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Reading a book last night that I have read to my son many times I thought I should share it with you if it is one you have not read. Growing up on A Light in The Attic and Dr Seuss Type reading I enjoy one that moves me and this one does.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silvertein is a great read for all. (kids book, my son is going on 3) The story is of a boy and a tree who are friends and the boy plays in the tree when young and it makes the boy happy. As the boy gets older he comes to visit on occasion and the tree is so excited to see him but the grown up boy has worries of life and the tree every time offers itself to better the life of its friend. So Little by little the tree is widdled away to sell, build and profit the boy. In the end the boy comes by as an old elderly man and the tree says ” I have nothing left to give, I am just a stump ” and the old man replies that he just needs a place to sit and the tree offers itself to the old man as a seat and the man sits down and the tree is happy.
I do not know if I did the story justice but the point is that tree’s are living organism’s just like you and me and they offer themselves up to us for our benefit.

Tree’s around buildings often need removal (for various reason, read some of our blogs) and I think it is all of our responsibilities to make sure that we recycle tree debris when tree’s are cut. Over the years I have cut down allot of tree’s. I started as a young man working in Arkansas on a crew cutting to supply firewood demands in the Ozark mountains. As I grew older I have been a part of many Residential and Commercial
Tree Services

as my family has produced several. In different locations less aware of their environment I have witnessed others waste a limited resource and I have made a conscious effort early to recycle ALL of our green debris. We still to this day are Recycling Green Tree Debris in San Diego by allowing some to go to meet our local firewood demands (people burn fireplaces and I feel it is a great way to reduce the amount of tree’s cut by putting a tree scheduled for removal into that market benefiting a possible tree that may be cut just to burn), also we contribute towards mulch and compost programs and finally we love to see the wood used by artist (some for carving other’s to mills that create doors/tables etc.)
I hope that we all can download or buy this book, reading it to our kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids and friends, trying to help spread the seeds of organic recycling and environmental responsibility for generations to come!