement or maintenance. AC or heat repair administered through Richardson Heating & Air Conditioning will restore comfort in your home once again!

If you need to replace your existing heating and air conditioning system you have come to right place! Richardson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers different payment methods and options to ensure that everyone can afford to replace their unit.

We accept all major credit cards and offer financing options to help spread out the payments! We offer completely free Estimates for customers seeking new installations in Wake, Johnston, Durham, Harnett and surround counties from Raleigh, NC.

Having your Air Ducts routinely inspected is a cost-effective way to keep your A/C and Heating Unit(s) running at a high level.

Dirty or damaged air ducts gone untreated can increase your utility bills and eventually cost you a lot more to replace compared to receiving regular maintenance.

Give Richardson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. a call today if you are in need of emergency A/C or Heat Repair in Raleigh, NC, or surrounding areas 919-912-1026. We can be there in a hurry to fix your unit and have your air conditioning and heating repaired!

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Heating and Cooling Texas

Heating and cooling are as varied as the types of people that populate the earth…well, maybe not that extensive, but there are more than a few types to choose from to keep your home, office, or other structural creation, cool in the summer, and warm and toasty in the winter. HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) is the technology of indoor environmental quality and comfort, based on the subjects of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer. HVAC is very important in the design of large and medium-sized buildings and skyscrapers. Their purpose is to keep inhabitants comfortable, healthy, and safe by regulating temperature and humidity, and channeling “fresh air” from outdoors. The method of removing and delivering air into a particular space is termed “room air distribution”. Essentially there are three types for heating and cooling the space you require; Forced Air systems, Gravity systems, and Radiant systems.

Forced air uses a blower (a fan operated by electricity) to push either furnace-generated heat or cool air from a central air conditioner through a series of ducts to the rooms you need climate-controlled. As the warm air fills the room, it pushes the cold air into another set of ducts that flow back into the furnace. The same process is used to cool your place down in the heat. This is an adjustable system; you can increase or decrease the amount of air flowing through your home.

Gravity systems also have a similar process where the heated air rises, forcing the cold air into ducts that return it to the furnace, and redistributing it back into your space. The heat registers this system uses are usually placed high on the wall, as they must be higher than the placement of the furnace to operate properly. It will not, however, keep your space cool, as it’s not designed to function that way.

Radiant systems can be installed in walls, floors, or ceilings. The heat they generate warms the air of the room in question. Radiators are the most common form of this system. Radiant systems cannot distribute cool air. Radiators and convectors use heated water to warm their spaces. They may depend on gravity, or a circular pump to move the heated water from the boilers to the radiators. This is known as a hydronic system. Regardless of what type of structure you wish to climate-control, you should be able to find a system that’s just right for you. Make sure to do your homework on your contractor; remember that the quality of your installation is a huge factor, even more so than heating and cooling prices. It’s the quality that will determine the energy costs, and overall comfort.




These days, if you are interested in breathing real fresh air, you might need to travel long distance to enjoy the experience. This is generally because the city is already filled with unhealthy air pollutants which have damaged the good quality of air that used to be available decades ago. Even though this might seem impossible, especially for those living in the city, an alternative to creating healthy air is available.

Air Purifiers are equipment that filters air in a closed space, such as in a home, a room, or other private areas. As a result, after the air is filtered, a better, though not perfect, air is available for the dwellers. According to studies, an average American household spends around $250 million every year on air purifiers for their houses. This is because of the existence of allergy and asthma sufferers who cannot bear the quality of air they breathe indoors.

Nowadays, there are many air purifiers available in the market which can be used at home. The following are reviews for the top 5 air purifiers available for you:

Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen Reducer

This product is especially popular among households with children who are suffering from allergies. Allergies can often cause an uncomfortable living condition in a home. This allergen reducer/air purifier is so convenient that it can be placed right on the desk, next to the bed. It is quiet, and effective. It is recommended to vacuum the filter once a month.

Honeywell Enviracaire HEPA Air Purifier

This air purifier is quite inexpensive, powerful, easy to maintain, and comes with a permanent HEPA filter and a 360 degree air intake and output. It is also portable and has easy access to replacement parts. The good thing about this purifier is that it comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Five Star FS8088 Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer Cleaner with UV

Aside from being an air purifier, it also serves as an ionizer cleaner. This is quite effective especially in places where the source of air pollution is situated inside the home itself, for example, an unkept fireplace, a litter box, and trash bins. Its permanent filter adds to the convenience in using the product.

Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Cleaner Model

This air purifier model is of the larger type. It works especially well for those who are undergoing allergies. In fact, this is recommended by most physicians for their patients who are allergic to dust and air pollutants. Despite its size, it is quite and moves a lot of air.

Germguardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA, UV-C Power and Odor Reduction

Aside from the air purifiers, this device also acts as combatant to other pollutants, such as molds in the home. It is very efficient in handling odors which are stronger than the rest.

True, air purifiers do not really produce the perfect quality air for the entire household; however, it does reduce the level of contaminants which can, in turn, help in alleviating most of the problems caused by dirty air. Indeed, an air purifier is an effective equipment.


Floor Heating Systems – The Latest Technology At Your Doorstep

Floor heating systems are the latest and unique technology available on the market today. The technology helps in adjusting room temperature in order to let the system use as less energy as possible. This makes these systems more efficient and supreme than other heating systems available on the market for consumer use.

Several factors make floor-heating units the top choice for most people worldwide. These systems are known to exude high thermal comfort, save a lot of space, consume less energy and are pollution free. Most heating systems are easy to install. In fact, many of these are a do-it-yourselfers.

Floor heating systems are known to be ideal because they provide you an opportunity to enjoy warm floors. These systems do not require any ugly radiators encroaching on your wall space. Floor heating tends to facilitate you to save the environment and a lot of your hard-earned money.

Under floor heating has gained a lot of popularity among consumers worldwide. People have started to realize immense benefits of these systems over traditional heating. Many people have understood that they can save a lot of money on energy bills via using floor heating systems. Electric floor heating is a new invention under this category. People are slowly understanding its’ benefits.

Floor heating units tend to provide a feel-good factor as compared to radiant. This is because hot air rises and in-floor heating facilitates today to warm from toe to head. Newly built properties tend to use this type of heating. This is a superb way to warm floors in your kitchens and bathroom without any requirement for radiators.

Depending on the budget you have, these floor heating units are widely available in varied wattage to warm cold tiles or even an entire house.

With Floor heating systems, you can enjoy many benefits from huge soaring utility costs, potential tax savings and enhanced home value.

All you require to do is to call your nearest heating system dealer in order to analyze the types of heating solutions available. You would also be happy to known that there are many experts eager to help you with their tips and instructions.

Do not wait anymore. Call up your nearest floor dealer and order one for you to enjoy the immense benefits these systems come with.

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We provide information on heated flooring and radiant heating systems. It’s time to start lowering your heating bills. Visit our site for more information on this heating alternative!
By M. Applebaum

Author: Martin Applebaum


Dryer Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Cleaning and Use Guidelines

It is imperative that clothes dryers are installed correctly. Improper installation could harm the dryer and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Ensure the dryer is level. This will ensure that clothing inside the dryer is tumbling properly which is an essential part of drying clothing. Also, leveling a dryer will allow the clothing to make contact with the moisture sensor when using auto dry cycles.
Always use dryers in a heated location within your home. Using a dryer in an unheated part of the home can cause the dryer to condense or sweat especially in the cooler months.
Do not block the front of the dryer while in use. Dryers draw air at the door in the front of the unit and blocking airflow may adversely affect drying results and machine longevity.
Consult the instruction manual and installation instructions included with the appliance to be sure that proper ducting is installed. Recommendations to review include number of elbows in duct run, length of duct run, and materials to be used.
Venting from clothes dryers to hard ductwork should be metal only. Plastic flexible duct is not recommended. Flexible metal is acceptable but semi-rigid metal venting is preferred. Semi-rigid ductwork allows for the best airflow which allows the dryer to rid itself of excess heat and humidity. Restricted airflow may cause heat and humidity build up in the drum causing the dryer to be hot to the touch, sweat, artificially increase drying times, and greater wear of clothing.
For best operation, use a high quality wall cap on the outside of the home four inches in diameter. Also, louvered grills are recommended to prevent entrance from outside air, debris, and animals.
Always make sure that you are using the proper heat setting for the clothing fabrics in the machine. This will ensure proper drying and the least amount of damage to clothing fibers.
Periodic Dryer Maintenance

Clean the filter before EVERY use. A clean filter provides better airflow, efficiency, and performance. Seriously neglected filters could pose a fire hazard.
Inspect and clean exhaust ducting at least once per year to prevent clogging or otherwise restricted air flow. Even a partially clogged duct can hinder performance and energy consumption.
Check outside wall cap for obstructions including excessive build up of lint. Make sure that the air flow is not being blocked by ice, snow, or brush.
Conclusion ‘ Today’s gas and electric dryers hold more clothing than ever, use less energy, and are extremely reliable. Following the about guidelines should ensure excellent drying results, greater product satisfaction, and greater longevity. For more information please visit Karl’s Appliance’s Clothes Dryer Buying Guide.

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Karl’s Appliance operates seven home appliance stores throughout New Jersey and an e-commerce website at Ranked a Top 30 U.S Major Appliance Retailer, Karl’s offers a large selection of appliances for the kitchen, laundry room, as well as outdoor living spaces. Founded in 1941, the team at Karl’s has had nearly seven decades or large appliance experience.

Author: Karl’s Appliance


Home Repair for Residents of Hurricane Alley

If you are among the many Americans lucky enough to call the beautiful and prolific shores of the Gulf Coast of the United States home, you are probably also very familiar with the bumpy annual ride known as ‘hurricane season.’ Running from mid-summer to mid-fall, hurricane season comes with its own set of rules, and, for many, is often followed by a minor home renovation.

As children, there is a certain undeniable thrill in hurricane season; the crisp, cool breeze and sprays of sporadic rain from a yellowed sky…getting to hide in a special room of the house, huddled away from windows and doors…it was fun to make-believe that you were hiding out from nefarious bandits or evil-doing monsters, but as a parent, hurricane season is not always so fun.

There are a few precautionary steps that safety experts recommend people take at the onset of this unpredictable season, as power outages and limited quantities of drinking-quality water can sometimes be side effects of particularly bad storms. Steps you should take to guard against such misfortunes include stockpiling a few day’s supply of drinking water and nonperishable goods for everyone in the family. A one-gallon jug of water is considered a standard supply amount for a single person per day. Food items which are excellent to have on hand during hurricane months are canned goods such as soups, legumes, and ravioli-type pastas. Other pantry staples include juices, cereals, chips, and crackers. Filling your shelves with these types of items is always a good preventive measure, just in the unlikely event of a Category-4 or 5 storm running ashore in your area.

There are also a couple of recommended steps to take to reinforce your home during this season, namely duct-taping or boarding up your windows, bringing plants and yard decorations inside which could become airborne in strong winds, and keeping the car in the garage. Any lightweight items, from potted flowers to children’s jungle gyms to lawn ornaments can turn into missiles if swept up in hurricane-force winds, and can damage homes and properties. Securing them and entrances to your home is a good step towards making the post-hurricane cleanup as minimal as possible.

After the season is over and done with and the damage assessed, many Americans turn to trusted home repair companies and experts to help them to replace and restore anything lost or ruined in the storm. Despite having taken precautionary measures, people often find window replacement to be priority number one on their list of repairs. Luckily, however, the reasonable pricing presently available for such a service makes the replacement of one or two windows damaged in the storm extremely affordable. Many often decide that it would be a good time to take advantage of any other little fix-me-up projects that have been lying around half-forgotten for months, especially with the holidays fast approaching. Moderately-priced home improvement packages can take a natural disaster and turn it into an impetus to do that little extra remodeling you’ve been wanting to do for a long time; and you’ll be glad you did once that crowd of holiday friends and family rolls into town.

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Check out windows for any storm at Sears windows. Go the little extra mile while you’re at it with Sears Cabinet Refacing.

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Ceiling Fans for Your Home's Beauty and Comfort

If you are looking for a perfect touch of glamour to your interior, the best thing to add in your existing decors is the stylish modern ceiling fan. This item will not just add beauty to your home but its main function is to make your home comfortable.

Ceiling fans circulate air that helps cool down the temperature during the hot summer days. it is also an energy efficient electric appliance that helps you minimize the usage of your home cooling system thus save you on your energy consumption that results to a lower electric bill.

In addition, the ceiling-mounted fan can also be used on colder days to circulate warmer air. It is possible to use the fan this way as most of the fans nowadays are equipped with switch that can be used to reverse the movement of the fan.

Ceiling-mounted fans also feature light fixtures that add functionality to the fan. With the fixtures installed on the fan, it can also be used as another light source in the home. It can be used in the dining room or in the bathroom as part of the bathroom lighting. Anywhere in the house can be a perfect place for ceiling fan. It can also be used outdoors in the covered porch.

With the overwhelming numbers of units of ceiling-mounted fans available in the market, you might actually find it hard to choose which one is the best. But considering some factors will help you choose the fan that would certainly meet your desired qualification.

When choosing for the fan, consider the size of the fan and the size of the room where it is to be installed. Consider also the design and style of the fan. Choose the unit that would complement to the design of your interior. You can base the style and design of the fan through its blades and motor housing finish and design.

Most importantly, choose the fan that offers long life span and durability. The fan must provide efficient air circulation and should be wobble-free even after years of usage. Make sure the fan motor is durable and made with high-quality materials to perform efficiently.

Spend time in choosing the right ceiling fan for your home’s beauty and comfort. It is the item that you will not have regret or disappointment when you purchase it. Just make sure you get the best unit that is worth for its price.

About the Author:
Ceiling fans not just making your home cool, it also makes your home complete especially when you pair it with the right bathroom lighting.

Author: Peter Andersen


Allergy and asthma sufferers are susceptible to all sorts of airborne irritants. For many finding relief can be as easy as using an electrostatic air filter in their home. Choosing the right type of filter for the individuals needs makes selecting the right size and type important to the purchaser of such a filter.

Probably the most important thing to consider is the filtering needs throughout ones home. Purchasing a portable single room unit can work well if ones air purification needs are small. But for whole home air filtering this type of unit will offer very limited performance. Again, taking into account one’s needs will greatly help when determining which type of unit to buy.

An electrostatic air purifier is a great choice when it comes to air filtering systems. 95 percent efficient they offer a high tech filtering option that helps remove unwanted pollutants and irritants from the interior air supplies of homes in which they are used.

But just like any other major purchase there are positives and negatives that must be considered before buying. Let’s look at some of these to get a better understanding of just what these types of filters have to offer.

The Positives:

– This type of air filter is very quiet when operating and in most cases is silent.

– It has no filters that need to be replaced, unlike other types of air purifiers. It uses steel collection rods or plates that can be removed and cleaned on a regular basis.

– Because they due run quietly they can be run 24 hours a day, keeping the household air clean continuously. Some other types of air filters create more noise which may be unwelcome in some home, particularly at night.

– Electronic air filters are highly efficient at capturing small airborne particles. These include a variety of allergens and irritants such as animal dander, pollen, dust, and mold spores. Other types of pollutants are also filtered ensuring improved air quality for everyone in the home.

– Helps provide clean air by filtering all manner of irritants and pollutants along with the ability to freshen indoor air by removing odors that would normally be re-circulated into the home.

The Negatives:

– Depending on the unit or system they can be quite expensive. For those who have a tight budget an electrostatic filter can be more then they can afford.

– While the filters do not have to be bought and replaced the steel collection rods or plates do need to be cleaned on a regular schedule. Fortunately they are normally easy to remove from the unit and in most cases can be put in the dishwasher.

– Because an electrostatic air filter does place a charge on airborne particles to attract them to their collection rods ozone and ions can be released which can be irritating to some people.

Weighing the positives and negatives are an important part of deciding if an electrostatic air filter is the best choice when it comes to cleansing the air in one’s home. Ultimately the deciding factor should be whether this type of filter meets the air cleaning needs that are desired, and for most people the answer to this question is yes.

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There is no better choice then a Honeywell Air Purifier when it comes to whole home and single room air filtration systems. To learn more about Honeywell Air Cleaners please Click Here.

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A home isn’t really a home until it has been broken in a bit, made one’s own and fully customized to the style and the designs of the home owner him or herself. A new home can feel like it’s not your home until a few things have been fixed up, some additions have been made and the atmosphere has been made more pleasant and to one’s liking. In fact, new homes often come with problems that need to be resolved sooner rather than later, obliging fledgling home owners to take some initiative and set about planning a few home repair jobs. The list is short for the lucky few, but most home owners have rather long fix-it project lists (at least theoretically) and there is always something that needs to be brought up to date or repaired for one reason or another. It’s just the reality of owning a home—there is no escaping the constant urge to either repair or to expand what our home currently is. In honor of that sentiment, here is a list of three home improvement ideas that not only are likely to already be on many people’s fix-it lists but furthermore are incredibly crucial to the home itself.

1) The grand kitchen redo. The kitchen is a constant target of repair or improvement jobs in the home. It’s only natural, as kitchens are spaces we spend a tremendous amount of time in and that serve an enormously vital purpose—to feed us. Also, the kitchen is a hub of energy consumption within the home, making it crucial to have an efficient and modern kitchen. The incentives here include saving money on bills but also having a more enjoyable space to cook in which uses space more efficiently and makes quality of life that much nicer inside the home. Truly functional kitchens are amazing phenomena, and to have one in your own home is a true blessing. With today’s latest home electronics designs for kitchens, stressing built-in appliances that take up less space and offer more counter top area, working in the kitchen can cease to be the drudgery it used to be and become a truly enjoyable activity.

2) Deluxe home entertainment. Home entertainment system installation doesn’t normally get treated as a kind of repair or renovation job around the house, but due to the extremes to which home entertainment has been taken it most definitely can be considered so. From getting all the cabling/wiring right to setting up the right kind of space for a home theater and music system, there can be some serious muscle necessary for carrying out such projects—thereby landing them within the realm of home renovation or improvement per se and all that it implies.

3) The HVAC switch out. What’s the point in having a home if you’re not comfortable inside it? A modern, efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is absolutely fundamental to feeling at easy and comfortable at home, and people with systems that exceed 20 years of age should seriously consider getting an upgrade.

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With Sears In-home design consultation services you’ll be able to take care of all of these kinds of projects; with the help of home improvement professionals, you’ll find your home fix-up projects will be taken care of in no time at all!



Window AC Water Leaks | Air Conditioning Repair Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach Air Conditioning RepairNavigationHome»Daytona Beach Air Conditioning Repair» Window Air Conditioner Water Leaks

Posted by Russell Craig on May 4, 2015 in Daytona Beach Air Conditioning Repair, Maintenance Tips | 0 comments

An air conditioner can catch lots of water while it is taking away moisture, or humidity, from the air within the house. Regarding window air conditioners, the water collected throughout usual running moves down the AC coil and drops into the base, and is then directed to the back. Most of the water is raised up by the fan blade and employed to cool the heating coil, while most of it travels to the rear where it drains outside of the house. However, for the occasions when water is leaking within the house from a window AC unit, here are Air Conditioning Repair Daytona Beach’s suggestions on easy methods to troubleshoot the condition.

Finding the source of a Daytona Beach air conditioner leak can be difficult, for it can seem like it is coming from more than one location, and only happen occasionally. Below are a few ideas for the most usual motives why water leaks can occur with an air conditioning unit.1. Incorrectly installed
For window air conditioners, they should be installed in order that the back of the unit is a little lower than the front. Doing this enables the water being removed to drain to the back of the unit. A level variation of one inch is effective. Determine this initially. Water will run right into the room and not outdoors if installed too low at the front.2. Icing up
Water that is being removed from the air within the room can turn to ice if the AC is no longer working correctly. Take off the front grill while the unit is running to notice if ice is found. There are various causes this can occur and it will be best to contact us to have a look at the AC unit.3. Air leaks about air conditioner
If warm air from outside is capable of entering within through around the air conditioner it will combine with the cooler, dryer indoor air. Condensation will happen when the 2 distinct temperature airs meet. If water is leaking from the front of the air conditioner examine to determine whether it is dripping from the body of the machine, or if water droplets are adhering to the front. To check this, operate the AC unit for thirty minutes then examine below the front edge of the base with a flashlight for water droplets. If water droplets are existing, there is an air leak issue. By adding foam insulation all around the unit prevents warm air from getting in.4. Drain hole blockage
The back of the air conditioner base contains a drain hole that permits water to drain. If this gets clogged water will be able to back up. To evaluate, run the AC unit for A half-hour and then examine to check if it is draining correctly. The base ought to hold a considerable volume of water, but it ought not be entirely full of water. If it seems obstructed use a small piece of wood to unclog the drain hole.5. Internal drains blockage
One can find little passageways that enable water to drain through the front of an AC unit to the back. If they are clogged, water will accumulate at the front of the unit and overflow. Should this happen, usually we will need to take out the air conditioner to service it. To evaluate, run the system for A half-hour and then take off the front filter and plastic cowling. In case the front of the base is totally full of water, but there exists only a little water leaking from rear of unit on the floor, there might be a clogged passageway.6. Outside temperature is too cold
This issue is more prevalent close to the end of the cooling months. When outdoor temperatures are under 60 degrees Fahrenheit at nighttime the coil might ice up. If one doesn’t see any water leaks prior to going to bed, but there is water in front of the machine in the morning, this is most likely the issue. Simply switch off the AC unit prior to bedtime and only operate it as needed throughout the day.


Reduce a Daytona Beach AC Repair by Managing Humidity

Daytona Beach Air Conditioning RepairNavigationHome»Daytona Beach Air Conditioning Repair» Reduce a Daytona Beach AC Repair by Managing Humidity

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Seeking to provide your AC unit a helping hand this summer time? Here, Air Conditioning Repair Daytona Beach has organized material on the best tactics to do simply that, and assist in saving on power expenses as well.

Most probably the most significant element to help slow down ones air conditioning system from furnishing the coolest air attainable, and that will likely help increase ones power bills is humidity. It strikes very hard on an air conditioners cooling procedure. Nonetheless, there can be things one can perform to help relieve the strain it inflicts on ones cooling system and to help lower the additional energy costs, which could be as much as 30 %, that an inefficient AC unit can add.

The initial thing that people are capable of doing is help circulate the air about the dwelling a lot more. Humidity is usually minimized by excellent air circulation. On extremely humid times one can operate fans and ceiling fans to enhance the air flow around the household. It will help make the home feel cooler also, seeing that the air is circulating, preferably making it possible for one to reduce the thermostat as well.

Certainly, the most evident tip is to make certain the filters on the cooling system are replaced consistently. If any one in the residence has problems with allergies or if one has household pets in the dwelling, it’s wise to at a minimum replace the filters every month to help with allergy aid and pet hair that will block up a filter quicker. At the same time, make certain ceiling fan blades are wiped normally too! We realize, not really an exciting task or a quick one if one has high ceilings.

Air Conditioning Repair Daytona Beach FL advises having us come and conduct a total AC unit check up in the early spring as well. By doing this, we can ensure ones existing cooling system is performing at maximum effectiveness which could help decrease ones power bills.

Before running the air conditioning system, make certain to clean off and close to the condenser unit outside the house. Leaves and branches from the fall and wintertime should be cleaned up and removed. Be certain there exists several feet of space around the condenser. Cut any shrubbery or vegetation that might have grown closer. Examin the coils on the exterior of the condenser to make certain they aren’t bent or affected from something during the wintertime.

Seal up the air leaks. Do a thorough inspection of all the windows and doors in the household for any sort of leaks or breaches that air could most likely get in. Securing cracks is economical and simple and easy to complete and helps secure the house’s envelope. Make use of insulation, weather-stripping, caulk, whatever is the best suited for the variety of crack. With the subject matter of insulation, look at the quality of insulation in the attic space to make certain it is enough also. Likewise take a look at the basement, if ones household has one, and the fireplace, as potential areas where air could go into or escape from the dwelling.

If the property has old windows, a lower priced method to changing them is to apply tinted window film to reflect the UR rays from the sun, so they don’t go into the property. This could reduce the volume of heat coming into the property, and helps to lessen humidity. They make reflecting insulation that functions the same way, which are often utilized for walls and roofs.

Minor points including making use of window shades to reflect sun rays, brighter paint colors and roofing material tones can even reduce the level of heat that goes into the property.

And finally, dehumidifiers, as the word hints, can even further help reduce the humidity amounts throughout the property. This can help lower the level of work the air conditioning system has to undertake in doing away with humidity in the air. Dehumidifiers likewise help keep the air ductwork dryer.

Go and visit our services here, specifically if you wish to set up an air conditioning servicing check, and look over our additional posts on helping to maintain ones residence cool in the summer season.



ducted air conditioning | The Air Conditioning Repair GuideCLOSEAir Conditioning Repair GuideThe official guide for Air Conditioning maintenanceHomeair conditioningHow much does ducted air conditioning cost?

By Air Conditioning Repair Guide – April 28, 20151750SHARE



Before I talk about the price, you guys are probably wondering why should I choose to go with ducted air conditioning? Well, there are a lot of reasons. First, air ducts will allow your house to stay air conditioned all through the summer and warm in the winter winter. The air in the house will all be equally distributed in every room of the house. If you do decide to buy air ducts, make your that you keep them clean so clean air can circulate around the houseRegular Ducted Air Conditioning Cost

The price usually starts around $5000 and can go as high as $20000. The larger the home, the higher the price.

Before paying for any duct work, get a quote so you don’t overpay.Types of Air Duct SystemsThere are four types of air duct systems. The most common one is the sheet metal air ducts. It is made out of Galvanized steel and aluminum. Flexible duct is constructed with plastic. Under the plastic construction is a metal wire coil, which is used for the tube. When working with ductwork, this might be the easiest because if can go virtually anywhere. It can attach supply air outlets to hard ductwork. Fiberglass Lined air ducts are constructed internally with fiberglass. The purpose of the fiberglass is to help insulate, preserving the heat. Fabric ducts actually is a system that hands out air instead of serving as a channel for the air. Cleaning out Air DuctsWhen looking for a service to clean out your air ducts, almost any normal air conditioning company cleans out air ducts. According to, a typical air duct cleaning session can cost up to $500.Benefits of cleaning and inspecting Air ductsOne of the main benefits of having air ducts cleaned in your home is the amount of energy you will save. When there is dust and other particles in the air ducts, it causes the air and heating system (HVAC) to work more harder than it normally does. NADCA want you to think of your air conditioning system as the lungs of your home. Air has to go inside of it in order for air to come out. NADCA also stated that the average home accumulates around 40 pounds of dust each year.

All the types of air duct systems are constructed with these parts: the vibration isolators, stack heads and boots, the volume control dampers and the stack boots and heads. There are other parts, but lets just focus on the main parts.Duct Reverse Cycle Air ConditioningDucted reverse cycle air conditioning cost can range from $3000 to $6000, depending on the length of the ductwork, the location in the house (where you getting it installed at), zones and outlets needed and whether or not you are getting a inverter or non inverter. Choosing a Inverter will reduce the noise of the system, but not the price. If you are looking to buy duct reverse cycle air conditioning, the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning cost can be anywhere around $5000 to double. That’s a lot of money for a HVAC. I highly recommend that you do some serious research before handing your money to an aircon service company. I haven’t even included the ducted air conditioning installation cost.Recommended Services that Install Ductwork:

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Air conditioners are not known to be energy efficient. They account for nearly half the energy usage in the United States during the peak summer months and put off nearly a hundred million tons of carbon dioxide a year.

Chandler Heating Repair has evolved over the past fifteen years and now has switched to green technology. Our contractors know that the cost of energy is continuing to rise and we now install green HVAC equipment to reduce your energy cost. The equipment is more efficient and still keeps you at a comfortable temperature.

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Because there are many passive solar and energy efficient features built into a green building, green contractors at Chandler Heating Repair will design a system that is personalized for you. There are many elements, including the building process and materials used, that can work together to lower the usage by thirty to fifty percent. The heating and cooling loads can be affected by the sun, insulation, location of windows, and even vegetation placed.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) – AFUE is a furnace rating that represents the percentage of heat produced for every dollar of fuel consumed. The current minimum is 78% AFUE

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) – SEER is the measure of the central air conditioner’s efficiency and performance. Typical SEER ratings range from thirteen to eighteen.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) – EER is the measure of the instantaneous energy efficiency of cooling equipment. It is the steady- rate of heat energy removal, or cooling capaChandler, of the equipment in BTU divided by the steady- rate of energy input to the equipment in Watts. This ratio is expressed in BTU per Watt. EER is based on tests performed in accordance with AHRI 210/240. This was formerly the ARI Standard 210/240.

Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) – HSPF is the heating efficiency rating for heat pumps. The current minimum is 7.7 HSPF.

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Indoor Air QualityTax Credits Make New Installs More Affordable Than Ever

Our green contractors at Chandler Heating Repair are among the top in the area and we value continuing education. Many of our contractors have chosen to earn their NATE certification.

If you have decided to build a home in the Chandler area, contact one of our contractors to help you qualify for Federal Tax Credit for much different equipment installed. While windows, doors, insulation, and roofs do not count, geothermal heat pumps, solar water heaters, and fuel cells are among the items that do. Our green contractors will know what counts and what does not. They know when the units must be placed to qualify and they must be at the principal residence.

Only $1,500 can be claimed in tax credits for all products placed by your green contractor. There are a few exclusions to that, and your Chandler Heating Repair technician will know what they all are. The homeowner, however, must have a Manufacturer Certification Statement to qualify for the credits so make sure you ask for one. Keep this receipt for at least ten years.

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Air conditioners are not known to be energy efficient. They account for nearly half the energy usage in the United States during the peak summer months and put off nearly a hundred million tons of carbon dioxide a year.

Union Atlanta Heating Repair has evolved over the past fifteen years and now has switched to green technology. Our contractors know that the cost of energy is continuing to rise and we now install green HVAC equipment to reduce your energy cost. The equipment is more efficient and still keeps you at a comfortable temperature.

Union Atlanta and surrounding areas Green HVAC Contractors – Geothermal & Solar Installations – Call (678) 861-0022

Green HVAC Contractors

High Efficiency Heating & Cooling Systems

Hybrid Heating & Cooling Systems & DesignUnion Atlanta Green HAVC Contractors – Call (678) 861-0022

Solar Panels


Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

High Efficiency Boilers

High Efficiency Water Heaters

Tankless Water HeatersGreen HVAC Contractors in Union Atlanta – Call (678) 861-0022

Because there are many passive solar and energy efficient features built into a green building, green contractors at Union Atlanta Heating Repair will design a system that is personalized for you. There are many elements, including the building process and materials used, that can work together to lower the usage by thirty to fifty percent. The heating and cooling loads can be affected by the sun, insulation, location of windows, and even vegetation placed.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) – AFUE is a furnace rating that represents the percentage of heat produced for every dollar of fuel consumed. The current minimum is 78% AFUE

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) – SEER is the measure of the central air conditioner’s efficiency and performance. Typical SEER ratings range from thirteen to eighteen.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) – EER is the measure of the instantaneous energy efficiency of cooling equipment. It is the steady- rate of heat energy removal, or cooling capaUnion Atlanta, of the equipment in BTU divided by the steady- rate of energy input to the equipment in Watts. This ratio is expressed in BTU per Watt. EER is based on tests performed in accordance with AHRI 210/240. This was formerly the ARI Standard 210/240.

Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) – HSPF is the heating efficiency rating for heat pumps. The current minimum is 7.7 HSPF.

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Rooftop Units



Restaurant Equipment

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Indoor Air QualityTax Credits Make New Installs More Affordable Than Ever

Our green contractors at Union Atlanta Heating Repair are among the top in the area and we value continuing education. Many of our contractors have chosen to earn their NATE certification.

If you have decided to build a home in the Union Atlanta area, contact one of our contractors to help you qualify for Federal Tax Credit for much different equipment installed. While windows, doors, insulation, and roofs do not count, geothermal heat pumps, solar water heaters, and fuel cells are among the items that do. Our green contractors will know what counts and what does not. They know when the units must be placed to qualify and they must be at the principal residence.

Only $1,500 can be claimed in tax credits for all products placed by your green contractor. There are a few exclusions to that, and your Union Atlanta Heating Repair technician will know what they all are. The homeowner, however, must have a Manufacturer Certification Statement to qualify for the credits so make sure you ask for one. Keep this receipt for at least ten years.

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