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High velocity air conditioning and heating is also referred to as mini duct.

I first became aware of high velocity air conditioning systems in 1989.

What intrigued me was the idea that you could air condition a home using flexible tubing that has an inside diameter of only 2″.

It was really appealing because I really dreaded installing central air conditioning with a large duct system in attic spaces, especially in summer.

If it’s 90 degrees outside, it’s 120 degrees in an attic.

After we installed our first high velocity air conditioning system, I knew I never again wanted to install a conventional duct system in an attic.

Installing a 9” main trunk duct instead of a 30” x 8” duct takes much less effort.

It’s so much easier installing 2” inside diameter flexible hoses vs. 6” or 8” ducts.

We also reduced our time in the attic by one full day.

High velocity air conditioning, mini duct systems go where conventional ductwork cannot.

A lot of high velocity systems we install are in older homes.

Our clients are particularly happy they can have central air conditioning in their historic homes

There could be no way we could install central air in these homes without major renovations, cutting, patching and installing soffits.

Most people are willing to let us run a couple of 2” inside diameter hoses through a closet but would never give up the space with a 6” or 8” duct.

These systems are not limited to older homes

More and more high velocity systems are being used in new construction because the design of some new homes makes it very difficult to install larger, bulkier duct systems.

Air conditioning and heating systems seem to be an after-thought in these designs.

Even though houses are bigger, mechanical contractors have to compete for space for the mechanical systems.

High velocity mini ducts help to solve this problem.

You can also use this duct system for heating.

– you can install an electric duct heater package or even a hot water coil (hydro-air) to the blower module.

The heat is very comfortable, with floor to ceiling temperatures within 2 degrees, no matter where the supply outlet is located.

One question that seems to come up quite often is about noise level

There is a perception that these units are loud. If they are not installed properly, they will be loud.

If the proper guidelines are followed, they are as quiet as a well designed conventional duct system.

What most people don’t realize is high velocity systems use on ½ the air flow of standard duct systems.

They also use a special sound absorbing tube that acts as muffler.

There are two major players in the high velocity market.

They are Unico and Space Pak.

We have installed both with very good successUnico does provide more options than Space Pak.

If you find a competent HVAC contractor with experience and a good track record with high velocity mini duct systems you’ll enjoy many years of comfort and reliability.

That all of our high velocity work is generated by unsolicited referrals from satisfied clients, speaks for itself.

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At A 50% Discount!

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever thought about a solar hot water heater for your home but figured it was too expensive to install and had a very long payback period,

I have some good news for you.

Now, it’s affordable to become. . .

The Proud Owner
Of A Money-Saving
Solar Water Heating System

President Obama is encouraging Americans to take advantage of an energy-savings tax shelter.

My name is Ed Bishop who along with his son John, operate Enhanced Living in Troy, NY.

We specialize in “Enhanced Lifestyle Indoor Environment Systems” and for over 33 years have been helping homeowners enjoy a better life in their homes and give them “Peace of Mind” by removing the risks that jeopardize their comfort and well-being, caused by inferior, mediocre heating and cooling systems.

I’d like to call your attention to the Presidents’ stimulus package that includes money for improvements to your home that will:

• Add equity to your home

• Save you money for as long as you live in your home

• Give you 70% of your hot water from the sun

What’s more. . .

Now You Can Get
A $9,000 Solar Hot Water Heater
For The Incredibly Low Price Of Just $4,050

When you install a solar powered hot water system in your home, you are entitled to a 30% tax credit towards the cost of a new system


New York State residents can claim an additional 25% credit up to $5,000.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say a family of 4 installs a system:

Installed cost (includes all materials and labor ——– $9,000

30% Federal Tax Credit ———————————–$2,700

25% NYS Tax Credit —————————————$2,250

Your total investment after tax credits ONLY————–$4,050

It’s like a matching gift program.

6 Good Reasons To Own A
Solar Powered Hot Water System

• You’ll slash your water heating bill by an amazing 70% and during the summer months you get most of the hot water for your showers, baths, laundry and dish washing practically FREE

• You’ll enjoy nice, long, hot showers without feeling guilty about using too much energy

• You’ll have a clean source of energy in your home that reduces the risk of dangerous carbon monoxide and combustion pollutants

• You’ll begin to liberate yourself from imported fossil fuels from countries who could care less about you – except for your money

• You’ll take pride in being a contributor to a better, cleaner environment for your children and grandchildren

• You’ll be part of a movement that helps stimulate the U.S. economy – renewable energy and energy efficiency industries currently generate more than 9 million jobs and $1 trillion in annual revenue in the U.S.

There has never been a better time to tap into. . .

The Gift From
93 Million Miles Away

The sun truly is a gift because all living things on earth rely on the sun to live and grow.

It also affects our mood.

How much better do YOU feel when the sun is shining?

Imagine how good you’ll feel every time you open your faucet on a sunny day, knowing your hot water is FREE!

Recently, I spoke to Nancy White from Rexford about her solar hot water system.

Nancy installed her system WITHOUT the benefit of tax credits and without hesitation she said. . .

“I would do it again.”

Fortunately, YOU get the tax credits.

Now, the way I see it. . .

1. You Can Use Your Money to Pay More Taxes


2. You Can Use Your Money To Buy Something Nice for Your Home

What makes more sense to you?

We have set up a special web site for homeowners who live within 1 hour driving distance of Albany, NY for help in finding out more about solar powered hot water systems and available incentives.

To gain access to the special web site, just fill out the form below now.

Please don’t worry – we will NOT share your information with anyone. All we would like to do is keep you informed about incentives or offerings that will enhance your life.

No Salesman Will Call!

Take this important first step.

You have nothing to lose except almost $5,000.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Ed Bishop

Enhanced Living, Inc.

868 8th Ave

Troy, NY 12182


P.S. – If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity, you are only cheating yourself – after all, you’ve already paid for it!


Before you buy a gas boiler you’ll have to decide what’s important to you.

Is it initial cost, energy savings, reliability, durability or impact on the environment?

Do you like the idea of high tech?

Gas boiler efficiencies start at the 83% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) and top off at approximately 95%.

Gas boilers that are rated above 90% are called condensing boilers.

The higher efficiencies are the result of utilizing the waste heat in the vent system that is usually lost to the atmosphere.

This type of boiler is never vented into a chimney.

It is vented through either a stainless steel or plastic pipe product.

The only brand of boiler my company sells are Viessmann gas boilers , a German manufacturer.

It is the only company that I felt comfortable with that could back the benefits that my client’s look for.

Arguably the best gas boiler that is available today is the Viessmann Vitodens 95.2% efficient wall-hung boiler.

Our clients have had great results with this product.

Some are experiencing 50% reductions in their heating bills.

Besides being highly efficient, it’s one of the most environmentally-friendly gas boilers on the market.

The emissions from the vent system are extremely low (carbon monoxide = 5.5 ppm, NOx = 8.9 ppm).

The burner adjusts it’s firing rate to match the amount of heat that is needed.

For instance, if the boiler has a rating of 91,000 BTU’s of heat, the burner will only deliver 25,000 BTUs of heat if that’s all that is needed.

A conventional boiler would deliver the full 91,000 BTU’s regardless of the amount of heat needed. It’s like stepping on the gas pedal of your car, then slamming on the brakes even though you were only going one city block.

This modulating burner strategy saves fuel as well as wear and tear on the boiler.

One feature that I like is the burner is a flameless, radiant heat source.

Another energy-saving feature is the control system also adjusts the water temperature according to the outdoor temperature as well as the indoor temperature.

This is very important when using a condensing boiler.

These types of boilers rely on lower water temperatures to gain maximum efficiency.

Stay clear of those who try to sell a condensing boiler without this control strategy.

I’ve seen high efficient rated condensing boilers that were operating at efficiencies in the 80% range because the water temperatures were too high to allow the boiler to condense and release the extra heat into the heating system.

The Vitodens is also made from one of the highest grades of stainless steel.

It’s also very quiet. I’ve had to put my ear to the cabinet to be sure it was running.

Viessmann also makes a 83% efficient model.

It is made of high grade cast iron with large stainless steel burners for a long life cycle.

This is considered their basic model.

Though it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of their advanced model, this Viessmann boiler still has high quality German engineering.

Prices can range from $13,000 down to $5,000 for these products or comparable ones,, depending on the size and scope of work.

I don’t have time to research every gas boiler on the market.

The next best thing I can do is when I’m introduced to another boiler manufacturer I use Viessmann standards to compare.

So far I haven’t found anything that can stand up to the quality.

If you are in the market for a gas boiler you can make the same comparisons.

Please go to our heating boiler primer page for more information about boilers before you make your choice.


The time is finally here for sustainable development and green construction.

Having installed numerous heating and air conditioning systems over the last 32 years has given me the opportunity to observe construction practices in many types of homes with different types of builders.

I’ve approached many builders with the idea of offering ways to build a more energy-efficient, healthier home for their client.

I can honestly say the builders who get the big picture of energy efficiency and environmental responsibilities are few and far between.

I’ve always been both amazed and disappointed at the lack of attention given to these important details.

It seems to me, some are more interested in packing as many houses they can get away with in a development and offering only products that appeal to the eye rather than a complete building system that affect the well-being and long-range financial implications of inferior products.

Features such as non-toxic building materials, integrated heating-cooling-ventilation systems, high-performance insulation systems and using “The House Is A System” approach where everything is part of a whole and interdependent with one another.

Richard Trethewey, the plumbing and heating expert from the PBS television series called these the “hidden assets” of the home.

Though not as sexy as the eye candy products, they have the biggest impact on the home and the occupant.

Someone Who Gets It

I received a call from a gentleman who was given my name from one of my clients.

He wanted to speak to me about some future projects he was planning.

The first thing that got my attention was when he said it was a shame how a lot of houses were being built and how land was being developed.

When we met he shared his vision about how he wanted to move forward with a different concept of planning, sustainable development and green construction.

Rather than taking farmland and dropping houses, laying asphalt, installing a couple of cul de sacs, some token trees and the typical golf course lawn, he wanted to build a natural community that fits into the landscape rather than forced into it, while still preserving prime farm land.

A community where you can enjoy your neighbors while at the same time enjoying privacy.

Tim Lundquist, founder of The Blue Bird Group has such a vision.

His vision also includes a community with walking, biking, bridal, cross country and electric cart trails as well as a wild bird sanctuary.

Green construction is also part of the plan where one can live in a non-toxic environment.

Homes are designed and built to have a minimal impact on the occupant and the environment.

The homes will be built using harmless building materials.

Pre-engineered panels will be manufactured locally to reduce emissions and energy required from long-distance shipping.

This approach will also result in less construction waste, reducing the impact on landfills, the energy required to transport the waste to the landfill and at the same time preserve natural resources.

Homes will be sited to take advantage of the sun for natural lighting and heat potential in the winter months and use the natural shading and cooling ability of trees in the summer.

High-performance insulation techniques will reduce heating and cooling energy consumption.

Engineered ventilation systems will ensure clean, fresh, healthy air.

Also specified for these homes is the most efficient, environmentally-friendly boiler manufactured by Viessmann Manufacturing a German company recognized around the world as the leader in heating and energy technologies.

The boiler will be the heart of a hybrid indoor climate system that consists of radiant floor heat and hydro-air for head to toe comfort.

The homes will be tested with sophisticated equipment that will ensure their energy efficiency.

Tim Lundquist the founder of The Blue Bird Group sustainable development and green building company said it all when he stated:

”These are designs based on valuing a simple, country lifestyle, good taste and a common commitment to being caring stewards for the land and nature.”

If this type of living appeals to you or happen to be looking for a green investment or know of anyone else who might be interested please contact us.

Simply fill out the form below and someone will get in touch with you.

Please don’t worry, we will not share your information with anyone.


Factory Listed Btus


The factory listed btus of your furnace are based on the output of your furnace. If you have an older furnace your input btus might be 100,000 btus with your efficiency set at 72% your output btus would be 72,000 btus. In this example the homeowner would be paying for 28,000 btus of gas per hour to heat the sky. The money is literally going right up the vent. Some of the furnaces are as much as 95.5% efficient. What we are interested here is the actually number of btus available to heat the home.

Air Conditioner:

The factory listed btus of your air conditioner will surprise you. Your air conditioning system, in a factory perfect state, is typically set to put out the number of listed btus at 85 degrees outdoors. Once the temperature goes higher than 85 degrees the output drops significantly. A 5 ton air conditioner typically loses a full ton of air conditioning by the time the outside temperature tops 100 degrees. This is why it is very necessary to ensure that your system is working at peak capacity. Any parts of the system that are not perfect will cause you and your family to suffer when the weather hits.

Projected Factory Output


The projected btu output is different than the factory perfect output you probably thought your furnace put out. Furnaces are developed and tested under factory conditions and homes are not factory conditions. We have to take into account the amount of airflow throughout the furnace and the amount of airflow actually delivered into the home. Many times we see as much as 35% loss in addition to the factory listed efficiency loss. This loss can usually easily repaired and a furnace restored close to factory specifications.

Air Conditioner:

The factory listed output of an air conditioner is a moving target according to the temperature and humidity. Once we have found the factory listed output we can compare that to the difference in total heat (Enthalpy) at the return air registers and at the supply registers. We combine this with the actual airflow through the registers and we can easily compute the amount of heat throughput into the living area of your. We typically can make a few corrections and save homeowners as much as 25%-50% on their electrical bills without installing new air conditioning systems.

Duct Loss, Duct Gain and Duct Evaluation

Studies have known conclusively that the average system has btu losses of about 35% in its ducting system. Improperly sealed jointed, no insulation, broken ducting, undersized ducting and ducting installed improperly. If you are having problems with hot spots and cool spots in your home, then chances are good that you have a problem with your ducting. After observing the condition of your ducting we can rapidly come up with some significant money saving and comfort achieving actions that can add to your overall enjoyment of your home.

Asbestos Air Ducts

Not only are these air ducts dangerous from a health view, they are dangerous from a utility bill view. These ducts have a R-Value (resistance to heat transfer) of only 1 to 2. In a typical single story 2000 square foot home the asbestos air ducts will lose just over 2 Tons of air conditioning to the heat of the attic in the middle of summer.

That’s Air Conditioning You Are Paying For to Cool Your Attic!

New flex ducting is at least 3 times that efficient saving you money on your electricity bills each month and allowing you to enjoy a higher level of comfort day after day.

Improperly Installed Air Ducts Rob You! Don’t let this happen to you.

This is an example of why permits are required from the city to install heating and air conditioning systems and air ducts. These air ducts cut the airflow down in less than 1/3 of the air conditioner requirements. This system was designed by the manufacturer of the air conditioner to put out 60,000 btus. We discovered after some quick calculations during our air conditioning tune-up visit that the air conditioner was only putting out 27,000 btus and the evaporator coil was freezing up.



Heating and cooling systems nearly always seem to be breaking down when the weather is at its worst – on the coldest day of a frigid winter, or during a sizzling summer heat wave. Times when your home comfort system must work the hardest, and when you, of course, need it most. An Empire Planned Maintenance Program (Ultimate Service Agreement…USA) helps avoid breakdowns plus it protects and prolongs the life of your equipment. As an Empire Ultimate Service Agreement client you always receive priority service!

We’ll Roll Out the Red Carpet for You

Here is what you’ll receive with this money saving agreement:


Automatic, periodic inspection, lubricating, adjusting and cleaning of your heating and cooling system keeps it running at peak, trouble free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they can cause trouble or danger to life and property.


Fixed cost allows budgeting in advance for this maintenance service, labor and parts. It is only a single investment, NO hidden expenses.


It is a well known fact that regular maintenance and service on your home’s mechanical equipment prolongs its life while keeping it running at peak efficiency. Over 90% of all breakdowns are caused by a lack ofproper maintenance. We can solve these problems.

When you open up the phone book or look online, how do you know whether you will get ‘Bubba’ at the door with a pair of pliers hanging out his back pocket? By having a USA, a planned maintenance agreement, you will be receiving the highest degree of professional factory trained, Comfort Certified technicians this industry has to offer. You can’t help but save money.

In order to maintain your warranties and guarantees from the manufacturer of your heating and cooling equipment you are required to have the equipment regularly serviced by a trained professional. If you don’t, and something goes wrong, then chances are good that your warranty will be voided. The vast majority of equipment breakdowns are due to lack of maintenance, not equipment malfunction, and this is why the factory will seldom pay out on requests for warranty.
LOWER UTILITY BILLS: It isn’t a secret.

A system that is clean and maintained regularly will cost less to operate, will break down fewer times and will last longer. A maintenance agreement is FREE when you calculate in the utility savings alone.

Every one of Ultimate Maintenance Agreements comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that says you can ask for and get your money back for any reason or no reason at all.

Even on the hottest of days or the coldest of days. No matter how busy we are our maintenance clients comes first. You will receive service within 24 working hours or we will show up to your home with a check for $250 for your inconvenience. No one else gives you these kinds of guarantees.
Rather than take the “ignorance is bliss” approach, I strongly suggest investing in this Ultimate Service Agreement and taking a proactive, maintenance approach. Not only will your air conditioning equipment last longer, it will be more reliable and have fewer interruptions in service.

Thank you for reading this letter and allowing me the opportunity to help you out this year.


Jim Eichman
The Master of Home Air Conditioning Comfort


The Next Step: Actually Finding and Repairing Freon Leaks in Home Air Conditioners

Give us a call and book your free evaluation. (Homeowners)

Let us examine your system and give you a professional money saving opinion.

Opt for one: Fluorescent Leak Detectant, Freon Stop Leak, or Just a Fill Up.

When we find your leak we will ensure that your system stays running. Most leaks are so small that many methods simply are not sophisticated enough to catch them. We will choose the right system for your Freon leak and we will explain to you why it is the right system for Freon leak detection.

Compressor Bearing Damage: This can be caused by a lack of lubrication. Freon carries lubricating oil with it throughout your home air conditioner. Being low on Freon is like being low on oil in your car engine. It will cause problems.

Compressor Electrical Windings Damage: Freon cools the compressor. It is a large motor and the only way it will keep from overheating is if it transfers its excessive heat to the Freon. Your air conditioner being low on Freon is like running your car without water in the radiator.

Increased Electrical Bills: A lack of lubrication causes friction which causes the compressor motor to work harder and consume more electricity. Electricity usage increases as the temperature of the windings increase because electricity has a harder time crossing through wire at elevated temperatures. Low on Freon in your home air conditioning system also means fewer btus, less cooling, from your air conditioner and therefore it runs longer to achieve the same cooling.

Evaporator Coil Damage: When the Freon pressure lowers due to a Freon leak to below the freezing point, ice forms on the evaporator coil. This ice bends and distorts the coils causing physical damage.

Flood Damage: When the ice builds up, many inches thick, melts the water runoff overpowers the drain and runs down through he middle of the air handler or furnace. This causes transformer short circuits and circuit board damage and ultimately floods the home. A 3 Ton air conditioning system can remove more than 1 gallon of water an hour from the air in your home.

Lung Damage: If the Freon is leaking in the home it can cause severe damage to your lungs and even cause death. It is not healthy to breath.

Bottom Line: Get it fixed before the damage results. For more information on Freon leak detection give us a call. We are experts and we can give you many options.


Metal ducts are seldom installed correctly. This system seems on the surface to be just fine, but a little in depth observation shows a system that is horribly inefficient. Most air conditioning system are designed to have as little static pressure, airflow resistance as possible. The number of elbows in this picture creates a significant amount of airflow resistance.

I sheet metal 90, as shown in the picture here, has the approximate equivalent of 10 feet of ducting in static pressure. When two 90 elbows are put next to each other the equivalent distance jumps to past 60 feet and when a third is installed less than 2 duct diameters the distance jumps to past 80 feet. It jumps even more when we calculate in the sheet metal plenum resistance.

This ducting has about the same static pressure resistance as 100 feet of straight ducting. That correlates into less than ½ the airflow these ducts should be pushing.

Look at the joints. None of the joints have any sealant of any type on them. Most sheet metal ducting coming in 36” lengths. That means that every 36” of run, plus every 90, there are leaking air through the ducting. Sheet metal ducts have a much greater potential for air leakage than flexible ducts.

Sheet metal ducts are used in homes in garages and through firewall penetrations. They are also used in long transitions between floors and in wall cavities. Once the ducting is in the attic flexible ducting should be used to reduce the number of joints and reduce the labor burden. Flexible ducting is much faster to install.
This picture of flexible ducting serving an air conditioner is an example of poor design. The transition between the single air duct to the 2 air ducts has been manufactured by the HVAC company. This is made from duct board. Duct board is a hard fiberglass sheet with a mylar coating on it. These types of duct board transitions increase static pressure through air turbulence dramatically and have a tendency to leak air. The couple of dollars saved here ends up costing the homeowners in terms of cooling and comfort.

If your air ducts are leaking air your home is operating in a negative air environment. These means that your home is sucking in dirty contaminated air from every crack and crevice in your home. This defeats even the best indoor air cleaners. If you are not going to seal your air ducts, don’t bother with a whole house air cleaner. It just won’t work properly.


Your Freon uses Freon to circulate through the outdoor unit and the indoor unit.

Think of your outdoor air conditioning unit as a large pump that pumps Freon throughout the system. The outdoor air conditioning compressor pumps the Freon into a very hot gas form. The Freon then travels throughout the condensing unit (outdoor air conditioner) coils and cools down from the flow of air across the coils generated by the outdoor fan motor.

During the course of the cooling process the Freon changes state. It condenses into a liquid. This is the reason that the outdoor air conditioner is called the condensing unit. Just as soon as the Freon starts to become a liquid the Freon is said to be “saturated with heat”. The Freon is still quite warm at this point and it still keeps losing temperature degree by degree. Each degree that the Freon loses temperate is called one degree of sub cooling. Sub meaning below the fully saturated heat we just discussed.

Most Air Conditioners are Have 8 to 14 Degrees of Sub Cooling

Now the Freon enters the line set, the copper tubing from the outdoor air conditioner to the indoor evaporator or indoor cooling coil. Once the Freon reaches the indoor cooling coil (evaporator coil) it becomes restricted by a flow control device. That flow control device is now a thermostatic expansion valve. Older units had fixed orifice controls and capillary controls.

The Thermostatic Expansion Valve

This is a very special flow metering device. It increases and decreases the amount of Freon entering the coils by measuring the temperature of the Freon leaving the evaporator coil (indoor cooling coil). If the Freon is too warm the thermostatic expansion valve opens up and allows more Freon through the cooling coil. If the Freon is too cool it restricts the flow of Freon. The valve is constantly hunting for the perfect amount of Freon through the coil.

Freon Travels Through the Evaporator Coil

When the Freon enters the coil it is in a liquid form. As the Freon gains temperature the Freon starts to evaporate into a gas. This is why the indoor cooling coil is called an evaporator coil. Once the Freon starts to become a gas it is once again “Saturated” meaning at that pressure the Freon has all the heat it is going to hold. This is where a change starts. The Freon is still very cold and the surround air passing through the evaporator coil is warmer. The Freon starts to increase in pressure and temperature. Every degree of heat it gains past the saturation temperature is called one degree of superheat.

The Process Repeats Itself and You Have Air Conditioning, but everything has to work properly. If your air conditioning system is low on Freon, you don’t have air conditioning. What you have is an electrical bill. If you don’t have enough air flow accorss the evaporator coil, you don’t have air conditioning, you have an ice machine. If your air ducts are not sealed, you don’t have air conditioning, you have an attic ventilation fan.

We can help. Print out that coupon at the top of the page for a $39 whole system evaluation and tune up. You’ll be glad you did.


Metal ducts are seldom installed correctly. This system seems on the surface to be just fine, but a little in depth observation shows a system that is horribly inefficient. Most air conditioning system are designed to have as little static pressure, airflow resistance as possible. The number of elbows in this picture creates a significant amount of airflow resistance.

I sheet metal 90, as shown in the picture here, has the approximate equivalent of 10 feet of ducting in static pressure. When two 90 elbows are put next to each other the equivalent distance jumps to past 60 feet and when a third is installed less than 2 duct diameters the distance jumps to past 80 feet. It jumps even more when we calculate in the sheet metal plenum resistance.

This ducting has about the same static pressure resistance as 100 feet of straight ducting. That correlates into less than ½ the airflow these ducts should be pushing.

Look at the joints. None of the joints have any sealant of any type on them. Most sheet metal ducting coming in 36” lengths. That means that every 36” of run, plus every 90, there are leaking air through the ducting. Sheet metal ducts have a much greater potential for air leakage than flexible ducts.

Sheet metal ducts are used in homes in garages and through firewall penetrations. They are also used in long transitions between floors and in wall cavities. Once the ducting is in the attic flexible ducting should be used to reduce the number of joints and reduce the labor burden. Flexible ducting is much faster to install.

This picture of flexible ducting serving an air conditioner is an example of poor design. The transition between the single air duct to the 2 air ducts has been manufactured by the HVAC company. This is made from duct board. Duct board is a hard fiberglass sheet with a mylar coating on it. These types of duct board transitions increase static pressure through air turbulence dramatically and have a tendency to leak air. The couple of dollars saved here ends up costing the homeowners in terms of cooling and comfort.

If your air ducts are leaking air your home is operating in a negative air environment. These means that your home is sucking in dirty contaminated air from every crack and crevice in your home. This defeats even the best indoor air cleaners. If you are not going to seal your air ducts, don’t bother with a whole house air cleaner. It just won’t work properly.


Technically this is really called the condensing unit fan motor. The outdoor section of your home air conditioner is called the condensing unit because this is where the air condition system’s compressor compresses and condensing the gaseous Freon into liquid Freon.

The fan motor is what moves the air across the outdoor cooling coils of the air conditioner. This removes the heat from the Freon and sub cools it (cools it below its saturation point).

Fan motor failures are common in the heat of the summer and the typically reasons that cause those failures are:

1. Age, Wear and Tear

Not everything lasts forever. A typical air conditioning fan motor will last 12-15 years in our Southern California Climate. The bearings wear out and the motor fails.

2. Lack of Lubrication.

While most air conditioner fan motors have permanently oiled bearings, some still need to be oiled a drop or two. This is something that we perform regularly on our tune up. For only $39, if you use and print the coupon above to the right, you’ll receive a air conditioning tune up and evaluation.

3. A Poor Electrical Connection

Corroded terminals and loose wire nuts cause an increase in the amount of heat across the wiring. This increased amount of heat reduces the amount of electricity the motor is allowed to operate on which causes it to run at an elevated temperature. This elevated temperature leads to premature breakdowns. Give us a call and we’ll help you with this problem. Our $39 full system tune up and evaluation can solve this for you.

4. Capacitor Failure

One of the most common breakdowns for the outdoor fan motor on an air conditioning system is capacitor failure. Loose connections and wear and tear lead to failure on the hottest days. The hottest days are the days when the electrical voltage coming into your air conditioner is the lowest. It is also the time when your air conditioner needs the most amount of electricity to start and run. These combinations are destructive if your air conditioner isn’t in peak running condition. Give us a call and we’ll help you with this problem. Our $39 full system tune up and evaluation can solve this for you. Be sure to print out our A/C tune up coupon above.


Dogs, Cats and Bowling Balls ($3 throw away)

This is your standard throw away filter or the reusable filter that comes witht he furnace. About the only thing this filter will stop is dogs, cats and bowling balls. It is meant to protect the furnace, not your lungs.

Hog Hair

This is a standard cut to fit, usually a blue or green plastic filter. They come in 2 standard sizes and a roll.

Electrostatic (Flexible)

These are specialy made for applications where noise can be a factor. Ceiling registers where the filter will moved and clank if it has a metal frame.

Electrocstatic (Ridgid)

These have either a metal or plastic outer frame and are meant to go into a filter box or the furnace itself.

1″ Pleated

These are primarily used in commerical rooftop systems. They are throw away filters.

2″ Pleated

These are primarily used in rooftop systems where people want a higher degree of air filtration. Useful for homes and businesses or schools.

4″ Pleated

For the residential market for mild allergy sufferers.

5″ Pleated

For the residential market for mild allergy sufferers.

1″ 3M Filtrete

This is the first air cleaning filter on this list. Do not use it if you have air conditioning. If you only have a heater or furnace this is going to be the best low end filter you can buy.

2″ 3M Filtrete

This is a step up from the 1″ 3M Filtrete. It cannot be used in furances and must be used in filter boxes. It has more loading ability and less static pressure resistance than the 1″ filter.


Not in style anymore. Turns out that this filter is excellent for a few days and then starts to lose it’s ability to clean the air. Snap, crackle and pop noises seem to biggest complaint with these filters.

IQAir-16 (Perfect 16 Merv Rating)

Unbeleivable filtration with a media air cleaner. Does not produce any ozone and filters through a series of micro-fine pleated filter media that is unlike any other. This is recommended for allergy sufferers and those that are sensitive to ozone. This will deliver hospital grade air. This whole house air cleaner shoul dbe installed with new systems or system under going a retro-fit. It is large and will not fit in most upflow applications.

AccuClean (Trane CleanEffects)

Our tests show conclusively that this whole house air cleaning system is the best on the market. It does release some ozone, but the ozone amount is variable and can be turned down. this can be installed in most upflow and horizontal applications and comes with a 5 years warranty from the manufacturer.


The Next Step: Actually Finding and Repairing Freon Leaks in Home Air Conditioners

Give us a call and book your free evaluation. (Homeowners)

Let us examine your system and give you a professional money saving opinion.

Opt for one: Fluorescent Leak Detectant, Freon Stop Leak, or Just a Fill Up.

When we find your leak we will ensure that your system stays running. Most leaks are so small that many methods simply are not sophisticated enough to catch them. We will choose the right system for your Freon leak and we will explain to you why it is the right system for Freon leak detection.

Compressor Bearing Damage: This can be caused by a lack of lubrication. Freon carries lubricating oil with it throughout your home air conditioner. Being low on Freon is like being low on oil in your car engine. It will cause problems.

Compressor Electrical Windings Damage: Freon cools the compressor. It is a large motor and the only way it will keep from overheating is if it transfers its excessive heat to the Freon. Your air conditioner being low on Freon is like running your car without water in the radiator.

Increased Electrical Bills: A lack of lubrication causes friction which causes the compressor motor to work harder and consume more electricity. Electricity usage increases as the temperature of the windings increase because electricity has a harder time crossing through wire at elevated temperatures. Low on Freon in your home air conditioning system also means fewer btus, less cooling, from your air conditioner and therefore it runs longer to achieve the same cooling.

Evaporator Coil Damage: When the Freon pressure lowers due to a Freon leak to below the freezing point, ice forms on the evaporator coil. This ice bends and distorts the coils causing physical damage.

Flood Damage: When the ice builds up, many inches thick, melts the water runoff overpowers the drain and runs down through he middle of the air handler or furnace. This causes transformer short circuits and circuit board damage and ultimately floods the home. A 3 Ton air conditioning system can remove more than 1 gallon of water an hour from the air in your home.

Lung Damage: If the Freon is leaking in the home it can cause severe damage to your lungs and even cause death. It is not healthy to breath.

Bottom Line: Get it fixed before the damage results. For more information on Freon leak detection give us a call. We are experts and we can give you many options.


Are You Looking For A Reliable Home Air Conditioning Company?

Picking out a reliable air conditioning contractor is not the first thing on most homeowner’s lists of enjoyable things to do. Most of the time when we are called to a new clients home to fix an air conditioning system or give an estimate for a new central air conditioning system that was not a referral (nearly 80% of all of our work is existing customers or referrals from satisfied air conditioning clients,) that potential new customer is more than a little leery.

We are changing the rules of the game

We have come up with a solution to prove ourselves to you that no other company here in Southern California can live up. We want you to be relaxed and in control when we come to your home and give you that free estimate for new air conditioning or diagnose that broken air conditioner. We did away with the time and materials billing 2 decades ago. And we did away with it because it favors technician incompetence. The technician that doesn’t have the tools and doesn’t have the knowledge to fix that broken A/C in a few minutes actually bills out more money and makes more money that the air conditioning technician that has the tools and skills, Comfort Certified, that enables them to efficiently diagnose and fix air conditioning problems like my service professionals. We went to up front fair and honest pricing because everyone, more than 99% or air conditioning homeowners, want to know what the full cost of the new air conditioning and heating system or the full cost of the repair for the air conditioning breakdown is going to cost up front. They don’t want those scary expensive surprises when it comes to paying the air conditioning repairman, I don’t blame them.

The First Rule We Changed

We now not only provide free estimates for new air conditioning installations, that is central air conditioning and mini-spilt ductless installations both commercial air conditioning and residential installation, but we now offer free estimates for air conditioning repair for owner occupied homes here in Southern California. Most of the time the air conditioning breakdown can be diagnosed in only a couple of minutes, fewer than 15 minutes, and we don’t think that this is something that you should pay for.

There is a catch here – CATCH NUMBER ONE

So many companies charge you that service fee in order to make you feel obligated to pay for the repair. Sure, it’s going to cost you more to have someone else out, so there is pressure to go with the expensive repair right on the spot. We don’t do that, but if the air conditioning repair diagnosis is complicated, sometimes it is-maybe 1 out of 10 times, then the diagnostic time becomes extended. We do need to charge for that added time, after all, I do have to pay my employees. But, don’t worry, before any charges are incurred you will be given a full explanation of what it will be and why it will be and only then do you have to either commit to the diagnostic charge or send my Comfort Certified Factory Trained HVAC technician away. If you send them away, you pay nothing, Zero, Zilch, not one Single Penny. You are under no obligation whatsoever for that initial air conditioning problem diagnosis.

Yes there is still another problem – CATCH NUMBER TWO

You have read this far, so I take it that you are at least a little curious about a free air conditioning estimate and how we can do it. In order to stay in business my HVAC technicians need to bring in at least a little bit of money each day for their A/C work. We do that by only allowing up to 3 free air conditioning service calls each day per A/C tech. They can usually perform about 4 A/C service calls each day. That leaves one pay call or “on demand air conditioning problem.” We keep this open for air conditioning emergencies such as the evaporator coil flooding the home, water dripping through a ceiling, smoke filling the home and those 110 degree days with a family wedding reception happening. Yes, if you are having an air conditioning emergency and you need your air conditioning fixed today, and we have opening for free calls-it will be free, but if we don’t have openings for free calls you still can have us fix your air conditioning today by opting for a small service fee. It is the best of both worlds.

Air Conditioning Rule Change Number 2.

We really are offering 100% CLIENT SATISFACTION WITH EVERYTHING THAT WE DO. If you are not absolutely in love with my air conditioning comfort professionals then I want you to feel no obligation at all to pay them for the work that they have performed. So, even if you have us out for an on demand service call you don’t have to pay for if you are not satisfied. To activate this guarantee simply tell my professional HVAC service technician that you are not happy with the work that they have performed, any type of work that they have performed, and that you don’t think you should have to a pay for it. Any work that they have performed they will remove, you aren’t happy with it anyway, and they will leave with no hard feelings. Doesn’t that put you in charge?

10 Year Parts and Labor on Repairs

That’s RULE CHANGE #3 isn’t it? Most heating and air conditioning companies give you a 30 days parts and labor guarantee on what they do and many of them give you that concrete guarantee, you know, the one that is over the minute their A/C service truck tires exit your driveway, not us. If we fix your air conditioning system correctly the first time, we know that it isn’t gong to breakdown again. That part is meant to last. It doesn’t make sense allot of sense to me to leave our valuable clients in the hot and muggy summer heat because an air conditioning service tech either didn’t fix the air conditioner properly, or didn’t use high quality parts. We guarantee everything that we do with a guarantee up to 10 years air conditioning parts and labor and we give you that guarantee in writing on each and every air conditioning agreement that we enter into. You only invest once with any air conditioning repair that we perform.

Air Conditioning Repair service rule change #4

Free second opinion for any air conditioning problem, even commercial air conditioning problems. Have you ever wondered if the air conditioning repairman was telling you the truth? That air conditioning repairman that arrives in a beat up old pickup truck, smells like cigarettes, alcohol and his underpants are showing is an upright honest factory trained air conditioning and heating service professional? Do they always seem to go by the name “Bubba.” Most air conditioning service companies shy away from second opinions because the client is usually a little upset and a lot apprehensive about doing business that day. In fact, most air conditioning service technicians really don’t know what they are doing. A study was performed a few years ago that concluded that about 90% of all home air conditioning systems are not charged with Freon correctly. This is the reason for the new Freon testing law that took effect in January 2010. We welcome that opportunity to set things right and offer a free second opinion. Just let us see what the other service diagnosed (you can cover up the name of the company and the price for repairs if you wish) and we will let you know if everything is on the up and up, for FREE.

Crazy, but true

If you are not thoroughly convinced yet that we are taking all the risks in your next air conditioning repair service call, then look at the following, print out a coupon, give us a call and prepare to be amazed. Everything you have read is true. the only thing stopping you from having the level of professional A/C service that you deserve is a phone call.

Free air conditioning service call for a second opinion

Free service visit for owner occupied homes

Free estimates given for air conditioning repair and service

Free estimates for air conditioning replacement and add on

Free no interest payment plans for the first year

Free duct cleaning with replacement air conditioners

Free duct cleaning with replacement heating systems

Okay, I get it, FREE AIR CONDITIONING, but what do you charge for?

We do not provide free diagnostic services for income property, commercial property or non owner occupied homes. If you are one of the many handyman or general contractors attempting to fix air conditioning systems by having us tell you exactly what is wrong with them and tell where to purchase the air conditioning parts, please don’t call. We will know who you are in minutes. We do not meet the nanny, the butler, the second great aunt, the neighbor or the mailman or the dog for a free diagnosis, free second opinion for air conditioning or free estimate for air conditioning. In order to find what the air conditioning problems really are and what the air conditioning should be we need to talk to the owner, one on one. We repair comfort problems, not just air conditioning systems. For those other situations we do charge a minimum service fee in order to cover the labor and overhead for the air conditioning service visit, but it is always minimal.


Central air conditioning blowing warm air
Central air conditioning efficiency upgrade
Central air conditioning making too much noise
Central air conditioning motor failure
Central air conditioning not cooling
Central air conditioning tune up
Dirty air conditioning registers and grills, rattling registers
Dirty air ducting, noisy ducts
Electric Utility Overpayments that are outrageously high
Freon refrigerant charging (R22, R410a, Puron. Ammonia)
Electronic Freon leak detection and repair
Musty smells originating in the air ducting
Uneven cooling, rooms too cold and some too hot
…and more.


Many of the small monthly investment financing that we are able to offer Southern California homeowners don’t involve any money as a down payment at all. Many entail ZERO INTEREST FOR THE ENTIRE FIRST YEAR. The required minimum monthly payments (federal law…2009 Credit Card Act require minimum monthly payments) are usually only about $40 a month or little over a DOLLAR A DAY. You and your family can be comfortable in a new affordable home air conditioning system this year with NOT EVEN A SINGLE PENNY OUT OF POCKET, ZERO DOWN AND ONLY ABOUT $40 A MONTH. Your electrical savings will more than compensate for the tiny monthly investment. You will be able to start enjoying your comfortably cool home again and you will be able to do it affordably.

American Express

Investments each month that make owning a quality air conditioning system simple and affordable.

You’ve left behind of all the risk in purchasing a new high efficiency home air conditioning system. There is just no way you can possibly make the wrong decision!

Call now.

Your BRAND new air conditioning may actually pay for itself. Same day air conditioning service and typical one day installation. All major credit cards are accepted.

Providing comfortable monthly payments that make having a quality indoor air conditioning system for your Southern California home super easy and affordable.

Because I am taking all the risk in your new air conditioning system there is not a single chance that you can make a mistake. If you don’t LOVE IT it, we’ll give you back your entire home air conditioning investment.

Call now.

American Express

We are here to do all the work for you.

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Heating Repair Contractor San Antonio

A heater is a device most commonly used in homes or offices to generate heat. If you don’t have a heater, wish to replace the one you have, or would like to get it repaired, heating repair San Antonio offers the best services and operates within the area.

It is important to know the type of heating installation most suited to your needs; that is the right make or model for your home or company and heating repair San Antonio contractor best suited to handle your heaters’ routine heating repair San Antonio service as well as maintenance requirements for your home.

Types of heaters and the heating repair contractor San Antonio that carry them

A small fortune is lost by home owners who try to cut corners by not having their heaters in tip-top shape before the beginning of each season. Money spent on emergency air conditioning San Antonio or heating repair San Antonio services can be avoided if you know the type of heater you have, how it works and the regular maintenance and heating repair San Antonio requirements it has. Call us today to get a hold of one our HVAC contractor San Antonio.

Generally heaters can be divided into two groups: Electric heaters and Non-electric heaters.

Our Heating Repair Contractor San Antonio Even Does Electric

Electric heaters are said to be the best for heating purposes due to their 100% efficiency in converting heat into electricity. Also, health hazards such as heater explosions and fires are less likely. The types of electric heaters available on the market today are convection heaters and radiant heaters.

When looking for a heater that heats the whole room, convection heaters are the best choice. Convection heaters not only heat the room but also circulate warm air through out the room. Electric heaters are also quieter than fan heaters.

Radiant heaters are the oldest form of heaters which provide radiant energy. Unlike convection heaters, radiant heaters heat objects instead of warming the air. This type of heater heats the floor instead of heating the ceiling, making the floor the primary source of heat.

Other Services Offered By Heating Repair Contractor San Antonio

Heating repair San Antonio not only offers air conditioning repair San Antonio and air duct cleaning San Antonio, but also provides heating installation and repair for people who want to install new heating systems in their homes or offices, or require their current system to be repaired.


Non-electric heaters are mostly used in out-door areas, reason being that they reduce the quality of air and produce carbon monoxide, which is harmful to the health.

It’s important to have regular HAVC maintenance because it serves to decrease the number of times you require heating repair San Antonio and also to avoid emergency air conditioning repair San Antonio. By taking care of routine HVAC repair before every summer and winter and heating repairs when they come up rather than putting them off, you can rest assured that your heating systems will continue working.\


Emergency Air Conditioning Repair San Antonio

Emergency air conditioning repair San Antonio services don’t have to be expensive if your air conditioner is well taken care of and you have a skilled AC installation guy or service. An emergency air conditioning repair San Antonio service wouldn’t even be necessary in most cases – air conditioners are sturdy and have few moving parts, which means that it doesn’t wear out as much as other appliances.

The right HVAC contractor San Antonio should be able to point you in the right direction in terms of models, but unless you’re living in a cold area and looking to avail of heating installation San Antonio, you’re probably looking for an AC installation San Antonio service – and for good reason. An AC is just a great thing to have in a home and air conditioning repair San Antonio costs are pretty cheap.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair San Antonio: There’s a Reason That Many Homes Have Them

The average HVAC contractor San Antonio gets a lot of business because the vast majority of people dislike working in a hot climate. While people can deal with heat, most of the time they’d prefer to be in a cool and comfortable environment. People only go for heating installation San Antonio when it is snowing and usually, it is coupled with the installation of a cooling system anyway.

Even with the inaccurate stigma of expensive air conditioning repair San Antonio expenses, people still choose to avail of AC installation San Antonio. Emergency air conditioning repair San Antonio costs are usually due to the AC running out of Freon or its required maintenance.

How Does an AC Keep You Cold If You Need Emergency Air Conditioning Repair San Antonio?

Whether or not emergency air conditioning repair San Antonio is expensive or not (air conditioners actually make a home cheaper to maintain, but we’ll get to that later), you’ll want to know how it keep you cold and comfortable.

It is pretty simple – it uses Freon to turn warm air into much colder air then blows it back into the room. Some air conditioners even include filters that make sure that whatever air comes back in is nice, clean and crisp. This can make San Antonio air duct cleaning costs cheaper. Even the more expensive emergency air conditioning repair San Antonio costs are easily affordable as it make things cheaper over all.

How Else Can Emergency Air Conditioning Repair San Antonio Improve Your Home?

Aside from making San Antonio air duct cleaning costs cheaper, it can also help other appliances in your home work more efficiently and thus lessen its impact on your electricity bills. Heat stressed appliances are forced to work harder and thus draw more electricity just to keep up with the heat.

Whatever emergency air conditioning repair San Antonio costs you may incur are offset by how much cheaper everything else will be. Appliances will break down less. If emergency air conditioning repair San Antonio costs were actually as high as most people imply, there wouldn’t be as many air conditioners out in the world as there actually are.


Air Conditioning Repair San Antonio

Wouldn’t it be nice in the middle of a sweltering heat wave to come back to a nice comfortable air conditioned home or apartment? I know you are thinking, I don’t want to pay for the air conditioning repair job San Antonio costs that an air conditioner comes with. The fact is when you are considering heating installation or an air conditioning repair company San Antonio to your area, you need to understand two things. What type of air conditioners are out there and how you can save money on any type of repair that may be needed down the road.

Air Conditioning Repair San Antonio Contractors

Air conditioners are a home appliance that extracts heat from the air and dispenses the heat through a refrigeration cycle or HVAC. The refrigeration cycle is the heart of the air conditioner. When it comes to having an air conditioner HVAC repair, the size of the room, and what may be keeping the freon from flowing freely inside the unit. To keep the HVAC repair costs down you want to prevent dirt from entering your unit.

Dirt is definitely the enemy to any type of air conditioning unit. Dirt can travel between the internal components, and clog any cool air from entering the room. It’s best to know what type of unit you plan to get so that you can assess what type of repair it will need. Some of the repairs can be done by you, with simple maintenance, while others may require air conditioning repair San Antonio to your area.

Types of Air Conditioners

Central AC units are generally used to cool large rooms like a family room or large office. Most people who may not want to spend a lot of money on air conditioning repair San Antonio to them, will not choose the central air conditioning option. Central air conditioners take a lot of energy simply because they are larger units. This would explain why the parts would cost more than a window air conditioner. A window air conditioner will do just fine in a two bedroom apartment.

Get Great Air Conditioning Repair San Antonio

The machine sits in the window and blows cold air inside your house from the front, while hot air is dispensed through the back of the unit. A heat pump works the same way as an air conditioner but it is also used as a heater for the winter as well. To keep heating repair costs down you will want to be familiar with the components, which are similar to air conditioning. You may find air conditioning repair San Antonio to your area more cost effective if you happen you need emergency air conditioning repair San Antonio.

The Essential Parts of The Air Conditioner and Heating System

Before considering an air conditioning repair job San Antonio company, understand the different parts of an air conditioner include the air handler, condenser unit, and the evaporation coil. The condenser is basically a coil of tubing with a fan to blow the air across the coil. Usually the condenser is on the external portion of the air conditioning unit. The air handler blows air from the interior living space across to the evaporation coil. The evaporation coil is where the liquid refrigerant or freon is metered and transforms from liquid to gas.

When an air conditioner needs repair it is most commonly related to an electrical problem with either the switches or condenser than anything else. It’s important to educate yourself on these component first and foremost before spending oodles of unnecessary money for any emergency air conditioning repair San Antonio company.

water softeners


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07th September 2010

Water Depot іѕ thе fastest growing water treatment company іn Canada аnd regional leader іn soft water processing. Water Depot offers a wide variety οf water softeners. Four water softeners аrе featured οn thе Water Depot website, аnd each οf thеѕе four hаѕ іt οwn unique benefits аnd features.

Thе mοѕt economical аnd versatile water softener offered bу Water Depot іѕ thе Econo Water Softener. Thе Econo Water Softener hаѕ a time clock design wіth compact salt storage аnd fiberglass tank. Sizes οf thіѕ water softener range frοm 16,000 grains tο 50,000 grains. Tο find out more, visit

Thе Deluxe Water Softener іѕ one οf thе mοѕt efficient water softeners available іn thе world. Sοmе οf thе Deluxe Water Softener’s features include a fully automatic аnd simplified water conserving design. State οf thе art computerized technology counts water droplets fοr thе mοѕt exact cleaning efficiency. Thе design requires nο fasteners, аnd іѕ self cleaning upon demand. Thіѕ water softener аlѕο offers thе best water flow capacity available (аt 1″) аnd uses a power cell, ѕο nο batteries аrе required. Thе Deluxe Water Softener saves home οr business owners money, mainly bу using much less water аnd salt thаn οthеr softeners.

Fοr a water softener wіth iron removal, Thе Water Depot offers thе Platinum Water Softener. Thіѕ design іѕ аlѕο mаdе without fasteners, аnd hаѕ high volume water control fοr enhanced cleaning. Thе self-diagnostic feature, wіth error code аnd water history, allows thіѕ model tο set each cycle tο уουr specifications. Thе turbulator аnd fine resin allow fοr ехсеllеnt iron removal.

Water Depot carries Refineosoft, whісh many people feel іѕ thе best water softener. Itѕ design offers thе benefits аnd features οf two machines іn one, аnd іѕ offered іn a one οr two tank design. Thе Refineosoft water softener removes chlorine аnd οthеr chemicals. Thіѕ improves thе taste аnd odor οf уουr water. Wіth a lifetime warranty οn both thе unit аnd thе resin bed, thе Refineosoft provides function аnd dependability.

Nο matter whісh water softening unit best fits уουr needs, thе Water Depot саn hеlр уου сhοοѕе аnd install іt іn уουr home οr business. Visit thе Water Depot website аt fοr more information. Yου саn аlѕο follow thе company οn Twitter under thе name waterdepot1, οr connect wіth thеm οn Facebook.

Water Depot іѕ thе leading water treatment company іn Ontario, Canada. Thеу provide full system water treatment solutions fοr home οr business applications. Thеіr website іѕ located аt

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Water Softener Salt

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07th September 2010

In thе past couple years, water ionizers hаνе become very рοрυlаr. Thеѕе units, chiefly sold іn countertop versions through network οr MLM marketing, hаνе promised tο provide favorable аnd healing properties bесаυѕе οf thеіr action thаt сrеаtеѕ high pH (alkaline) water. More claimed benefits аrе available through thе low pH (acidic) water thrown οff іn thе operation. Whіlе I hаνе nοt found аnу scientific reports confirming theses benefits, I hаνе heard countless clients swear bу thеіr ionizing water filters.

Hοwеνеr, thіѕ article іѕ nοt аbουt thе benefits οf ionizers themselves, bυt аbουt providing compatible water quality tο thе ionizer ѕο іt саn perform properly. Thіѕ іѕ іmрοrtаnt іf іt іѕ tο produce thе water іn thе proper ranges οf pH. Unfortunately, people whο become involved іn thе business side οf thе water ionizer market аrе nοt experts іn home water filtration systems, purification, οr conditioning. Tοο οftеn іmрοrtаnt qυеѕtіοnѕ gο unasked аbουt existing water filters аnd softeners іn homes whеrе thе ionizing machine іѕ installed. Frοm appearances, іt seems thе drive tο mаkе money leads tο a half-baked training program. It іѕ nοt fine tο plug аn ionizer tο аnу faucet аnd feed іt wіth аnу type οf water.

Thіѕ impression сουld nοt bе further frοm thе truth. Thе first issue occurs whеn a client hаѕ a traditional salt-based water softener іn thе home. Thіѕ іѕ incompatible wіth thе ionizers, аnd thе logic іѕ simple: Water softeners remove аll calcium frοm thе water, аnd replace іt wіth a lаrgеr volume οf salt. Ionizing water systems dο nοt remove minerals, ѕο thе increased sodium content іѕ consumed аftеr thе ionizer. Calcium іѕ a valuable mineral thаt ѕhουld bе left іn thе water through thе ionizing process, bυt іt іѕ nο longer present bесаυѕе οf thе water softening system. Moreover, sometimes, thе plates thаt mаkе thе alkaline water gеt dаmаgеd οr eaten away bу thе increased sodium content. Mаkіng sure аn alkalizing system іѕ nοt fed wіth softened water іѕ іmрοrtаnt. Sο whу dο people whο market thе ionizers asking thе customer thе simple qυеѕtіοn: “Dο уου hаνе a salt based water softener”?

Further, chemicals pass directly through аn ionizing water system, unless thеrе іѕ more filtration included wіth thе unit. Mοѕt high-еnd ionizing water products dο combine ѕοmе filtration tο remove chlorine аnd basic chemicals, bυt proper υѕе requires regular checking аnd maintenance. Onlу a handful οf ionizers include a combination οf carbon filtration аnd sediment removal thаt іѕ effective fοr a reasonable time. In addition, іt іѕ a sure bet thе consumer іѕ nοt receiving thе needed follow-up tο insure proper filtration maintenance cycles.

Sο whаt іѕ thе best аnѕwеr?

1) Train thе ionizer salespeople аbουt thе incompatibility οf thе systems tο work wіth salt-based water softeners.
2) Educate thе salespeople аbουt whаt filtration іѕ need tο protect thе consumer frοm chemicals lіkе chlorine аnd fluoride.
3) Tеll thе ionizer salespeople tο ASK QUESTIONS аbουt existing water systems іn a home before thеу connect thеrе product.

Sο whаt іѕ thе “rіght stuff” tο achieve ideal quality frοm a water ionizer? A quality whole house water filtration аnd salt-free conditioning system іѕ thе perfect match (100% compatible) wіth аnу Ionizer οn thе market today. Chemicals аrе gone, calcium remains intact, thе internal plates οf thе ionizer stay protected frοm deposits, аnd mοѕt importantly, thеrе іѕ nο increased sodium content. Check wіth a high-quality whole-house water system expert – bе sure thе system hаѕ a self-cleaning feature аnd іѕ Green οr environmentally friendly (salt-free).

Ben Fechner writes аbουt many subjects thаt interest hіm. Lately, hе hаѕ bееn working οn whole house water filter now. Thіѕ websites seeks tο educate people аbουt water quality аnd thе dangers thаt lurk іn ουr water supplies. Thеrе аrе a number οf solutions including thе best water filter аnd home water filtration systems.

05th September 2010

Water magnets аrе one way tο treat hard water, whеn thе water passes through thе magnetic pull thе minerals (calcium, аnd magnesium). Thе stronger thе magnetic field thе better уουr water іѕ affected. Thіѕ wіll reduce уουr costs fοr pipers аnd οthеr systems bесаυѕе іt іѕ ѕаіd thаt іt wіll minimize уουr blockage caused frοm thе minerals building up іn уουr water system.

Nο more itchy skin!
Sіnсе thе water treatment magnets wіll collect a lot οf thе minerals frοm уουr water thаt mаkеѕ уουr water hard, уου ѕhουld notice thаt уουr water wουld change. Lіkе уου wіll notice thаt уουr skin nο longer hаѕ a residue οr уουr skin won’t itch аѕ much аnу more. It wіll hеlр уου wіth уουr skin conditions.

Whеn уου compare thіѕ system wіth a salt solution system, magnets wіll bе healthier fοr уουr family аnd plants bесаυѕе whеn уου υѕе a water softener (salt) уου аrе putting large amounts οf salt fοr уουr animal οr family tο drink, whісh саn bе deadly іf consumed іn large amounts. Salt wіll dehydrate уου. Visit tο learn more аbουt water treatment.

Usually people whο hаνе town water wіll υѕе thе magnets bесаυѕе thеrе іѕ chloride іn thе water аnd, іt іѕ ѕаіd tο bе caught, bу thе magnetic system. Fοr decades, people hаνе bееn using thіѕ system tο treat thеіr water ѕο thаt thеу саn reduce thе hardness caused bу large amounts οf calcium аnd magnesium. It аlѕο wіll de-scale уουr pipe аnd system build up.

Removing thе icons
All уου hаνе tο dο іѕ attach іt tο thе intake water pipe аnd уου wіll see аnd feel a dіffеrеnсе. Yου саn υѕе thеm οn copper аnd plastic pipes аnd уου саn attach thе magnets bу using wire, duct tape, a clamp, οr even string. Yου want tο рlасе thе magnetic between thе main valve аnd thе water heater аnd уου mау рlасе another one οn thе pipe thаt allows thе water tο exit frοm thе water heater. Thіѕ way уου аrе sure tο remove ѕοmе οf thе icons.

Hundreds οf people υѕе thе magnets tο hеlр soften thеіr water аnd hаνе claimed thаt thеу саn feel аnd even taste a dіffеrеnсе іn water. Hοwеνеr thеrе іѕ ѕοmе controversy οn rаthеr іt reduces thе amount οf minerals аrе јυѕt neutralize thеm frοm ѕhοwіng thеіr trυе colors.

Hοwеνеr, іt іѕ proven thаt уου wіll notice a different whеn уου аrе ѕhοwіng οr bathing. Yου mау want tο рυrсhаѕе drinking water; even though іt won’t really cause thаt, much harm tο уου, bυt іt mау taste fυnnу οr hаνе a smell.

Learn more аbουt home water treatment аnd reverse osmosis water treatment аt


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Maintenance Of Water Softeners

posted by admin, October 26, 2011

Water softeners are vital in the areas with hard water, but for trouble free running they need proper maintenance. As a rule, water softeners using a process of ion exchange have two tanks.

One tank is for mineral exchange and the other is for replenishment of the sodium used during the process of mineral exchange. The first thing which may influence service life of the water softener is salt.

There are plenty of salts for the water softeners, but not all of them have a necessary level of purity. The purer the salt is, the less often you will need to clean your water softener. Evaporated salt is considered to have the highest level of purity, while rock salt has the highest percentage of impurities.

Brine tanks of the water softeners have to be cleaned up one time a year at least. After they were drained and emptied, the brine tanks are cleaned with soapy water and rinsed. The salt level has to be checked at least one time a month. Instructions as to inspection of the salt level you will find in the user’s manual.

Installation And Maintenance Of Water Softeners

posted by admin, September 7, 2011

Proper maintenance of waters softeners influences their efficiency and, of course, quality of water. Because of unsatisfactory work of water softeners, water is not soft enough. This problem may be caused with use of salt or mechanical malfunctions of some components. For example, a softener resin needs replacement. Cube-style salt can form crystals in the brine tank that bond and have a bad effect on its production.

If the brine tank is wrong, resin beads are not refreshed. As a result, the softener cannot soften water. The brine tank is usually not cleaned out. However, if a build-up of insoluble appeared in the resin, the brine tank needs cleaning. By the way, lead pipes are not recommended to use together with water softeners.

As for installation, first of all it is necessary to observe bylaws concerning water. There should be easy access to repair the water softener and enough room for it. Then water pressure has to be checked. All water softeners are pressure tested by manufacturers, but it is not enough. Before buying a softener, it is necessary to test water pressure at home, because both too low and too high water pressure can damage the softener. It is also advisable to install a stop lock for a water distribution system. It is recommended to install water softeners as close to the main point of water supply and drain as possible. Sometimes outside faucets are used to leave hard water there.

Use of water softeners has a lot of advantages. Kitchen appliances will be used longer, faucets and pipes will not have ugly lime scale deposits. It will be possible to use chemical-free soaps and detergents.


Key Reasons To Use Water Softeners

posted by admin, September 6, 2011

First of all water softeners are used to decrease amount of magnesium and calcium in water. In other words, water softeners are designed to make hard water more suitable for use. Hard water not only causes appearance of lime scale deposit on the surface of pipes, taps, tank water heaters, teapots, etc. As water softeners prevent appearance of lime scale deposit, they increase efficiency of domestic machines and expand their life span. Soap, detergents and washing powder dissolve badly in such water. Hardness of water is also very important in preparation of drinking water.

What do they do? As it was told before, they remove positively charged ions from water such as Ca2+ and Mg2+. As a rule, they remove about 5 mg/l of dissolved minerals. According to operating mode, water softeners are divided into manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Sometimes, ion exchanges are used to soften water. They mostly replace ions of magnesium and calcium with ions of potassium and sodium.

Softening salts are also used for water softening. There are three types of them: evaporated salt, rock salt and solar salt. However, if salt is used in the water softener, the reservoir cleaning will take much time. Sometimes salts can be mixed. But some water softeners require use of specific water softening agents. Otherwise they will not work as efficient as they can. By the way, it is not recommended to mix rock and evaporated salts. It is recommended to add softening salt in the reservoir of the softener during its regeneration.


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Insurance Company Reviews

There are a lot of auto insurance company reviews online and it can be difficult to determine which ones provide real value. The key is knowing what to look for. Here is a closer look at five of the most important factors to consider when doing auto insurance company reviews.

#1. Available Policies

A lot of reviews will provide a list of available policies that each company offers, however you will quickly notice that these lists are redundant. This is because a majority of auto insurance companies now offer many of the same basic packages. While there may be some differences here and there, auto policies tend to have similar language between companies.

#2. Available Discounts

One of the most important pieces of information in auto insurance company reviews is the discounts the insurer offers. While it’s important to note that these discounts often vary by state, they give you a good idea of what to expect. Most of the time, a few well-known discounts can be found on company websites, however it normally takes some digging in order to get a more complete picture of the available discounts.

#3. Policy Management

Policy Management is another area that is often covered in auto insurance company reviews, however like policies they have become fairly standardized. In general, there are three methods that you can use to manager policy. They are through area representatives, over the telephone, and online. Service is a very important factor to consider with insurance companies.

#4. Personal Preferences

Another key element to pay close attention to an auto insurance company reviews are specific details that relate to your personal preferences. For example, if you are searching for solely the lowest possible rates then information about customer service may not be as important.

… ======================



The great news is that you can now start to take advantage of those special discounts and get low cost auto accident insurance, just as I have done and you could save up to 50% on your vehicle policy renewal costs. The secret to getting low cost auto accident insurance quotes is to play the auto accident insurance companies at their own game. Each time you need to renew your auto accident insurance you need to put yourself out there as a new customer and attract the best discounted auto policy deals available. It takes a little extra effort but there are web sites out there that make it easy to find the best deals. Now you know the secret you will never have to pay over the odds for auto quotes again! Basically a learners permit is a drivers license with some driving restrictions. So if you are in control of a vehicle, you must have auto accident insurance to protect yourself and other drivers on the road. To get car policy for yourself if you are a learning driver with just coverage you have many options. Notice Bargain Stolen Auto Insurance Calculator for Women in car insurance volume.

American Auto Accident Insurance Premiums for Women

There are also students and citizens discounts available from many auto accident insurance companies. Ask the agent whether they provide any accommodations or discounts for being a student or over a certain age. There may be a plethora of discounts available to you, especially if you are a senior citizen. Another way to keep some money in your pocket is by raising your deductible and go for the cheap auto accident insurance premium. This is however, a double edged sword because while it is true that you are not paying as much on your premium, your out of pocket expenses may increase if you do get into an accident while under a less expensive coverage. Last but definitely not least is SHOP AROUND. Do not be ensnared of restricted to only one insurer. Use the internet to shop around and compare quotes or open up the yellow book and call your local insurers. Do not rush because chances are your savings will be in the thousands if you do your proper research. Notice Instant Home Renters Insurance Agency in Pennsylvania in auto insurance document.

Notice Instant Truck Insurance Plans in Pennsylvania

You can also get discount in your auto accident insurance cover if you search for companies with the most moderate cover rate. In a previous posting, Net Quote – Do not Compare Apples To Oranges, I reported on comparing auto accident insurance quotes, but I also touched on some of the factors that influence your auto accident insurance rate. We have received several emails from readers asking what they can do to save money on their premiums, without having to increase their deductible and/or reduce their coverage limits. Following are some of the ways that auto insurers, including Allstate and 21st century auto accident insurance company, evaluate what your risk is to the company. If you have shopped for auto accident insurance in the past, you know that the insurer requests to run a credit report in order to provide you with an accurate auto accident insurance quote and, ultimately, to approve you for a policy. But you may be wondering why this is pertinent. Discover American Caravan Insurance Protection for Women from Pennsylvania auto accident brokers.

American Truck Insurance Premiums in Free Auto Accident Insurance News

Do make a list of all the damages that were already present in the car so that later that can be cross checked. That when a part or parts of the cars are damaged while transits will the company covers the entire part of the damage or only a certain percentage. There are also certain tips for the company providing auto accident insurance they are. A shipping company must examine the automobile as a whole so that it can give it a clean certificate as to its working conditions, or if it detects certain problems it is its obliged duty to inform the client so that there is no confusion in the future. A company should also check whether the car is pre insured, if not stress on the client to get it insured before it is sent for shipping. It is a common duty of the client and the shipping company to remove all the personal items from the vehicle as auto accident insurance is only for the car and not the items present in the car. Those objects can spoil the interiors of the car while transit. Buy the American Auto Liability Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania in auto accident insurance news online.

Bargain Auto Accident Insurance Premiums for Women

Cheap auto accident insurance has become more important in these tough economic times, and auto accident insurance rates just keep rising. Just because you want cheap auto accident insurance does not mean you want gaps in your coverage though. Rental car coverage and towing coverage may seem unnecessary to many consumers, but having these coverages included in your auto accident insurance policy may really help if you are in an accident and have to file a claim. Car rental coverage may seem expensive, but this should be included in your auto accident insurance to protect you and eliminate a lot of hardship for you if your car needs to be in the shop and a claim is filed. Towing coverage can really benefit you if your car can not be driven. Towing expenses may be very costly, depending on where your vehicle needs to be towed, and this is coverage you definitely want under your auto accident insurance policy. Notice Bargain Umbrella Car Insurance Agents for Women in truck insurance text area.


The biggest way to save on full coverage auto insurance is to use free online car insurance quotes. This step can give you savings of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars each and every year. These quotes let you compare the prices for the exact same coverage from numerous different motor insurance providers, so that you can see who is giving you a great price and who is trying to fleece you. Different motor insurance companies have different discounts available, so one may offer a better deal because of more discounts, and the number of tiers involved in each company will also affect the price of your full coverage motor insurance policy. The more tiers a motor insurance company has, the lower the rates may be.

Collision Motor Insurance Quotes for Named Driver

If you need motor insurance there are ways that you can save on this cost, and having perfect credit is one of them if you live in certain states. Keeping your driving record clean will greatly lower your motor insurance premiums as well, making cheap motor insurance available from many different motor insurance companies. If you protect your credit rating and keep it in good standing then you will find lower motor insurance rates easily. There is a big controversy surrounding the practice of using your credit rating to determine your motor insurance rates, because debts do not make you a bad driver or a higher risk, and many lawmakers have come forward to stop this practice in several states. Find the Illinois collision car insurance in auto insurance news for named driver online.

Find The Affordable Motorbike Insurance Company in Illinois

To get safe motor insurance on wet roadways a driver must recognize the demands that the motorist, the vehicle and the tires must cope with. Driving in wet weather is very different than driving on dry pavement but the majority of drivers forget to change their driving method. If you do begin to hydroplane stay calm. Take your foot off of the accelerator and do not step on the brake pedal. Shift the car into neutral. Let the car slow down so that you can regain control. Grip the steering wheel securely and steer in the direction that you want to go. Hydroplaning is defined as skidding on a wet surface because a layer of water on the surface causes the tires to lose contact with it. It is scary because it takes the control away from the driver.As a driver you need to change your mindset and technique when driving in wet weather. There are also maintenance issues that you can keep on top of so that your vehicle will perform better in wet conditions and get a grip on the road.

Top Motor Insurance Discount for Named Driver

The motor insurance quotes are the key to finding cheap motor insurance, whether your driving history is spotless or just so-so. When you receive and compare many different motor insurance quotes, you will be able to pick the ins company that best meets your needs at a price you can afford. Many insurers offer discounts for certain things, such as seatbelt use, air bags, alarms, more than one vehicle, and much more, and motor insurance quotes will identify which insurers offer what discounts. Unfortunately, this is only one factor, and something that occurred six months ago, when combined with this accident, may make you a higher motor insurance risk and raise your motor insurance premiums. Most factors involved in setting your motor insurance premiums are known, but even industry insiders do not know every factor considered, or how much weight each company gives a specific factor. It is known, however, that accidents are a major consideration that is used by motor insurance companies.


The car you enlist with your stolen car insurance largely affects your policy, as companies think differently of drivers who drive expensive or exotic cars. Especially for younger drivers, driving an expensive or exotic car can make stolen car insurance agents regard you as wild or risky, which can cause a rise in stolen car insurance cost. The process of purchasing stolen car insurance does not need to be an inconvenience. Despite the common misconception, customers who engage this necessity with the proper knowledge may find that buying stolen car insurance can be a lot easier. If you are still interested in finding cheap stolen car insurance for women, you can find additional information at the cheap stolen car insurance for women website. This site provides tips as well as general information about choosing between affordable stolen car insurance options. Buying ins policy for anybody is a difficult and often painfully confusing thing to do. Explore new driver cars insurance payments in stolen car insurance from mobile insurers in San Francisco.

Affordable Stolen Car Insurance Premium for New Driver

Have you been thinking about buying a new stolen car insurance policy? If so, moving from start to finish as quickly as possible is something that you are probably interested in. For this reason, you need to learn how to instantly receive free stolen car insurance quotes. This way you can move ahead in no time at all, and of course, you can do so without having to pay any money. The best way to receive these quotes is online. Although many people are stuck in the past and still calling agents on the phone, this is no longer the best option if you are interested in instantly receiving quotes. There are many online services that will supply you with a wide range of stolen car insurance quotes on the spot. All you have to do to get started is supply basic information including your contact information, vehicle, etc. Get the affordable health insurance plans in San Francisco for new driver in stolen car insurance topics.

Explore Free Mobile Insurance Policies in San Francisco

Online stolen car insurance premiums and fees change depending on the type of car and the driver; typically the more expensive your car the more it costs to insure. For drivers your stolen car insurance goes up if you have had prior accidents, are under the age of 25, or have gotten another type of offense on your driving record like a speeding ticket. Depending on where you park your car at night, you can also have higher stolen car insurance simply because of statistics relating to theft or an accident. Someone from Seattle, Washington, could have the exact same driving record and vehicle as someone from Phoenix, Arizona, but because there is such a higher theft rate and red light running problem in Arizona the Phoenix driver would pay a higher rate. There are many factors affecting stolen car insurance but it is important to find a plan, which meets your specific driving needs. Purchase the free motorist insurance quotes in Insurance Premium for New Driver selection of topics.

Free Stolen Car Insurance Policies for New Driver

Excess refers to the amount you are responsible to pay when you file a stolen car insurance claim. All car, home and household policies have minimum excess amounts, but you can raise yours in exchange for lower premiums.Consider increasing your excess amounts,if you can afford it. If you have not filed many claims throughout your driving history, you may qualify for a discounted rate. If you have never carried stolen car insurance before, however, you will not qualify until you have established a history. Many stolen car insurance policies start increasing rapidly once you are over 50. The main reason for this is risk. The cheapest stolen car insurance companies consider people over 50 more likely to claim against their stolen car insurance. Each subsequent year automotive policies are progressively increased resulting in highly inflated premiums for people in their 60s, 70s and 80s. When it comes to driving this position is backed by the Association of British Insurers (ABI). Get top vehicles insurance firms for new driver in mobile insurance review.

Explore Affordable Mobile Insurance Premium in San Francisco

Cheap stolen car insurance is available, if you are not considered an extremely high risk driver. Your driving record is only one factor considered by the stolen car insurance companies, and if all the other factors are favorable then a few points on your record may not cause a huge increase in your stolen car insurance premiums. Points on your driving record are not a good thing, so avoiding them by obeying the traffic laws is advisable or else cheap stolen car insurance may become just a dream. Keeping your record free of driving violations will help you find the cheapest stolen car insurance policy around. Explore stolen auto insurance settlements from San Francisco stolen car agency in car insurance news.


Best auto-car insurance companies do not all have the same rates, even with all of the same factors are considered. Each autocar insurance company has a model of what the perfect driver is, and your factors are compared to this model, giving your information a risk assessment score. This score is then used to determine the specific risks involved with your auto-car insurance policy. Each autocar insurance company decides the weight that is given to each risk factor, and one company may give more weight to certain factors than another autocar insurance company. This means that you can save on your autocar insurance by comparing online autocar insurance quotes, giving you more money left in your pocket. Take drivers rental car insurance claim in autocar insurance from motorbike insurers in United States.

Adequate Autocar Insurance Claims for Drivers

Free online autocar insurance quotes can help you save money on your autocar insurance, no matter how many driving violations you have. Using these free autocar insurance quotes will let you see the rates and coverage limits from several different insurers, so you can compare these quotes and find the company that offers you the best deal. Different autocar insurance providers will analyze and assess the risk factors differently, so one provider will assess your risks lower than another provider may. Cheap autocar insurance can be found by using these online autocar insurance quotes without having to give up any needed coverage. The autocar insurance rates do not have to be sky high, if you drive carefully and cautiously, and use ins quotes to find low prices. Whether you are a safe driver or a high risk driver, you do not have to pay more for your autocar insurance needs. Use the adequate scooter insurance quote in United States for drivers in autocar insurance threads.

Take Collision Motorbike Insurance Company in United States

Limits are important to look at as well. Bodily injury with company A may be a little cheaper then B but their coverage may be only 10,000/20,000 while B is 100,000/300,000. You want to make sure you are aware of the coverage you are have and that you want the type of autocar insurance you are getting a rate for. You can always adjust your policy up or down to meet your needs. Before adjusting it down consider that you may save a few dollars now by lowering coverage but during a claim be unhappy that the limits paid are lower then your damages. Always, always buy as much autocar insurance as you can afford. Another way to find companies in your area is to go online. The Internet is an excellent tool to help you shop around. You can look up many carriers and may even be able to run quotes yourself. There is no waiting on hold and you can usually do it 24 hours a day. You do not have to wait for an agent to help you or call you back if he or she is busy. You can print out lists and easily compare prices. Learn about collision van damage insurance rates in Insurance Claims for Drivers volume.

Collision Autocar Insurance Company for Drivers

Anyone can file a autocar insurance claim if they were affected by the accident, but state law will determine which autocar insurance company you should file a claim with. No fault autocar insurance states have restrictions and limitations, and generally in these states you will file a claim with your own autocar insurance carrier. The exception to this is when you file a claim for a mini tort if the other driver was at fault, and then you would file a claim for your deductible amount with the other drivers ins company. If you need to find cheap autocar insurance so that you can afford the coverage you need, there are a few ways that you can do this. The best way to guarantee the lowest rates on your autocar insurance policy is to keep a clean driving record and continuous coverage. Your driving record will greatly affect your autocar insurance rates, and without current policy you may be considered high risk since you are not already insured. These two things account for a big portion of your autocar insurance premiums. Hire to term motorbike insurance protection for drivers in motorbike insurance post.

Take Adequate Motorbike Insurance Claims in United States

Get autocar insurance estimate for all types of motorcycles including: cruisers, street sport, touring, high-performance bikes and scooters and get an online autocar insurance so you can get huge discounts because your cutting out the middle man and working directly with the company. Most autocar insurance companies will offers several convenient ways to pay including credit/debit cards as well as a variety of payment plans that work with your budget. So why not get your autocar insurance estimates and start saving money today. You would think that the government would get off our backs with this bad economy and slow down on raising taxes. Well on Feb. 20, 2009 I woke up and turned on the news like I always do and I heard a new tax that the Obama was tossing around with his little minions in congress and that is a tax to tax how much you drive. How much you wonder? How does a penny for every quarter mile that you drive so you may want to ask yourself how many miles do you drive your motorcycle. Take rental car insurance premium from United States autocar agents in car insurance news.


Other things are equal then you will want to go for the lowest price but there are a number of things you should look for to help you determine whether that low price van casualty insurance quote comes from a solid and reputable company. One of the most important factors when shopping for auto coverage is the financial strength of the van casualty insurance company you are considering. If you should need to file a claim it would be nice if your van casualty insurance company had the funds available to pay those claims. If you are at fault in an accident and your van casualty insurance provider was some fly-by-night company that did not have any funds available you may be held personally responsible to pay for any damages. It is also a good idea to get other people opinions of a company you might be considering doing business with. Choose individuals umbrella auto insurance discounts in van casualty insurance from motorcycle insurers in Illinois.

Adequate Van Casualty Insurance Rates for Individuals

Luxury cars such as BMWs, Mercedes Benzes and Lexus usually come with higher premiums reflecting their luxury vehicle status. If you are concerned about saving some money on van casualty insurance abroad, you may find it more economically feasible to go for a lower priced car. Another factor that may have a considerable effect on your van casualty insurance premiums is your credit standing. A low credit score can greatly increase the amount that you are expected to pay for van casualty insurance abroad (and at home for that matter). You will want to push your score up a bit if you want to save on van casualty insurance costs during your travels. In fact, with a good enough credit rating, you may even be eligible for a rebate at the end of the month. Whilst applying for van casualty insurance abroad will add to the cost of your annual van casualty insurance costs, the extra expense will definitely be worth it when you come across any untoward accident or traffic incident whilst overseas. Sure in adequate medical health insurance plans in Illinois for individuals in van casualty insurance documents.

Choose Compulsory Motorcycle Insurance Plan in Illinois

The next big tip that can be done is to lower down your charges. That will result you to merely lift up your van casualty insurance deductibles. In a number of cases you can lessen your yearly payment to some percent. Extra tips take account of doing away with some sorts of coverage that your current policy has. It also reduces the coverage amount to some extent. In general this is based up to the needs, wants and desires of every individual. You possibly will wish for consulting an indemnity means previous to making any severe amendments to your up to date van casualty insurance policy. There are basically two unusual categories of van casualty insurance plans. The first one is the term van casualty insurance and the second one is the permanent van casualty insurance. Term van casualty insurance is easier. This plan gives you with decease defense for an encoded amount of time. It last for almost thirty years. Negotiate compulsory umbrella auto insurance cost in Insurance Rates for Individuals sector.

Compulsory Van Casualty Insurance Plan for Individuals

The group virtually all in all likelihood to suffer high premium is people under 25. The average newly qualified driver therein age class action may expect to pay anywhere between ?1-2000 for their first years premium. The latest idethe introduced by certain van casualty insurance underwriter is to install a GPS (satellite tracking) device to the vehicle and charge in a “pay when you last” basis for each mile at a rate they decide, based on your private circumstances. Naturally for new experienced enough drivers who face high drive van casualty insurance costs this can be appealing. The question to ask yourself is; “might this profit us in case We are not a light user?” It appears that it might not, this is due to the fact that you can be charged anywhere between 6-15 pence per mile in the day. If you took the average mileage to personify 1000 miles the year, go for 10 pence a mile, you will find the coverage costing ?1200 a year. Get the general auto theft insurance agents for individuals in motorcycle insurance article.

Choose Adequate Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Illinois

Most likely you still end up calling a locksmith to unlock the car and you would not be getting that money back. The travel protection van casualty insurance plan saves you because it will reimburse you up to $20 for lock out service if this happens to you. If you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident that requires you to be taken to a hospital, this plan is also helpful. When an ambulance is sent out to the accident site, you have to pay a service fee but the plan will reimburse up to $100 for this situation. This plan will reimburse for up to $10,000 of bond expense if you are in a situation that would cause you to be incarcerated due to traffic violation. You may think you never get in trouble, but what if you were pulled over for driving with a suspended license because you failed to pay that old parking ticket you had forgotten about? Or what if you had a glass of wine at a nice restaurant and was stopped and considered to be over the local legal alcohol limit? Choose auto theft insurance scheme from Illinois van casualty helpers in car insurance news.


If you can afford to pay a deductible of $400 or more, it could save you hundreds of dollars on auto renters insurance payments during the course of a single year. Every car policy also has a set of limits which pertain to the maximum the auto renters insurance will pay per person or per incident. If you elect to have minimum personal injury liability and are involved in a serious accident for which you are considered at fault, you will be personally responsible for all injury related costs above the limits indicated. Conversely, higher limits will mean that your monthly premiums will go up. Most auto insurers offer a wide range of discounts, and many of them may apply to you. If you are a safe driver, that is an automatic discount on your auto renters insurance policy, for example. Many occupations, including public service workers, lawyers, and research scientists, may be eligible for auto renters insurance discounts, along with teachers, doctors, military employees. Even students may be able to get a auto renters insurance discount.

Online Auto Renters Insurance Agents for Professionals

Auto clubs can not only tow your car to the repair shop or service station of your choosing but can also help you change a auto renters insurance or give you gas if you have run out. If it is one of these easier problems the person showing up is usually very helpful and can get you back on the road in no time at all. Think about it, you could change a tire yourself or call the auto club so that by the time you have pulled out all the necessary items for the tire change the car club agent should be there and able to do the labor of changing the tire without you getting dirty at all. Other assistance that an auto club can give you out on the road is to jump your car if it has a dead battery or even sell you a new battery. The clubs are saying that their battery pricing is comparable to an auto store. Getting a new battery on the side of the road will save you plenty of time in the long run. No need to go shop for a battery and wait for it to be installed after getting the battery jumped. Sure in Cheapest Car Wheels Insurance Option for Women Only in Colorado in car insurance data segment.

Check The Adequate Caravan Insurance Company in Colorado

As amazing as it sounds, one study actually found out that that less than 30% of those that buy auto renters insurance actually got more than one quote. Can you imagine the money that any of these people would have been able to keep in their pockets had they gotten multiple quotes? Do not be a part of these statistics, you know better now. Are you looking for auto renters insurance quotes in minutes? Do you think that is even possible? We are all accustomed to looking for auto renters insurance phone call by phone call, note by note and the process taking hours to figure out what the coverage will end up being and what is the best decision. Whether you are looking for auto renters insurance quote, Boise auto renters insurance or New York City, New York auto renters insurance there is now a solution that can make shopping for auto renters insurance a lot easier. You can go online and shop around and gather the information and details at your leisure and comfort. Let us say that you want auto renters insurance in Washington.

Tort Auto Renters Insurance Company for Professionals

Once your auto renters insurance company has determined the actual cash value of the vehicle they will issue a check, made out to you or you and the loan holder if there is still a loan balance due. But what about your vehicle? Will the auto renters insurance company keep it since they paid the value of it? Once the claim is paid by your auto renters insurance carrier, they own the vehicle. You may have the right to purchase it back from the auto renters insurance company at a price they determine to be fair, depending on where you live and what your local laws are. It should be taken into consideration, however, that once a vehicle has been totaled it must have a salvage title issued instead of a regular title.

Online auto renters insurance prices – Caravan insurance agents

Auto Renters Insurance Prices

Once you fill out a quote application, you will receive information from several auto renters insurance companies. By this point you will realize that you are moving in the right direction. Once you have received quotes, the next step is to see which one is best for you. It is safe to say that you are changing auto renters insurance policies for a reason. Make sure that your new policy fixes any past problems that you were having. For instance, if you were paying too much, consider cost above all else when comparing quotes. Depending on your preferences, you may want to call the company that you decide to buy from. This way you can speak with a live agent to clear up any questions or concerns that you may have. But in many cases you may be able to purchase online without ever speaking to anybody on the phone. As you can see, you can purchase a auto renters insurance policy in one day if you are willing to work quickly.


This is another reason to get your caravan insurance estimate so you can save as much as you can. Owners of motor vehicles driving on the public roads of Canada are required to insure their automobiles. The laws vary depending on the territory or providence in which one lives. Here is basic information concerning the policies required by the various governments within Canada. When you purchase policy in Canada you should receive a Canadian Inter-Province motor vehicle liability card. This auto ins card is also referred to as your caravan insurance “pink card.” If you have recently moved to Canada from the United States this card is comparable to the caravan insurance card your American caravan insurance company would have previously given you while insured in the US. The Pink Card should be honored as proof of your vehicle having caravan insurance anywhere within Canada. Fix the bikers car vehicle insurance settlements in caravan insurance from caravan insurers in Missouri.

Adequate Caravan Insurance Option for Bikers

While different caravan insurance agreements vary depending on the industry they represent, in general, agreements contain the same basic parts: a top section that spells out the name of the insurer, a definition section that describes who everyone in the contract is, some dense legal paragraphs that explain the bounds of the policy and the obligations of everyone involved and finally a section at the bottom that both parties sign. Even corporate caravan insurance agreements are often quite short since they contain all of the policy in just a few words. If you are unsure about parts of your current caravan insurance agreement, you can choose to ask a lawyer or your caravan insurance company about what particular clauses mean and how they affect you. It is a good idea to clarify any questions you may have since a particular interpretation of a clause can completely change the kind of coverage you think you have. Get adequate motor vehicle prices in Missouri for bikers in caravan insurance texts.

Fix The Online Caravan Insurance Prices in Missouri

For example, make sure that it is not just third party, fire and theft cover, which can be an affordable alternative but does not cover your own vehicle if you are involved in an accident for which you are culpable. Finally, make sure that when you request a caravan insurance quote – whether by a comparison website or directly to an insurer – that you fully disclose all the information requested. You must give details of previous claims and motoring convictions as they will affect the premium you pay. If you do not disclose all the information requested, your cover may be invalid. Classic caravan insurance is something everyone needs, but not everyone understands. This is not surprising considering that the average caravan insurance policy is several pages long and is written in legalese. Unfortunately most of us are not lawyers so legalese needs to be translated for us to understand it. On the bright side, coverage is not as complicated as the dense wording in the policy would make it seem. Sure in online car windscreen insurance cost in Insurance Option for Bikers information group.

Online Caravan Insurance Prices for Bikers

One way that you can find cheap caravan insurance is to raise your deductible, if you carry full coverage caravan insurance. Normally you can recover your deductible from the other party, if you are not at fault, and having a higher deductible on your caravan insurance policy will offer savings on your premiums. Be realistic though, and do not purchase an caravan insurance policy with a seven hundred and fifty dollar deductible if that amount would be very hard for you to come up with initially. Figure out how much you can realistically cover if you need to file a claim with your caravan insurance carrier, and this will insure you get cheap caravan insurance without finding yourself in a bind because an accident occurs. After all, they are called accidents because they are not planned. Look at free autocar insurance rate for bikers in caravan insurance assistance.

Fix The Adequate Caravan Insurance Option in Missouri

Read your contract while insuring; even though you may have provided an acceptable certificate and added your client as additional insured you could still be binding yourself to something that is not provided by your general liability policy. Want to save money on your caravan insurance costs? Got your attention now, did not I. Two issues that seem to come up on a regular basis that can cost you a great deal of money are current certifications of caravan insurance from the various subcontractors you use to the use of proper classifications for your employees on your workers compensation caravan insurance policy. Whether you do commercial or residential work your clients are asking that you do more complicated jobs. These projects require the use of many different disciplines to bring a job together. To complete these jobs many of you rely on subcontractors, they perform many and varied jobs. Electrical work, carpentry, irrigation, masonry, tree work and pool work are few that come to mind. Fix the car windscreen insurance discount from Missouri caravan dealer in car insurance news.


All drivers in the USA are required to purchase car insurance, and it is not an easy task with so many companies out there, especially when you want to get the best car insurance rates in Florida. Here is what you can do to make things easier:

1. Look for a Licensed Company

Not all insurance companies have a license to operate in a certain state. You should not buy insurance from a company if it does not have a license in your state, because, whenever a problem appears, the insurance commission from your state cannot interfere to solve it. Simply contact the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in order to find out which carriers are licensed in Florida.

2. Compare Prices to Find the Best Rates

The moment you have narrowed down your list with insurance companies, it is time to analyze their offer. Most companies have variable prices and policies, so it is advisable to get at least 3 quotes. The primary source should be the companies who address the consumer directly. Then, you can consider independent agents and online brokers. The companies listed first usually have the best rates, but they also demand perfect driving records.

You can also get car insurance through organizations like USAA, which is an association for members of the US military and their families. The rates they have are usually lower than those on the market. When you compare the quotes, remember to compare the same coverage levels, because, a lower level actually means less protection for you and your car.

Assess the Service of the Company

If you do have an accident and you call your insurance company to help you to get your claim, feel them out and see their behavior: are they fast, efficient, polite? If the company’s agent is nice and straightforward trying to aid you it is a good sign.

It is best to talk to other customers of the company you chose about its agents and rates. Also, the Better Business Bureau and Florida’s insurance commission will offer you additional help regarding the company’s complaints, tariffs and client satisfaction.

Whether you buy your insurance from a local agent, from a company, online or on the phone, choose the one with the best price, the best attitude, the one that you consider worthy of your trust. Make sure they can be reached easily. Bigger companies have a 24-hour hotline, but they can be expensive. There are also independent agents who provide their customers with their home number or personal cell for emergency or claims.

Company’s Solidity

Apart from the rates, you expect that the company you choose pay for its claims. Look for some reviews online and see what other clients have to say about the insurer you have in mind, if they received their claims on time or not. You would be surprised how many companies promise the world and disappoint their clients when they need them the most.

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10 Secrets on How to Get Affordable Car Insurance – Florida Companies Do Not Stand a Chance

Buying your first car is a real thrill, but the responsibility of purchasing insurance for it is not as fun and can end up costing you quite a lot of money. Check out these 10 tips on how to find …
Buying your first car is a real thrill, but the responsibility of purchasing insurance for it is not as fun and can end up costing you quite a lot of money.

Check out these 10 tips on how to find affordable car insurance, Florida regulations being quite simple from this point of view:

1. Compare the Rates for Different Types of Cars

The moment you narrow down your choice of cars to two or three models you can afford, give the insurance companies that you have in mind a call and compare the premium for your car. The prices differ according to the model, the repair costs, the safety gear, the price and the popularity of your car brand amongst thieves.

2. Avoid Gaps in Your Coverage

If you choose an insurance company over another one, do whatever you can not to have gaps in your coverage. Forgetting or delaying to make one payment can be disastrous when you file your claim.

3. Maintain Good Credit Scores

Insurance companies have the habit of verifying your credit score the moment they calculate your insurance rates, because they found a direct link between bad credit scores and the possibility of you making a claim.

4. Drive Less

This may come to you as a surprise, but a lot of carriers offer a low-mileage discount for those who drive less than the average policy holder, so try to carpool to your work or take the bus whenever you want to go downtown.

5. Request a Higher Deductible

The simplest method to reduce the cost of your insurance premium is to increase your deductibles. You must be sure that you have the necessary funds to pay for your deductible in case an accident does occur.

6. Ask for All the Discounts That You Are Entitled to

If your car possesses additional safety features, like: an alarm or anti-lock brakes, you have to request the insurer for a discount. You may even be eligible for other discounts, if you passed a defensive driving class or if you are still studying and have good grad to be sure.

7. Drive with Caution

Always drive carefully, in order to avoid accidents and speed tickets, or you might face raises in your insurance rates or even a possible nonrenewal of your previous policy. Too many speeding tickets are definitely a cause for concern, but an accident will raise your insurance up to even 40%.

8. Consider the Possibility of Moving to Another State

Although it may seem like a drastic measure, the rates for auto insurance vary from one location to another due to theft and accidents risks. In rural areas, generally, the rates are lower than in the big cities.

9. Work with Only One Insurance Firm

After you do your research on the various companies in your area, choose only one for all your insurance policies. Most companies offer good discounts if you buy from them the insurance for your home, car and rent.

10. Lower Your Coverage

The suggestion from the Insurance Information Institute is to drop collision and/or comprehensive insurance on your cars if they are old, in order to save money.

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At a time when gas prices are higher than ever, people are beginning to pay much more attention to their car insurance in Omaha than ever before in order to cut costs in the long and short term.

Finding the “right” car insurance in Omaha is a matter of knowing and understanding your own unique set of circumstances because what might be the perfect auto insurance for one driver, could be completely wrong for another.

Let’s take a look at a few factors you should consider to help you choose the right car insurance for your needs.

The Omaha Auto Insurance Company you choose to Use

One very important point to keep in mind when choosing a company is that there is no set universal insurance rate that each company follows. The rates of each company are based on their own actual experience.

Some companies may charge more for a particular vehicle or driver category than others based on the number of claims they have received from those categories. Therefore, you need to be ready to compare. You can find some very good online comparison sites that utilize efficient and easy-to-use comparison systems before you talk to an insurance agent.

Your Car and Its Value

The value of your car plays an important role in auto insurance selection as it can decide how much you eventually pay for your insurance.

For example, if you own a car that is worth more than $2,000, it is probably best you get third party fire and theft as protection. This means if you have to put in a claim later, the other parties involved will receive compensation, and you will be covered for fire damage and car theft.

However, if your car is worth less than $500, fully comprehensive coverage is out of the question as the yearly premium would more than likely cost more than your car!

Your Age

Young drivers are more often than not, penalized for their inexperience by auto insurance companies and as a result end up paying more than usual due to the extra risk involved.

If you are young there are ways that you can reduce the cost such as:

Get an extra driving qualification such as Nebraska Driver’s Education qualification, which is recognized by most of the bigger insurance companies and can help you get a discount.
Pay per year not by month because then you will avoid all the monthly interest charges, which amount to quite a large sum.
Increase your deductible because choosing to pay a higher deductible upfront will significantly reduce the overall cost of your insurance.
Older drivers with more expensive cars should go for comprehensive coverage because this covers both the damage to your car and others when an accident occurs.

Extra Drivers or Not

Keep in mind that the more drivers you add to your insurance policy, the more expensive it will be.

Consider taking out a temporary insurance policy as and when you need it for extra drivers, rather than adding drivers to your permanent policy. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

No Claims Bonus

If you can manage or have managed to go for five or more years running without making a claim, you stand to make some big savings on your policy.

This is because insurance providers recognize that the fewer claims you have made in the past, the fewer you are likely to make in the future.

Price Comparison

Once you understand what kind of policy will suit you and your unique circumstances, its time to start comparing Omaha insurance companies. One of the easiest ways to do this is online. There many easy-to-use sites that have large databases of insurance companies for comparison. You can use these to help you shop around offline too.

Believe it or not, it is possible to haggle your rates if you take a few figures with you from other insurance companies. You could knock the price down a little just by informing an insurance company of a cheaper deal you found earlier. It just might get you cheaper coverage if you play your cards right!

Good luck in your search for the right car insurance in Omaha!

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We all understand the importance of car insurance and how having the right kind of insurance can save not only your life but can spare you a lot of unwanted headache in the future if you have a accident in Omaha. Insurance companies make millions or even billions of dollars each year protecting drivers all over the world.

However, the only thing which is different is the type of insurance which is required in different countries on even states.

In the U.S a insurance company is big business however as mentioned there are different rules that apply to people within each state. In this article, we will be focusing on auto insurance in Nebraska and the minimum requirements of the state.

Liability and Property Thresholds

Anyone who is driving a vehicle in Nebraska is required by the state to purchase liability insurance. For each accident victim the requirement is $25,000 and for the whole accident it is $50,000. Sometimes during your accident there maybe public property which gets damaged and in these cases the person at fault will be required to pay for the public repairs.

The required for property damage per accident is $25,000. It is important to know what vehicles are except from the property damage requirement because this may not apply to you. For example, snowmobiles, trailers, dealer plated vehicles, etc. If you are unsure if you would be except from a requirement than you can always contact your DMV who will provide you with more information.

Car Insurance Alternatives

For those of you who prefer not to buy car insurance you have some alternative options which are available to you. Personally these alternatives are a lot more costly since they require a “one” lump sum deposit.

For example, for those of you that do not want to buy auto insurance or can no longer get approved, you can make a cash depot with the State Treasurer for $75,000. If you are a dealership and have more than 26 cars you can get a self insurance certificate which in most cases is transferable between your vehicles. However, as a dealership you will have several more restrictions so again contact your DMV to know what is or what’s not allowed when you have a self insurance certificate.

You can also get insurance through a property bond which means that you pull out a certain amount of equity from your house so that the insurance company can use it as a deposit. This is another form of financial responsibility and can be considered a type of lien.

Is More Coverage Necessary?

Many insurance brokers and DMV representatives will recommend that you get more than the required coverage because health costs are going up each year and the minimum coverage may not be able to fully protect yourself or those you are a victim of a car accident caused by you.

Even though the insurance cost maybe much higher going above the minimum requirement, there are many payment options available and again the long-term headache is not worth the few extra dollars you are saving by not obtaining the extra insurance.

Carry The Proper Paperwork

Once you have obtained the adequate insurance for your vehicle it is important to make sure that you have all your paperwork in order.

You should always carry the original policy document, which is issued by the company, in your car at all times. Many people believe that photocopies are acceptable, but they are not and you may face a heavy fine if you are not able to produce original insurance papers.

The names on the paper do not need to match because you can be driving someone else’s car which is allowed, however, it is important that the description of the car including the VIN does match which is very important to ensure the insurance is indeed registered to the car.


Procuring an auto loan is a top priority for many people. Cars, specifically, new cars are expensive, and for most people buying one outright is not an option. Because of this an auto loan is necessary, but many people wonder what the necessary requirements are for securing an auto loan. A solid credit history and score, and a good employment income are two of the most important factors, but there is more that comes into play, as well.

What Credit Score Will I Need To Secure a Car Loan?

?The score that is required to secure an auto loan differs from bank to
bank, and there are different tiers of loans for differently qualified buyers. For example, a person with a 750 credit score will be able to secure a loan with a better interest rate than a person with a score under 650.

The score you need will also depend almost entirely on the type of financing you are looking to procure. Leases, generally, require a better credit score than financed car loans with a down payment. Likewise, if you plan on using an in-house financing option your score will need to be higher than if you are securing a loan through a third-party bank. The score you need will also depend on the amount of money you plan to take out on the car loan and the type of car. Higher scores are expected at luxury dealers, such as Audi or Mercedes, while lower scores are generally accepted by car companies that are geared more towards the entry-level driver.

As a general rule, experts agree that a person with a score below 600 will have a difficult time securing a new or used car loan. Most companies are hard-pressed to find lenders who are willing to work with individuals who have a score below 640, however, it can be done. There are some reports that certain companies can work with people with credit scores as low as 580, however, the interest rates will be much higher than for a person with a good or excellent score.

What Can I do if I have a Low Score?

If your credit history is less than stellar you are not completely out of the running for a car loan. There are several companies that specialize in dealing with people with spotty credit histories. These loans, often times with much high APRs, are handed out on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking, the loan amount must be under a certain threshold and the person must provide proof of employment and income. Additionally, the fees associated with such loans are higher, because the company is taking a risk by offering a loan to a less-than-qualified buyer.

Another option is to use a co-signer to secure the loan. A co-signer is an individual who has a good credit score. This person assures the bank that if you default on your payments they will take over the necessary payments. In short, the co-signer is a person with good credit who vouches for you and takes on the responsibility for the payments with you. Co-signers can be a friend or relative, but more often than not they are relatives, specifically parents of young adults who do not yet have the credit history to secure a high-value loan on their own.

What Other Factors Come Into Play?

While your credit history and score largely decide if you will be approved for an auto loan, there is more to the equation that simply the score that is printed on a piece of paper. When your credit report is run, the bank that is making a decision on your loan will be able to see your payment history, as well as your debt utilization. You’ll also need to submit information regarding your employment and the amount of money you make each year. This information is used to decide if you are a good risk for the bank issuing the loan. For example, if you happen to have a good credit history and score, but you appear to be maxed out with your current bills, you may be denied a loan. Likewise, if the loan amount you are trying to secure seems high for the amount of money you make each year, your loan can be denied.

The Bottom Line

When trying to secure an auto loan it is important to have a good credit history and score, however, that is not the only factor that comes into play, and there are options available for people whose credit is less than stellar. If you are worried about your credit history, it is best to speak with a car salesman regarding your options, and what you may need to do to secure the loan.


5 Tips for Insuring an Older Car

One of the tricks to keeping auto insurance premiums low is to make sure the proper coverage is being carried on the vehicle in question. Many of today’s late model cars contain features and amenities that demand an increased amount of insurance protection. Older cars often cost less to insure because their market value has likely decreased significantly.

An insurance company will only pay up to the market value of the automobile should a serious accident occur. Older cars are often considered totaled even if they sustain just moderate body damage. Owners of these older cars can use the following tips to tips to make sure proper coverage is maintained at the lowest possible cost.

1. Raise the Deductible Amount

The deductible is the amount paid by the vehicle owner before a damage claim can be honored. The lower the deductible, the higher the monthly insurance premiums. Once a vehicle reaches a certain age, consider raising the deductible to $1,000.

The older car has a rapidly diminishing market value. This means that in the event of a serious accident, insurance adjustors will likely consider the vehicle a total loss. The settlement will only amount to the decreased value of the car.

The money saved each month by raising the deductible amount will nearly always be enough to pay for minor damages. This eliminates the fear of having a high deductible in the first place.

2. Drop the Collision Insurance

Once a car’s value is decreased to the point to which an insurance company will likely refuse to pay for extensive repairs, consider dropping the collision and comprehensive insurance altogether. This saves a tremendous amount of money since liability coverage will be all that remains on the policy. Collision insurance payouts to cover damage would be rather small if there is a deductible on the policy.

Drivers can save money by dropping the collision coverage and using the money to pay for minor repairs themselves. If the damage is extensive, insurance companies will insist on towing away the vehicle, taking possession of the title, and offering a modest settlement. This settlement may be very small once the deductible amount is subtracted, so drivers should carefully consider the savings each month when collision and comprehensive insurance on an older model is dropped entirely.

3. Pay For Minimal Repairs

Although older vehicles cost less to insure, this cost increases if a substantial number of claims are filed. Most insurance companies will begin to raise rates if the vehicle owner files several claims within a two- or three-year period. Claims for damage to windows, bumpers and headlights cost more in the end because of the increase in premiums.

The money saved by choosing a higher deductible or dropping collision insurance on an older vehicle should be considered an investment in maintaining the car itself. Drivers who are prone to accidents will save money by paying for any damage that costs less than $500 to repair.

4. Consider Partial Policies

Many people own older cars that are driven less than 300-500 miles per month. If the vehicle owner has a good driving record and has maintained coverage with an insurance provider for years, chances are a partial policy will be offered at a greatly reduced cost.

Insurance companies will often write a special policy that covers a vehicle up to a certain number of miles per month, and no additional drivers may be added. The insurance company may insist that this policy be combined with full coverage on another, newer vehicle owned by the household.

5. Situations Involving Antique and Classic Cars

Classic cars that are more than 20 years old may actually be more valuable than when they were new. These cars are often driven less than a few miles per month. Owners of antique models may periodically transport them via trailer to an auto show or exhibition.

A normal insurance policy may not be worth the cost involved. Instead, these cars can be insured with a policy similar to a part-time coverage plan. The classic vehicle is covered against damage caused during transport or by natural causes such as fire or flood, and the monthly cost is generally much less than a full package that includes collision protection.


We Help You Find Affordable Auto Insurance Quotes

If you’ve tried to search for affordable auto insurance quotes on your own then you know how difficult it can be. Not only can the entire process become overwhelming, but you are forced to compare a variety of different packages and plans against each other which can be misleading if those policies have very little in common.

Fortunately, this website is designed to give you all of the information you need about the most popular nationwide auto insurance companies as well as give you instant access to low cost car insurance quotes. We strive to be your resource for auto insurance news, money saving tips, and your destination for lower insurance rates.

How to Find Low Cost Auto Insurance Quotes

In the past, the only way to compare auto insurance quotes was to talk to a variety of different insurance agents and compare everything by hand. As a result, you could end up spending days or even weeks trying to gather all of the information that you need. At the end of this process you still may not have a clear picture as to which auto insurance is right for you.

To make things easier for you, this website is designed to provide you with a much simpler solution. With access to real company reviews and a side-by-side quote comparison, you can find exactly what you want, when you want it.

Let Us Help Save You Time

Our website is not only designed to give you a simple way to compare affordable auto insurance quotes, but also save you the time and headache of doing it yourself. We can save you time by giving you all of the information you need in one, easy to navigate, convenient place. This means that you don’t need to dig through dozens of websites or call around to multiple agents to find out which company will be best for you.

Why get quotes from one provider’s site such as Geico or Progressive when our site can save you time and streamline the process of getting accurate and low cost quotes. All you need to do is provide some basic information and we can take care of the rest.

Just sit back and look over quotes provided by all of the nations leading car insurance companies. These free quotes will all be for the same policy type, which means you will finally be comparing apples to apples.

What to Look For When Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

One of the biggest benefits that we offer is the understanding that different people have different needs for their car insurance. Some people are on the hunt for the lowest possible prices, whereas others are looking for the most coverage with the highest overall value. By having a good idea of what you are looking for from the very beginning can make the entire process much easier.

Take the Guesswork Out of Shopping for Car Insurance

This website is designed to help you take the guesswork out of comparing car insurance quotes. You will not only get the lowest quotes available, but also be able to take advantage of our side-by-side comparisons, which are designed to make choosing the right provider as simple as possible. The best part is that if you have any questions about one or a handful of auto insurance companies, you will have access to in-depth reviews about each company and what they have to offer.

How low are our auto insurance quotes? Find out for yourself. Our website allows you to compare the prices of leading national auto insurance carriers in your state. Simply enter your zip code below for free quotes and lock in your lowest rate. You could be on your way to saving hundreds on your policy!


AAA Auto Club Insurance Review

AAA Auto Club insurance is one of the lesser-known services that is associated with AAA. Over the years, AAA has gained a loyal following and serves more than 15 million members nationwide. With all of the services that AAA provides, many people benefit from a variety of packages, which they offer.

Auto enthusiasts in Chicago founded AAA in the early 1900s. The goal was to make hotel rooms more accessible, safer, and more affordable for travelers. As this concept became more popular, groups from surrounding states joined until AAA expanded to a national level. Over time, they have added a variety of services, the most well-known of which is their roadside assistance and available discounts on dining and shopping.

ACG, also known as the Automobile Club Group, has grown to be one of the largest groups within AAA. One thing to keep in mind is that AAA and ACG is actually a network of local affiliates, rather than an overarching national company. The insurance portion of ACG is served through nearly 70 different automobile clubs across the United States.

How to Get the Most AAA Auto Club Insurance Discounts

In order to get the biggest discounts on AAA Auto Club Insurance, you must be an AAA member. Since the insurance is provided by local affiliates and auto clubs, the discounts that are made available may vary based upon where you purchase your insurance. In general, the largest discounts will come from bundling your auto insurance with other types of insurance, such as medical, dental, life, and home.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the insurance made available to you will depend largely on your location, as it will dictate which auto club you will be working. Additionally, there are some areas where you may be offered insurance which is underwritten by another auto insurance company. While you can still sign up for auto insurance online, if you need to talk to someone directly, then you will need to contact your local office.

AAA Auto Club Insurance Customer Satisfaction

Over the years, ACG has gotten mixed reviews in terms of customer service. This was a surprise to many people since AAA is well known for high levels of customer satisfaction. The likely reason for this is because each local insurance affiliate is run by a different subsidiary company.

Just like other nationwide brands that function primarily by using local franchises as an operating model, some locations may receive nakedly reviews which is not indicative of the company as a whole. Along with looking at comprehensive reviews of ACG, taking a more targeted approach based upon your location will likely be a better indicator of what to expect.

Compare AAA Insurance Quotes

How low are AAA Auto Club Insurance rates? Our website offers AAA and ACG insurance in select states. You can compare their prices against other leading national brands. Just enter your zip code for free quotes and see how much you can save.


Allstate Auto Insurance Review

Are you really in “Good Hands With Allstate”? This Allstate auto insurance review will take a closer look at what types of policies are available as well as some of the important factors that need to be considered when purchasing auto insurance.

Allstate has been around since 1931 and sells 13 different lines of insurance. They currently offer insurance in all 50 states, however some restrictions may apply in some states. One thing to keep in mind is that Allstate agents must work exclusively with Allstate, which means that they will not be able to offer you policies with other companies.

What Is Allstate’s “Your Choice Auto Insurance” Policy?

Recently Allstate launched the Your Choice Auto Insurance program. This was done so that customers could choose between a variety of different policies, rather than a one-size-fits-all policy. There are four primary levels to choose from: Platinum Protection, Gold Protection, Standard Protection, and the Value Plan.

Starting with the value plan, all of these packages build on each other. This means that the platinum protection policy will offer unique benefits, while also including the features and benefits of less expensive packages. Your specific plan will determine whether or not you qualify for benefits like accident forgiveness, new car replacement, and the safe driving bonus.

What Are the Benefits of Allstate’s Your Choice Auto Insurance?

Depending on which plan you purchase, there are a number of features that can be included. The most well-known features that Allstate offers are accident forgiveness and be safe driving bonus. Accident forgiveness means that Allstate has mechanisms in place to help keep your rates from going up after an accident occurs.

The safe driving bonus will provide you with a bonus of 5% off of your premium for every six months that you do not get an accident. New car replacement is another unique feature. If you’re new car gets totaled within three model years you will receive a new car, rather than just a check for the depreciated value.

Two additional features are deductible rewards and Allstate roadside assistance. With the deductible rewards, you can get $100 off of your collision deductible when you sign up and an additional $100 more taken off every year that you go without an accident. Allstate also offers a towing and labor coverage which includes towing, tire changes, lockouts, jump starts, and refueling.

What Discounts Does Allstate Offer to Save You Money?

When you sign up for and Allstate auto insurance policy, there are 15 discounts that you can potentially immediately qualify for. The largest discount is the safe drivers discount, which can save up to 45% off of your total car insurance payment. There are several discounts that can save you up to 30%, which includes the new car discount, passive restraint discount, and resident student discount.

Several additional vehicle equipment discounts include a 10% discount if your car has antilock brakes and a 10% discount if you have an antitheft device on your vehicle. Other discounts that you have complete control over whether or not you qualify include the full paid discount, EZ pay discount, and early signing discount. You can qualify for the early signing discount if you switch to Allstate before your policy with another company expires.

There are a variety of reasons that people choose Allstate auto insurance. Allstate not only has more than 80 years of experience and a large network of agents, but also an A+ superior financial strength rating. They also offer 24/7 support and claim that “dollar for dollar, no one protects you like Allstate”.

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Auto Insurance After a DUI

Being convicted of DUI or DWI has a number of challenges attached to it, from jail to fines to employment. As you may be dealing with all of these issues, you will also soon find that maintaining or obtaining auto insurance after a DUI is difficult and can be very costly.

You Got a DUI. Now What?

A number of the large, national insurance companies will increase your premium or cancel your policy after a conviction of drunk driving. Some may give you the opportunity to insurance through one of their higher risk companies with correspondingly higher rates.

When an insurance company tries to calculate what insurance rate to charge a specific client, it takes into consideration a number of factors, including how likely your car is to be stolen or hit by an uninsured driver, geographic location and your driving record. Accidents, citations and DUI convictions can all raise your premiums, but if you are convicted, you must notify your insurer.

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The SR-22 Form

Depending on the rules on your state, following a DUI/DWU arrest, you are required to fill out an SR-22 form and submit it to your insurer so that it can be forwarded on to your state Department of Motor Vehicles. Consulting with an experienced insurance professional can help make the process of filling out this form as smooth as possible.

This form is an absolute necessity for you to obtain auto insurance after your driver’s license is reinstated or if you are seeking a restricted license. An SR-22 demonstrates your responsibility financially following an arrest and conviction for DUI or DWI.

Finding Affordable Insurance After a DUI

Like for traditional auto insurance shopping, the experience for those with a recent DUI conviction doesn’t have to be much different. You can also browse insurance company’s sites or call them directly to find out if they are willing to cover a driver with a conviction. Though some will immediately reject those with a previous DUI, you will find that there are still companies willing to take you on as a policyholder.

How Long Will the DUI Insurance Rates Last

A conviction on DUI or DWI can have an impact on your auto insurance rates for as much as 10 years, unlike traffic tickets, which often lose their effect on your premium after 3 years. There are proactive measures that you can take, as well. If you opt to attend special driving classes or optional programs concerning alcohol addiction, you may find that your insurer is willing to reduce your insurance rate.

If you maintain a spotless driving record after the DUI, you may also find your rates creeping downward in cost. Some insurance companies will even offer special tracking devices you can have installed in your car that give them a clear indicator of how, when and where you drive your vehicle. Such devices may act as a demonstration that your driving has changed since you received your DUI.

Take these steps can help keep auto insurance after a DUI more affordable. Drivers can find lower rates if they subsequently keep a clean and safe driving record.


Classic Car Insurance: How is it Different?

Taking your gorgeous vintage car out for a spin on a warm summer day may be a true American pastime. For many car loves, nothing is better than taking a walk down memory lane and taking a classic car out for a drive on a nice day. But is insuring classic cars different from your daily driver?

For insurance purposes, “classic cars” are defined as collectible vehicles that are hard to find, specially modified, and over 25 years old. There is an important difference between just plain “old” cars and vintage automobiles whose features impart special value. Unlike most cars, classic cars may not depreciate in value as long as they are maintained properly, and their value may actually increase over time.

Classic Car Coverage Factors

Classic car insurance is different than regular insurance for several reasons. These vehicles tend to be driven less, and in better weather conditions, which reduces the likelihood of their being involved in an accident. They also tend to be securely garaged when not in use, reducing the likelihood of theft or weather damage.

Classic car drivers tend also to be older and more affluent, a favorable demographic profile that insurance companies favor when calculating premiums. Classic car owners are more likely to take good care of their autos and drive safely.

Although classic cars and street racing vehicles are both usually modified from their original form, the latter is far more expensive to insure for the simple fact that it is used in more dangerous driving situations and is usually driven by younger males more likely to be involved in an accident.

Finding the Right Classic Car Insurance

Getting classic car insurance is unfortunately not as easy as just walking into your insurance provider’s office and requesting a quote on the vehicle. First of all, you will need to demonstrate that your car is in fact a vintage automobile, which is usually determined only by a reputable appraiser.

Don’t assume that your car is officially vintage just because it’s 30 or 40 years old and cost you a pretty petty at the auto show. Vintage cars are officially “collectible,” which means that their value appreciates over time as fewer remain on the road and parts become more difficult to find.

If your vehicle was rare to begin with, it’s likely already classified as collectible, and if you have invested a significant amount in original or aftermarket parts and body restoration, it likely qualifies as well. Be sure to check with your insurer.

Also, some drivers only operate their classic cars seasonally, such as in the summer months. If this is the case, you may be able to cut your insurance costs by investigating short term car insurance options.

Choosing your Provider

There are two major types of classic car insurance providers: niche companies whose primary product is classic car insurance and the big traditional providers who also offer classic car coverage. The former is usually a better deal, but the latter can be worth investigating if you wish to bundle your classic car into the same policy as your home, life and other vehicles.

Classic car insurance companies are usually staffed with valuation experts that know the classic car business inside and out. They offer discounts for individuals with car club memberships or large classic car collections, and their policies can be tailored to your specific needs, including high-mileage and exotic-car plans that would normally cost much more at a traditional insurance company.


Coverage Protect Your Assets

When you buy auto insurance, you are inundated with choices. First, you have to decide which company to buy from. There are dozens of companies competing for your business. Then, you have to decide which coverage you want to purchase and how much of it you want to buy.

Some people keep it simple and just buy the minimum required in their state. But usually that amount of coverage is grossly inadequate to protect the person, vehicle, and other drivers and passengers. wants to simplify the process and help you gain a better understanding of coverage and determine how much car insurance you need. Below is our explanation of some of the typical types of coverage available in an auto insurance policy.

BI/PD Liability

The minimum amount of bodily injury (BI) liability coverage that you need will vary from state to state. The general rule of some is that your BI liability should cover the total value of all of your assets. This is because more assets mean a greater potential loss, so you need to make sure that they are protected.

Again, state laws will dictate the minimum amount of property damage (PD) liability that you must carry. In most cases, it is recommended that you have a minimum of $50,000 worth of coverage because that will cover the costs of most vehicles. This coverage is designed to pay for the other party’s vehicle in the event that you are responsible for the accident.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection (PIP) pays for expenses related to the accident regardless of whose fault it is. Some people believe that their health and disability insurance will be able to provide them with enough coverage that PIP is not needed. Others believe that a small amount of PIP can act as a stopgap between your expenses and meeting your health insurance deductible, as PIP does not normally have a deductible.

PIP is an important form of coverage that in some states is required by law. Additionally, it covers some expenses not covered by health insurance, such as lost wages and expenses arising from an injury such as the need for lawn care or house cleaning services.

UM/UIM Coverage

Most people argue that because of the high rate of uninsured motorists in the country, Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage should be considered essential. It is a relatively inexpensive addition to your policy and on average will cost less than $40 a year for $100,000 worth of coverage. Along with protecting you from uninsured motorists, it will also normally protect you from a hit-and-run driver as well.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM) comes into play when the person at fault in an accident does not have enough insurance to cover all the damages involved in the collision. With the cost today of medical expenses and vehicle repairs, this coverage makes a lot of sense. UIM is combined with UM in many states but in some states it is a separate form of coverage.

Collision/Comprehensive Coverage

Collision and comprehensive coverage will normally account for 30% to 40% of your auto insurance rates. The general rule of thumb is that your collision and comprehensive coverage should not be more than 10% of your vehicles Kelley Blue Book value. Additionally, while this coverage is optional in most states, if you do not have it and get in an accident, you will be responsible for all of your repairs.

Any Valuable Extras?

If there is one type of additional coverage that tends to be well worth the investment, it is full glass coverage. Replacing glass in your car can easily range upwards to $500, even if it is just a chip or crack. On the other hand, this coverage will normally be very inexpensive.

In fact some policies are now including it automatically because it is such a nominal fee. There are a variety of different types of umbrella policies that may be added to you auto policy. Check with your company for the available coverage options so you can get a more complete picture and determine what car insurance you need.


Auto Insurance For Military Members

Men and women serving in the armed forces once had difficulty obtaining favorable auto insurance rates. This was particularly true if they moved about constantly or were deployed oversees. In an effort to save money, military personnel often allowed their coverage to lapse if they were experiencing a period of time when their own personal vehicle was not being driven.

Insurance companies today tend to reward military personnel and their families. This is not only a nice gesture on the part of the insurance provider toward those who serve and protect, it is now seen as a reasonable gamble on the part of the industry. Insurance providers also know that the image they project is not lost on critics and industry analysts.

Lower Insurance Risk

Individuals serving in the military undergo extensive training that generally results in a more rapid maturity so far as responsibility is concerned. This means that enlisted personnel usually have a lower accident rate, avoid reckless driving, and take better care of their finances. These men and women are also more apt to purchase a safer vehicle.

Even younger adults who are members of the armed forces are usually offered lower than average rates by insurance providers. Drivers under the age of 25 are usually lumped together as one high-risk group, but enlisted men and women are now being excluded from their peers.

Discounts For Emergency Deployment

Many insurance companies now have a special provision written into the policy that lowers the cost of insurance should the individual be deployed overseas. As long as the vehicle is stored in an approved location, rates can be dropped or even suspended until the policyholder returns. Some insurance companies provide this service only if the deployment is to an area considered dangerous or if the individual is expected to become involved in combat.

This special discount may also apply to those who are members of military associations of the Army Reserve. Those who serve continuously as a member of the reserve force may be able to purchase required insurance for a lower rate.

Covering Spouse and Dependents

Military personnel are encouraged to shop around for insurance discounts that apply to their family. Coverage discounts may extend to all members of the household and on all vehicles driven.

Veterans are also eligible for many of the special military discounts that cover all members of the household. When comparing insurance rates, shoppers are encouraged to look for any discounts that apply specifically for veterans and their dependents.

A Few Helpful Tips

Those who are about to be deployed are urged to contact their provider and make sure the facts are clear concerning continued coverage. If a lapse in coverage results from deployment and non-payment, military personnel should look at changing their provider.

Make sure that the provider will cover the spouse and family during deployment. The policy should allow for the discount to continue for these household members even if one of the adults has been called into active duty elsewhere and has to temporarily relocate.

Comparison-shopping to find the best military discount is still up to the individual. The armed forces branch may be able to assist with suggestions but the vehicle owner makes the final decision. Military members may want to consider insuring with USAA, which specialize in insuring and providing financial services only military members, veterans, and their families.

Most insurers that offer military discounts spell out the percentage clearly, making it easy to choose the policy that fills the needs of the driver while saving the greatest amount of money. An comparison quote for military discount auto insurance will put enlisted personnel in touch with several major brands in their state.


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If you are thinking about switching car insurance companies, or are about to purchase insurance for the first time, then you may be wondering what is the best way to get car insurance quotes. It has become well known that comparing quotes from multiple companies is the best way to get the lowest prices as well as the highest potential value.

There are several different methods you can use to get car insurance quotes, however some of the more traditional strategies have become more of a hassle than they are worth.

The 3 Most Common Methods

In general there are three fundamental ways to get car insurance quotes. You can deal directly with the local agent, go through an insurance broker, or get quotes online. Each of these strategies have their own set of benefits and potential drawbacks. The key is finding out which method will be best suited for your situation.

How to Get Car Insurance Quotes Directly From Agents

Getting car insurance quotes directly from an agent is fairly straightforward. You simply go down to their office or talk to them over phone. The biggest benefit of using this method is that you can ask questions throughout the process, plus you know exactly who to contact in the event you need to submit a claim.

The biggest potential drawback is that many agents work solely with one company. As a result, the order to get multiple quotes, you will have to deal with multiple agents. Not only does this mean that you will spend a lot of time providing multiple agents with the same information, but you still may not end up with the best possible prices.

Quotes From Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers are essentially independent insurance agents who work at a brokerage firm. In order to get a quote, you simply need to contact them and provide them with the information that they need. The biggest benefit of going through an insurance broker is that brokerage firms can determine the best policy for you by comparing the quotes of multiple insurance companies for you.

The problem is that brokerage firms still will not allow you to compare all of the leading national companies. Instead, they will simply give you the best prices for the companies that have deals with their brokerage firm. Be sure to find out which companies the broker sells so you have a better understanding of what you are getting.

Insurance Quotes Online

Getting car insurance quotes online tend to be the fastest way to compare multiple leading national brands. While you could go to each website individually, there are a number of insurance quote aggregators which will provide you with multiple quotes simultaneously. The biggest benefit of this is that you can get side-by-side comparisons which makes it easier to determine which policy will best fit your needs.

The only potential drawback to this is that you may have to submit additional information when actually setting up new policy. In some cases, this additional information could alter the final quote.

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In many cases, getting car insurance quotes online will be your best option because it is extremely fast and efficient. Plus, there is much less personal bias because you are dealing with an insurance matching site and the reputable companies offered are clearly stated when you enter your zip code for quotes in your state.

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How Ford’s Sync System Could Lower Your Insurance Rates

Insurance companies use many different factors to determine the appropriate rates for coverage. Some providers offer an incentive for certain motorists. Those who carpool, drive a vehicle with a 5-star crash safety rating, or insure multiple automobiles often save ten percent or more on premiums.

One of the more recent incentives involves a savings reward for low mileage drivers. And today’s high-tech convenience features available on most new car models makes it possible to track and record monthly mileage totals in a report that is verifiable and sent directly to the insurance company. Ford’s Sync technology contains many exciting features, one of which is a mileage reporting system.

Sync Now Available On Most Ford & Lincoln Models

Originally offered only as an option on a few high end models, Sync with MyFord Touch is now standard equipment on certain vehicles and available for a low price on nearly every Ford automobile. The system is designed around the idea that driver information, music, voice commands, traffic alerts and vehicle safety can be connected via a simple integrated system.

Sync allows hands free calling with most cell phones, the ability to adjust the vehicle’s climate controls, and the system performs a health check on the engine. One of the most important features is the emergency 911 assist. If the car’s airbags ever deploy, Sync will automatically unlock the doors and call for emergency help.

Some insurance companies are taking notice and offering discounts for drivers who have an advanced safety system installed on their vehicle. In addition to the 911 assist, drivers may save on their insurance premiums if they use another interesting Sync feature, this one designed to report monthly mileage.

Low Mileage Rewards Programs

Many insurance providers now offer discounts for those who drive far less than the national average. Some insurers advertise discounts as high as 10 percent for those who drive less than 1,000 miles per month. Individuals who drive less than 500 miles per month have reported to have saved up to 35 percent on their liability and collision insurance.

Most of the optional mileage-based programs offered by insurance providers calculate their customer’s insurance rates every six months based on the reports sent by the Sync system. Part of the vehicle health report service, the monthly mileage report is sent directly to the insurance company via email. It is verified by an outside third-party source.

If a driver totals less miles than the low versus average cutoff, he or she may be eligible for the discount when the policy is up for renewal. Some providers will even charge less for the remainder of the prepaid insurance coverage period, meaning a refund for the vehicle owner.

A Word Of Caution

Those individuals who already receive a safe driver discount and have managed to obtain a substantial reduction in premiums because of low mileage classification may actually see an increase in rates. If the Sync device reports mileage in excess of the customer estimate, drivers may be penalized and removed from the low mileage category.


Get Your Car Insurance Questions Answered

Auto insurance can be confusing. Each state has its own rules and there are numerous different types of coverage you can purchase, some of which may be required in your state.

At, we aim to make understanding auto insurance simpler for our customers. We strive to be your auto insurance resource. Check out our questions and answers page to read frequently asked questions and learn tips to help you get the coverage you need and obtain savings at the same time!

Mandatory Auto Insurance Coverage

Every state has some sort of law requiring drivers to carry a minimum amount of insurance protection before operating a motor vehicle. Liability insurance covers a driver who is deemed at-fault in an accident. A driver is responsible for all property damage and personal injury he or she causes.

Rates for liability insurance will vary from state to state. The minimum amount of protection required by law also varies, with most states mandating at least $25,000 or more in coverage for both property damage and personal injury to non-fault individuals. Other coverage types that may be required by state law also determine the amount one pays in premiums.

How Rates Are Figured

Insurance companies rely on the statistics gathered by actuaries. The type of car being insured is a major factor when determining insurance rates. The result of crash tests performed by the IIHS show how well a driver is protected in the event of a crash.

Age of the driver and the location where he or she lives is also important to the insurance companies. Some areas have a high frequency of stolen vehicles, and other neighborhoods may a higher than normal accident rate because of the traffic patterns. Some drivers are more responsible than others, and insurance companies will offer more attractive rates to those who have few or no accidents.

Understanding The Policy

An auto insurance policy will have separate tables that show how much protection is being purchased. The liability portion of the policy will include the dollar amount of coverage for both personal injuries and property damage sustained by innocent parties. The comprehensive and collision coverage portion will show how much the insurance company will pay for damage to a vehicle owned by the policyholder.

The policy will include a payment schedule agreed upon by the insurance provider and the consumer. Most insurance companies have flexible payment plans that include a discount when a large portion of the payment is made at the time the policy is activated.

An automobile insurance policy is not a legal binding contract, in the sense that insureds can cancel their policy during the term period and insurers may drop their insureds. However, if an accident occurs during the period of coverage, the insured is responsible to evaluate all claims filed.

Shopping For Affordable Coverage

One of the easiest ways to compare insurance prices is to go online and use the services of a comparison site. The basic information given is used to generate quotes from several different providers. The shopper can view the details of the policy, make changes to the amount of liability and collision insurance, and choose optional coverage types such as uninsured motorist protection and personal injury protection.

A final quote is not given until additional information is given directly to the provider or insurance agent. Factors that could alter the final dollar amount include any lapses in coverage, an accident that was not reported, or detailed information about optional equipment installed on the vehicle.