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Outdoor motion lights help to increase the safety and security of your business or home without constantly leaving the lights on. Winter time darkness will often force you to leave a regular outdoor light on nearly all the time if you want the walkway and doorway lit for you and your customers.

Middle of the night activity and noises are not uncommon. It is not possible for you to be at your business 24/7. This is wehre outdoor motion lights come in handy. The light is usually enough to scare an intruder away while keeping you safe from any potential contact.

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Outdoor Solar Motion Lights

Using outdoor solar motion lights is a very economical method of ensuring that your business or home is safe and well lit at just the right times. You can count on them to light up when there is movement as well as when you arrive at your business to open or lock up.

You can also count on them to turn themselves off when no motion is detected. When winter time light is scarce for recharging it is always nice to know that the lights will not waste their energy by staying on full time. They turn on and off when appropriate to save those charges for when it counts the most. On most outdoor solar motion lights you can adjust the lenght of time they will stay on after movement has ceased.

Motion Sensor Spot Lights

Motion sensor spot lights are a great way to be sure that the places that you need to light up the most are well lit on demand. This can be as simple as having a bright light to park under or it can be a great way to light up the back door to your business when there is a rustle about. You can also use is as an accent light to increase the power of other lighting in the area.

Using lights for safety starts with looking around your business or property and finding the most vulnerable areas. If you have dark places, likely hiding spots, or areas where it is easy to break into your business these are the kind of lights that help deter breaking and entering.

Outdoor Security Lights

For anyone that has a business in a high crime area, or has valuables to protect outdoor security lights are an essential part of keeping your business protected. Lights are actually a better deterrent than a weapon. There is no engagement but it serves as a warning to an individual.

That warning can be taken quite seriously as no one who is about to commit a burglary wants to get caught. Since you are not engaging, there is no need for a criminal to feel trapped or threatened. They simply want to leave and find a less complicated house to enter.

Porch Lights

Of course, porch lights are often the simplest form of security lighting. They help to keep the back door area constantly lit and are a statement of presence at the place of business. Avoiding the dark and keeping the porch light on has been a tradition in communities since they were lanterns to be lit by fire.

Maintaining a business where there is always ample lighting is a way to make sure accidents don’t happen and intruders become wary. There is always room for lighting no matter what kind of business you are in.

Outdoor motion lights give you and your business partners peace of mind. They are easy to install and are low maintenance. The light bulbs rarely need to be replaced because they do not burn consistently throughout the night. And the solar panels are maintenance free as well, although a clean once a year is a good idea. With optional timer settings you can choose how long they burn when the motion sensor is set off.

Stay safe, make life easier, and always know what is going on outside your business with simple to use lights that turn on when needed.

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Outdoor party lights are more than just a festive way to help your guests see in the great outdoors. If you are hosting an outdoor party or event, lighting the area keeps everyone from stumbling through the dark. It’s simply practical. You can take it another step farther and get creative with your lighting.

For a backyard party, the way you string outdoor party lights will influence the way your guests gather and congregate. Most people create a perimeter and then criss-cross the lights inside that perimeter.

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You can do that, or you can string them to run in smooth lines that highlight the area progressively. The lights closest to the house may be spaced out farther than those that are farther from the house. This gives an even lighting scale throughout the garden or yard.

Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor string lights can be used to mark the preferred direction you want your guests to walk. You may not want the whole gang traipsing through the house when they first arrive. Highlighting a path or walkway that leads to the patio or back helps direct guests upon arrival.

Your outdoor party lights may very well inspire some new party ideas. The strings lights that are available today are often more festive, colorful, and have a definite theme attached in some cases. The lighting can be merely a decoration to help announce the theme.

Outdoor Party Ideas

Your outdoor party ideas should always include a set of outdoor lights. You can use color variations or you can actually get each individual theme in the form of a string of lights. Everything from holidays to national celebrations to anniversaries can be highlighted on a string.

In some instances you can even announce birthdays, baby showers, home comings, and other special personal events that call for a party. With each light string you will have not only a way to mark the event, but a great memento to keep marking the occasion just for you.

Outdoor Patio Lights

Of course, outdoor patio lights are an essential part of hosting a successful back yard party. This is often the area where the talking, connecting, and fun happens the most. You can find your patio filled with people on every brick. Lighting up this area keeps the connection going.

It really doesn’t matter what the occasion is or why you are hosting an outdoor party. What matters is the quality of the experience your guests have. You want people connecting, having fun, and socializing in a meaningful way. Keeping the lights on simply helps to create the ambiance that allows this to happen.

The best way to hang your outdoor party lights is the way that compliments your back yard and encourages people to stay and connect. Since there are many different ways to go about doing this, don’t be afraid to get creative. You may even combine light sets to make it special in some way.

Combining light sets gives you a chance to make your own party statement and light the areas that you want people hanging out in. If there are parts of the yard that you would prefer are avoided, you simply avoid hanging lights there. Most people will understand the point.

Your party will be a huge success as you set up the scene. Ambiance can take a hesitant guest and turn him into a social butterfly. It can make an arguing couple forget their problems for the evening. Ambiance is created with light.

Hanging outdoor party lights puts you in the mood as well. It’s an enjoyable way to start getting into your own festive mood. Once the lights are up and the guests arrive, the rest starts to fall into place almost completely by itself.

Outdoor Party Lights – Share Your Comments, Ideas, Advice & Photos Here!

Are your outdoor party lights your pride & joy? Do you have some great photos, advice, reviews or comments that can help other visitors, or a great story that you wish to share about your outdoor party lights? Then this is the place! Its quick and easy and there is no registration needed!

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There is no question that outdoor pendant lighting is both beautiful and useful. It helps you get in the house at night, keeps a warm light on for those who are yet to arrive, and lights the area to help deter theft. You can take it to the next level by using it to create some of the striking night time scenes that really grabs attention.

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Outdoor Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Before you choose your outdoor pendant lighting fixtures you will need to evaluate the conditions. Wet conditions require certain fixtures. There are those that will do just fine in a dry area, but make sure that the area stays dry even in a thunderstorm.

The fixtures that are approved for wet conditions are going to provide you with a more limited range of options, but you will not have to worry about anything shorting out in the middle of a bad storm. This can often be when you need the light the most.

The use of outdoor pendant lighting for purely decoration purposes is very popular. Yet, if you’re going to have a light that is attractive against a setting that is truly beautiful, why not make sure the light provides a function as well? There are many functional lights that can create the stunning scene you want.

Black Outdoor Pendant

The use of decorative wreaths or even silk flower arrangements against the back portion of a black outdoor pendant fixture can spark a beautiful arrangement. If you are adding the light to a front porch you want to go with large, highly visible adornments. This gives it curb appeal all the way from the curb.

If you are using it on a back porch, you can go with smaller adornments that are daintier or less bold. These arrangements are typically seen when entertaining or if you use the back entrance as the main entrance for the family.

Rustic Outdoor Pendant

The use of a rustic outdoor pendant can create some very interesting arrangements. These can be appropriate for seaside looks complete with antique buoy rings, old oars, and antique rope. You can use them for the cabin in the woods look. If you live in a wooded area and have a home that sparks wilderness images, this can be the perfect accent to upgrade your home.

Of course, you can use the rustic look for newer homes as well. Some are simply gorgeous and classy and will match almost any outdoor dĂŠcor. If you are looking for something unique and versatile, rustic is often the way to go.

Outdoor Pendant Light Installation

Outdoor pendant lighting is not difficult to install. It is important that you remember the basic rules of electrical safety and make sure that all power to that specific area of the home is off. Do not even attempt installation on a wet, damp, or even overly humid day. It is not safe and the moisture is likely to get trapped in the elements and burn out the light sooner rather than later.

Use a voltage tester in order to be absolutely sure that there is no electrical current. Even with the breaker switched off, it is still quite possible to have a lingering current. If you take the time to check you will be sure that there is no power to the lines you need to access.

The imagination can run wild when it comes to how to increase the decorative value of outdoor pendant lighting. For every style there is a matching ambiance that you can create. Many of the fixtures are not only beautiful but are also versatile, allowing you to make adjustments to the scene whenever you would like.

Outdoor Pendant Lighting – Share Your Comments, Ideas, Advice & Photos Here!

Are your outdoor pendant lighting your pride & joy? Do you have some great photos, advice, reviews or comments that can help other visitors, or a great story that you wish to share about your outdoor pendant lighting? Then this is the place! Its quick and easy and there is no registration needed!

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The Outdoor Landscape Lighting Universe helps you to improve the look of your house, garden and estate.

There are many houses and gardens that look great in the daytime, but when the evening settles, they become invisible and overlooked.

This does not need to be so!

With some good outdoor lights, you can make your house and garden look great, even in the dark.

It will also increase the security of your estate as it becomes harder to hide in the dark for any potential burglars or other criminals.

The outdoor landscape lighting universe is huge. We will help you to chose some quality and tasteful lights for your outdoor areas by giving your unbiased advice. You will then be able to make your own informed decision about your outdoor lights.

Lighting Universe

There exists a great lighting universe of both old style and modern lighting today. The out door lights for the home and garden, include:

And for the festive moments, there are all kinds of outdoor lighting, including:

If your estate is commercial, you have a great variety to chose from, including:

These options do not need to cost an arm and a leg in utility and maintenance bills. There are many quality outdoor motion sensor that can ensure the lights are only on when needed.

We hope that we will be able to help you decide on what is the best for you in the outdoor landscape lighting universe. And we would love to hear from you. On most of our pages there is a comment section where you can share your comments, ideas, advice and photos. We look forward to hearing from you :-)

The Outdoor Landscape Lighting Universe Company

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Outdoor Halloween lights can take the ordinary decorations and turn them into extraordinary decorations. Your home and property can be a spooky but safe environment for everyone. Kids will creep by and adults will love the look you create all with a little bit of well placed lighting.

The use of decorations is only half of the setting. How you light it up is really what makes it great. When you can create an ambiance that is perfect for the night, your whole scene becomes the talk of the neighborhood. A few props and some creative lighting will make the night extra special.

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Outdoor Pumpkin Lights

Using outdoor pumpkin lights adds a little something extra. These are the lights that offer a bit of welcoming. After all, you don’t want the little ones to be too afraid to stop by. If you are throwing a party you can use them to light a pathway, and even string them up inside for effect.

Using higher quality lights is always a good idea. You will want to make sure that the strands are approved for outdoor use and that the general theme is well represented. For simple lighting, these little strands can be just enough dĂƒÂŠcor to let the neighborhood know you’re participating in the events.

Outdoor Halloween Props

The use of outdoor Halloween props can be where you really get expressive. With the creative use of props, you can start the spooking of passersby early. When placing props try them out in different places to get the greatest effect. Walking up and down the street in front of your home is very helpful for proper placement.

If you have barriers, shrubs, or blind spots it’s always a good idea to place a scary prop where it will not be seen until the Trick or Treat crew is right up on it. This little element of surprise can go a long way on a night like this.

Outdoor Lighted Halloween Decorations

Outdoor lighted Halloween decorations can also be used to create something special. When the decorations light up they stand out on their own but are still part of a great scene. The lighting helps to ensure that your best pieces won’t be missed or overlooked even if they are not right in front.

Placing decorations for scary looks or for fun looks requires a bit of skill. Using the area you have as completely as possible is usually the best way to go. For the most part, the decorative pieces will attract the attention of everyone, and having an impressive yard or walkway can be all you need to be a popular stop on the candy route.

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

All of your outdoor Halloween decorations can be used to their fullest when you add things like smoke, backlighting, and even colored flood lighting. You can even dress up and become part of the landscape, scaring everyone as you become the decoration that moves and speaks.

Have fun with your outdoor Halloween lights. This is the time of year to go all out and make the scenes look as big and bold as you possibly can. You don’t have to go overboard. You just want to ensure that you are creating the look that you want to get the most out of the night.

Whether you use outdoor Halloween lights or a combination of decorations and lighting you can make the evening a scream with creepy ideas that only you can bring to life. If you are having fun, your guests and the Trick or Treat crews will also be having fun. That is, of course, what the entire holiday is about. Joining the fun is often as simple as going with the flow and letting your inner monster hang out.

Outdoor Party Lights – Share Your Comments, Ideas, Advice & Photos Here!

Are your outdoor party lights your pride & joy? Do you have some great photos, advice, reviews or comments that can help other visitors, or a great story that you wish to share about your outdoor party lights? Then this is the place! Its quick and easy and there is no registration needed!

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Yard lights can make a big difference on your garden and other outdoor areas at nighttime. In the daytime everyone can see your garden and find their way around without any problems. However, when nightfall sets in, its another story. Yard lights can make a big difference here.

Yard lights serve several purposes. It can serve a functional role, so you can find your way to your door when you get home at nighttime. It can serve a more festive role, by enlarging your party area to also include the garden. And lastly, it also serves a protective role. Burglars will be more hesitant to rob a house that is well lit. Thieves prefer to operate in the dark – not in a floodlit area where everyone can see them.

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Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be very decorative and change the entire perception of your home and garden. And best of all, it does not have to cost a lot of money to install yard lights. However, before you start, you should outline what you would like to be illuminated by your outdoor landscape lighting. Do not just go off and start buying outdoor lights and fixtures.

There are many different kind of landscape lighting and there are many levels of prices. There is a big difference between watertight outdoor lighting and non-watertight outdoor lighting. If you are considering buying non-watertight outdoor lights, make sure that where you put them will never get wet – not even in a storm with heavy rain. Not only could they break in the storm but it might be the time you need them the most.

Low Voltage yard Lights

Low voltage yard lights is an excellent choice for areas that do not require a lot of light and where the light will be on for most of the time. By choosing low voltage lights, such as 12V outdoor lights, you could save a neat sum of money in electricity bills.

Another good use of low voltage yard lights is for pathways and drives. Usually these are in the front of the house so they could be left on for long periods of time – sometimes the entire night. Having your pathway and drive lit will enhance your home’s features, make your guests feel welcome when they arrive, and serve as a security measure as well.

Solar Yard Lights

Solar yard lights are becoming more and more popular. Like low voltage yard lights they do not give off a huge amount of light. However, these solar powered yard lights do not consume any electricity. The batteries are recharging during the day when the sun is out and then shine in the night. A drawback is that if it is not very sunny, then they will not shine for that long in the evening.

You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of solar yard lights here.

Installation of Yard Lighting

Installation of yard lighting is different than the annual traditional decoration of the house with Christmas yard lights. Firstly, the yard lighting will be up for a long time, not just during the holiday season. Secondly, yard lighting usually also serve a practical purpose, such as lighting a specific area. Christmas yard lights are mostly decorative, however, lights around the BBQ can be decorative as well, but they should also ensure that the BBQ area is well lit so it is safe to BBQ at nighttime.

Unless you are installing solar yard lights, you will have a lot of wires when you install your yard outdoor landscape lighting. Do not dig them down straight away, but do try to leave them as much out of sight as you can. Then leave your outdoor lights on for several nights and walk around, imagine you are having a birthday party or family gathering. Which areas of your garden would you like to see brightly lit and which areas would you like to see dimly lit. And are there any pathways that need to be lit?

The outdoor landscape lighting universe is huge. So take your time to ensure that your landscape lighting will be just right. Good luck.

Yard Lights – Share Your Comments, Ideas, Advice & Photos Here!

Are your yard lights your pride & joy? Do you have some great photos, advice, reviews or comments that can help other visitors, or a great story that you wish to share about your yard lights? Then this is the place! Its quick and easy and there is no registration needed!

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Since the early 1990’s, solar security light has become more and more widespread. Not only are they more energy efficient, but they are also a lot more versatile. As solar powered security lights do not need any wiring, they can be installed places where regular lights would be hard to fit.

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Solar Powered Security Light

Solar powered security light is today no different from security lights from ordinary and LED lights.

Before, solar powered security lights required large solar panels to be able to recharge their batteries so they had enough power to shine the entire night. Some even had regular back-up batteries making them very heavy and bulky. However, today solar lights and solar lamps are becoming more and more energy efficient. And combined with more efficient solar cells, solar powered security light is now are real affordable option when choosing between your solar security light suppliers.

The solar lamp manufacturers have made huge progress in designing and manufacturing energy efficient solar powered lighting that is both cheap and reliable.

Solar Motion Sensor Light

Adding solar motion sensor light to your security lights, being solar powered or not, is an energy efficient choice. However, it is not suitable for all areas.

Solar motion sensor lights are fine for your home or smaller business area where you would like to deter thief’s. However, for bigger industrial sites, you might want to keep the area lit at all times. You can add additional lights which will be triggered by motion sensors, but the majority of the area should be kept lit at all times.

Even though motion sensors will reduce your energy bill, you could potentially save more by keeping your business area lit at all times. Your insurance premium could be reduced if you keep your business area lit in the night.

Solar Lamp

A solar lamp is becoming a more and more popular choice. Not only are they becoming close to regular and LED lights pricewise, but the low level of maintenance required are making them a very popular choice.

Maintenance is really straightforward.. If you notice that the lights start to go weaker at an earlier hour, you should clean the solar panels. This could be caused by dirty solar panels. It is recommended to clean the solar panels at least once or twice a year to keep your solar powered security lights in perfect working condition.

A solar security light is not a very sophisticated unit. The solar lamp uses LED technology to keep energy consumption efficient. And the solar panel that powers the unit is today quite small and discreet. If you are in an area that can go without sun for an extended period it is possible to buy solar security lights with back-up batteries. These will obviously be more bulky and more expensive.

Another great feature of solar powered security lights is that they can be moved around very easily. As they do not have any wiring, you only need to loosen the light from the wall or ground and move it to its new location.

Out Door Lights – Share Your Comments, Ideas, Advice & Photos Here!

Are your out door lights your pride & joy? Do you have some great photos, advice, reviews or comments that can help other visitors, or a great story that you wish to share about your out door lights? Then this is the place! Its quick and easy and there is no registration needed!

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Out door lights are a simple but effective way to rejuvenate your landscaping. With so many variations and options it is almost impossible not to come up with a combination that works for your property. Residential and business properties often need a little sprucing up over time. And it adds to your property’s security as well.

Instead of redoing the landscaping, adding outdoor landscape lighting creates a totally new ambiance for much less. You can save money while recreating the look of your property.

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Low Voltage Outdoor Lights

Low voltage outdoor lights create a soft, beautiful glow that consumes less energy. These are great for landscapes that are highly colorful. Even in the dark, the color reflects the lighting with just enough emphasis to provide a backdrop scenery to get excited about.

Sometimes you want to create an ambiance that is light and airy versus bright and bold. You have to look at the overall picture in order to determine what is really right for your home or business.

Outdoor Solar Lights

For energy efficient out door lights you have the option of using outdoor solar lights. These are often easier to place, move, arrange, and rearrange because you don’t have to deal with wires.

If you place the outdoor solar lights in one area and wait for night fall you can assess the arrangement and come back as many times as you need to for adjustments. The various styles, sizes, and heights make it easy to create the scene that you are the happiest with. You do not have to dig up the yard or find creative methods of hiding the wiring.

As with all out door lights you will want to make sure that you are constructing a scene that is pleasurable versus creating a scene that is blinding to drivers and passersby at night. Softer lights are often a good way to ensure that this is the result. You should also check from a pedestrian’s viewpoint and a driver’s viewpoint before settling on any single arrangement.

With a full layout you can create visually stimulating scenes by combining lights. You can use different types and strengths to accent certain areas of the landscaping. By doing this, you bring attention to the best parts in a subtle manner. Always be sure the softer lights are highlighting color or an area where the foliage is lower. It makes a better design.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be made in any number of ways. You may be able to find that the out door lights that you like best have variations in design and height. Height variation is actually a great way to make the entire area look brighter without over saturating the garden with too much landscape light.

Instead, you can elevate lighting to give the radius a larger circle. The casting from the bulbs, regardless of their strength, will go farther out from a higher point of elevation. This will help the overall lighting while minimizing the number of lights you need to create the look you want.

Give yourself plenty of time to figure out how you want to place the lighting. Unless you are using wireless units, you will have to make a firm decision. By placing the lighting units in various places temporarily you can check out the scene in the dark and make the final adjustments as necessary.

If you need to bury wires, tape them as far out of sight as possible during the construction phase. As you get the look you want you can do permanent installations for the fixtures. Out door lights create a fantastic new look for just about any garden or landscaped area. The difference can bereally impressive.

Out Door Lights – Share Your Comments, Ideas, Advice & Photos Here!

Are your out door lights your pride & joy? Do you have some great photos, advice, reviews or comments that can help other visitors, or a great story that you wish to share about your out door lights? Then this is the place! Its quick and easy and there is no registration needed!

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Patio Design – Expanding Your Home Outdoors

by: Nicholas Webb

A patio can be just like another room in your house. Effective patio design can mean that your increase the floor space of your home, by adding an outside room that allows you to entertain like never before. A patio can just be a rectangular slab of concrete with some plastic chairs and griller, but it can also be so much more.

What comes to mind when you think of a patio?

Patio design gives you the opportunity to create an outside living area – an extension of your home – for entertaining and relaxing all year round. For instance, people who like to entertain may want to consider a patio with an undercover kitchen and dining area. By adding a barbecue grill, a built in fridge and some quality outdoor furniture, the patio can, in itself, become a feature of your home.

When commencing a new patio design, it is important to remember that your new outdoor entertaining area does not need to be expensive. There are a variety of different patio surfaces to fit a particular style or budget, including concrete pavers, natural clay stones and bricks. There is no need to stick to one type of paving or surface – experiment. Pebbles, gravels, bricks and tiles, can all be incorporated. A contrasting brick edge can also be effective. Similarly, patio shades need not be extensive, just enough to cover the main cooking and eating areas; after all, why block out the view of your gorgeous garden in the midday sun or the stars in the sky on a clear night.

Consider textures, colors, and materials before starting

One of the most important considerations of patio design is landscaping. Plants help to soften the hard surface of a patio floor by providing color, texture and fragrance and they set the mood for an outdoor living space. Further, you might also like to consider the use of a water feature and some soft low voltage lighting or candles, to create a stunning patio setting for night time entertaining.

Finally, selecting the right furniture is the key to the perfect patio design. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on the right setting; more importantly you want to select items that are durable, basic in color and rich in style and sophistication. Consider resin coated wicker or rattan pieces that can be dressed up with different cushions and throw rugs. These items can be changed regularly to cater for a themed party or more simply, to match the changes in your flourishing flower beds.

A patio design can be as elaborate or as straightforward as you want it to be. Patios can be arranged in any shape and size and can be refreshed regularly just like the interior of your home. Outdoor entertaining is an increasing pastime – enjoy it with family and friends!========================

When the days start to get shorter, the darkness may drive us inside from our porches, patios or decks. Don’t despair – outdoor lighting can lengthen the day and dramatically extend the potential of our outdoor living spaces.

The first step, as with any project, is to plan. How do you want to use this space after dark, and what lighting will you need? Lighting can be summarized in four categories:

Security lighting is needed in highly vulnerable areas of your property. Because it is bright and often motion activated, keep it away from the living areas so that it’s not distracting. Alternatively, have your security lighting on a manual on/off switch so that you can override automatic illumination.
Task lighting is for performing specific activities such as grilling or walking safely up and down steps and along paths. You should place task lighting between your eyes and the object that needs to be lighted and should take care that it does not glare. An overly bright light will blind rather than guide.
Accent lighting adds drama or can highlight an unusual feature. Uplighting, for example can illuminate an interesting piece of statuary. Silhouetting, achieved by placing a light between an object and a fence or wall, dramatically displays an unusual tree or bush.
General or ambient lighting provides overall illumination so that people feel comfortable and look good. The most magical of lighting imitates what is found in nature – moonlight or starlight. Moonlighting is produced by hanging lights in mature trees, pointing downward to produce a dappled effect, as if the area were lit by a full moon. The look of starlight can be achieved through the use of flickering candles, sprinkled here and there throughout the space, or by suspending tiny lights in the branches of a tree to create a sparkling night time canopy. Of course, there are many other attractive types of light – some just plain fun!
No matter what type of lighting you choose, it will be powered by one of these sources.

Fire is the oldest source of light and considered by some to be the most romantic. Flames, produced by candles or oil-burning lamps, are warm and flattering to faces, and have a hypnotic effect that induces calm and relaxation. Firelight on reflected surfaces such as ponds, mirrors and even gazing balls is a particularly effective way to create atmospheric lighting and enhance the impression of light.
Try snaking a row of candles along a garden path or suspending them in glass jars from branches. An array of tiki burning torches can add an exotic touch to your patio area. Although torches are designed to withstand a reasonable amount of wind, it’s best to provide as much protection as possible to any open flame and never leave one unattended.

Solar-powered lights are an easy and portable choice for outdoor lighting. Some lights have a collector panel that can be concealed behind shrubbery, while others contain their own energy cell and absorb the sun’s rays even on a cloudy day.
Battery-operated and rechargeable units are also wireless and very portable while in use.
Line-powered or hard-wired lights are connected to the electrical system of your home. Weatherproof lamps may be plugged directly into an outdoor socket. Wire for lighting that is further from the house runs through buried conduits. The most permanent of outdoor lighting, it is also the most expensive, sometimes costing in the tens of thousands of dollars. It should be installed by a licensed electrician.
Low-voltage units also connect to the electrical system of your home, but are fitted with a transformer that reduces the electrical current from 120 volts to a safer supply of 12 volts. Although they are less durable than line-powered fixtures, they are also a lot less expensive and are ideal for a small outside space where only short cable runs are required. They are designed for an easy do-it-yourself installation.
Whatever your light source, keep these tips in mind:

Less is more in lighting. Be subtle: try to hide lights where possible and use a low watt bulb.
Avoid setting lights in straight lines up and down paths, drives or patio edges. This “airport runway” effect is a very common error.
Yellow lights are unflattering to both people and plants. Where possible, install blue-white bulbs or purchase daylight-blue filters for your fixtures.
Position outside lights where they are easily accessible for changing light bulbs. Investing in long-life outdoor bulbs will make the maintenance even easier.
With any unit requiring electricity, use the protection of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) on all outdoor circuits.
Don’t let the sun dictate the use of your outdoor space. Get outside after dark and light up the night!


Landscape lighting can add a beautiful quality to any home. There are many choices available to someone who is considering it. Landscape lighting, and any outdoor lighting, can help protect a home as well as keep people from stumbling in the yard. Mainly, people purchase landscape lighting to enhance the appearance of their yard or landscaping.

There are many types of landscape lighting. You can purchase low voltage landscape lighting is recommended if you are interested in conserving energy. Another option to conserving energy is solar landscape lighting. Solar, or from the sun, is powered from the suns rays. It stores energy during the day while the sun is out and then, at night, when it is dark, they are lit using this saved energy. They give off a faint glow that really can light up a little area or large area. These types of outdoor landscape lighting can be great ways to light your yard cost efficiently.

If you are considering doing work on your landscaping, consider landscape lighting design. Designing a beautifully light yard can be tough work, but there are professionals that can help you. For example, something that can be done is light a walkway to the front steps to your home or line the driveway with lights from the street to your garage. Maybe you would prefer to focus your lights on a single bush or tree that is special in some way or to shine on a flag.

When considering landscape lighting, ensure that you think of safety first. Consider speaking with a professional to help you design what you would like your yard to look like. Consider as well using energy efficient landscape lighting such as solar or low voltage. Landscape lighting can add beauty and charm to a home when it is done properly and safely.


Aaaah, autumn! It’s the perfect time to entertain outdoors — most of the bugs are gone, the sun isn’t scorching even though it’s warm enough to enjoy an afternoon or evening al fresco, and there’s a bounty of good things to serve for an outdoor meal.

Because the days are shorter in the autumn, outdoor entertaining in the fall calls for special attention to lighting and temperature.


The earlier sunset will afford you an ideal opportunity to bathe your outdoor space in evening lights. Use soft light, but use plenty of it. Try dozens of votive candles in jars and glasses to protect the flame from the wind, hurricane lamps, or kerosene lanterns set on low. Create cozy seating areas and equip each with a glowing light source.


The method you’ll use to chase the chill from the night will vary depending on your climate and your outdoor space. If you have a yard (and community by-laws allow), a campfire is a wonderful informal party setting. In smaller gardens, consider self-contained fire pits or a chimenea.

For a more formal affair, you can install a propane-powered heater. These units are available in a range of heating powers and prices. Or, drape attractive throws or quilts on each chair for your guests to wrap around their shoulders to ward off the night air.

Of course, you’ll want to take advantage of the wonderful colors and textures of autumn in your decorating scheme and table settings.


Autumn’s colors are deep and rich — russet, crimson, burnt orange, gold, dark green, and the color of hay. Use these hues repeatedly in tablecloths and settings, flowers, centerpieces, and even the food. Scoop out pumpkins and other squash and fit them with containers of water to make vases. Mass potted mums in vivid colors. Use orange Chinese lanterns, bright rosehips, stems of red or orange berries, or chilies. Wrap vibrant maple or sumac leaves around votive candleholders or napkin rings. Sunflower heads can be strewn on the tabletop, or left on the flower stalks in a container.


The textures of fall are earthy and rustic. Especially play these up if your gathering is informal — a corn roast, a bonfire, a jeans and sweater evening. Use burlap or rough cotton to cover your buffet table, and dish towels as napkins. Weigh down your tablecloth with apples or pears hung on rough twine. Or use rattan placemats and wicker baskets. Terracotta pot saucers make great paper plate holders.

If you’re hosting a fancy sit-down outdoor dinner, use the subtler textures of hydrangea blossoms and colored leaves on a linen tablecloth. Try bringing your indoor dining table outdoors for the evening-it will add unexpected elegance to your setting. Paint gold lettering on small gourds to use as place cards. Grace your table with late-blooming roses in crystal vases.

Whether you hold a harvest hoedown or a stylish sit-down dinner party for eight, fall for outside entertaining this autumn!


Believe it or not, landscaping can be an important part of a good home security plan. A burglar who is “casing the joint” from the street will choose the house with tall shrubs and trees that provide hiding places. Homes with little or no outdoor lighting are preferred targets as well.

So, how can you landscape to protect against burglars while still creating an aesthetically pleasing yard? Here are a few tips:

You don’t need to eliminate trees, but keep them trimmed back from your house; tree branches can be used as a ladder if they are next to a window or skylight.

Mow your lawn regularly; an unkempt lawn can suggest to a thief that the owners are away on a trip.

Store ladders, lawn chairs, and picnic tables out of sight lest they be used as a means to reach high windows.

Trim back shrubs growing near doors and walkways, keeping them 3 feet or shorter in height. Also, don’t allow shrubs to block any of your windows.

Adding gravel under windows makes for noisy footing for would-be thieves.

Consider planting thorny bushes (of the low growing variety) around windows. Some examples are: Hawthorne, Rose Shrub, and Barberry.

Forgo privacy and keep your trees and shrubs trimmed back in order to allow a clear view of the outside of your house. Having neighbors that can see your doors and windows can help deter thieves even if you happen to be out of town.

Keep your yard well lit. Motion-detecting lights make decent choices; body heat-triggered sensors are even better (less likely to be triggered by a waving branch or a passing animal).

Dogs are not a complete home security plan, but can make good home protectors because they have keener hearing than humans, along with a propensity for barking at strangers. Dogs training can help your dog learn exactly what you want him to do.


You can use flexible track lighting in your home in a variety of ways. Some good ideas include highlighting artwork, giving enhanced lighting to task centers, and improving the look and feel of your home. Modern flexible track lighting gives you the ability to use light for a powerful effect in a way that standard lighting cannot. Flexible track lighting is much more versatile than other types of lighting.
Since the tracks are flexible you can move them to create the right effect. Before deciding to install flexible track lighting take some time to assess your lighting needs. One way to do this is by spending time in the various areas within a room and determininghow lighting can give the best impact in the space.
Once you know the look you want it will be easier to decide on the right type of lighting. If you want to room to appear larger you will get by using your flexible track lighting to throw a wash of light on the wall. Think about what other types of lighting you plan to have in the room. Will you only use track lighting or would you rather layer in other types of lights? When you install flexible track lighting you can put up a runner on which you can place several types of fixtures.
You will get a modern look and feel with flexible track lighting. It will look best in a home with a contemporary design style. Once you have decided that a flexible track lighting system is the right choice you will have a few other choices to make. You will first need to decide which type of system works best for you. You will need to choose between various track layouts including a cross layout, grid layout, and straight run.
You can also find layouts that look like letters of the alphabet like H, L, and T. The type of layout that is right for you will depend on the lighting effect you want and the shape of the room. It is important that you take the time to determine you lighting needs prior to purchasing lighting fixtures. This will help you pick the lamps and voltage that will work best for you.

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