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Air conditioners have changed a lot over the years. Some models do a lot more than just cool the air. Figuring out the features of the various types and styles of air conditioners available on the market can be very difficult when you are looking to buy one.

There are a lot of decisions that should be made before buying an air conditioner. The most important is to make sure that the air conditioning unit that you purchase will be the appropriate size for the space that you are trying to cool. So, what are the features that you should look for when buying an air conditioning unit? Here are just a few that you might like to review before purchasing a unit.

Having an energy efficient air conditioning unit will lessen your cooling costs. The more energy efficient your air conditioner is the less your energy bill will be. It’s as simple as that. That is why when you evaluate each of the cooling devices you need to always remember although you may have to spend more on an energy efficient unit to begin with, it will save you money in the long run. By considering this factor you will also be doing your part to help the environment.
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With just about every air conditioning unit controlling humidity is a very important addition to cooling. The humidification capabilities of every model are different. Some units have separate humidification settings for those days that are more humid than hot. Even when you need both, controlling the cooling and humidification capabilities independently is always better.
The capability to be able to switch an air conditioning on and off at different times can also be a factor that can provide you with convenience while at the same time save you money. Leaving your air conditioning unit running all day when you are no wastes energy and money. Have a programmable thermostat can allow you to be able to adjust the temperature when you are away or at home.
Air conditioning units come in different shapes and sizes. So you need to make sure that the unit you decide on will work best in your home. Do your research well in advance and you will be glad that you did.
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Often times an air conditioning unit is seen as an object to systematically make a room cold. The main goal of an air conditioning unit is to make the room comfortable. We often take the cool air in our homes for granted. We generally think little about our air conditioning units even though they make our lives more comfortable.


Usually, our air conditioning awareness only emerges when we see that our energy costs have risen up. A high energy bill can motivate us to find ways to have a more energy-efficient air conditioner. There are ways to help our air conditioning unit be more energy efficient. Efficiency in air conditioning is vital for reducing the energy bills and consumption, and for preserving the environment.

Selecting a sensible temperature setting is a good idea. For example, if the temperature outside is 90°, walking into a room that is set at 65° is too much of a change. The ideal setting should have been set at a level that feels not too hot and not to cold, but just right.. Having a temperature of 72 will make the room very comfortable and reduce the stress that is being put on your air conditioning unit.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping you air conditioning clean is a must. Dirty, clogged, and old air filters are the most common causes for an air conditioning unit to not work properly. When the units’ air filter gets too dirty, the unit may not be able to pump cool air through. This does not only mean that your house is not going to be properly cooled, but it could also mean that you are burning out your air conditioning units’ motor. Failure to keep the air filter clean will result in costly repairs or may cause total system failure down the road. By checking your air conditioning units’ filter every month and replacing it when it looks dirty is especially important during months of heavy use. An added benefit to this is the fact that a clean air filter may help prevent allergens from circulating into the air.

Preventive maintenance can save you a lot of money in repair costs by catching small problems that might turn into bigger, more expensive problems later on. If you are using your air conditioning unit on a daily basis you should have the system checked at least once a year. Preventive maintenance is very important in maintaining coolant gas levels. If leaking happens, the unit has to work a lot harder in order to maintain the set temperatures. Eventually the gas levels will become too low to create the necessary pressure to achieve cooling.

Sealing Air Ducts

Sealing and insulating your air ducts can improve the efficiency of your central air conditioning unit by over 20 percent. It is especially recommended that you seal the ducts that run through your garage, basement, attic or crawlspace. You can use mastic or foil tape to seal all of the seams and connections of your air ducts. After sealing the seams, wrap those ducts in insulation so that you can keep your cool air cooler. It is also important to ensure that these ducts are kept clear so that the air is free to run when required.

By following these tips you will be insured that the life expectancy of your equipment will be extended. It will work best when they are regularly serviced and cleaned. If one part fails, so does the other parts. Keeping all the parts in good condition will ease the strain on the air conditioning unit and cut your electricity costs and he unit will function much better on the long run, and it can last much longer than a unit that has not been sufficiently maintained.

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For quality ac repair, ac maintenance, and ac installation service 24/7, you can count on Air Zero. Our number one goal is to provide each and every one of our customers with the best service and most competitive pricing around.

Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance
When the hot summer heat blows in, the last thing you want to happen is for your air conditioning system to go on the blink. That is why it is of utmost importance for you to do whatever you can to take care of your ac unit. As you know, it is very important to have routine maintenance and tune-ups on the vehicles we drive. Well, the same principle applies to our ac units. Think about it, those units work hard day in and day out to take out the hot air and bring in the cool. After a while, they need a little tender love and care to help them continue to run efficiently and smoothly. Regular maintenance checks from a reputable ac repair company such as Air Zero can help to ensure your air conditioning system stays working when you need it most.

Without having your air conditioner unit properly maintained over the years, you could end up with some major ac repair bills or having to have your ac unit replaced altogether. Every year your ac unit could be losing up to 5% of its operating efficiency. Added up over time that can really add up to some high energy bills. Not to mention, without properly maintaining your unit, your unit will start having to work a lot harder to provide you with the cool air you need to keep your home comfortable. Extra stress on your system may end up damaging the unit. This may end up costing a lot extra in ac repairs. If you properly care for your unit now it can continue working for years. Heat Pump Pricing Tampa Fl

Save Money With Regular AC Maintenance
If you really want to avoid having an ac unit break down when you need it most, it is very important that you do what you need to do to maintain it. Even a little routine maintenance early on may end up saving you a lot of headache and money down the road. However, sometimes even with regular maintenance, an air conditioning unit can mess up. That is why you need an ac service that has a reputation for being reliable and dependable.

If you like to save money and have quality and priority service, then Air Zero`s Maintenance Savings Club is just for you. When you join up, you can have peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning system will be properly maintained to perform at its peak operating performance year after year.

Actually there are several things that can go wrong with an air conditioning unit. Although you make do everything you know to take care of your system, every now and then you may need ac repair. Here are a few of the most common causes of ac repair:

-worn out or broken belts
-loose or bent fan blades
-loose compressors
-fan rubbing on coils or on the blower cage
-dirty fans
-dying compressor
-dry bearings because of lack of use or old age

Excellent Customer Service
We do whatever is necessary to provide prompt, reliable, courteous, and quality service for both residential and commercial air conditioning and heating systems. Our friendly staff is ready to help you by scheduling an appointment for one of our expert HVAC technicians to come out and take care of your air conditioning and heating needs. Once the problem is diagnosed, we will do what is necessary to get your system back up and functioning properly so that you can stay comfortable in your home or office building. And the best part is that we do it all at a price you can afford.

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Whether you have kids, pets, or it`s just yourself in your Florida home, staying cool when temperatures reach triple digits can actually be an important health and safety concern. We offer round-the-clock, prompt emergency air conditioner repair service for your peace of mind. Just call us any day of the week, night or day. Our friendly service team is standing by ready to schedule your service call. Call
Heat Pump Installation | Clearwater | St. Petersburg
As hot as it gets here in Florida, when the temperatures drop to the high 30s or 40s in the winter months, Florida residents feel the cold, too. That’s why Air Zero provides heat pump installations for the residents of Pinellas County, including Clearwater and St. Pete.

Our number one goal at Air Zero is to keep you comfortable — that means air conditioner service and maintenance in the summer months, and heat pump installations to keep you comfortable and save you money all year long.

Heat Pumps: Save Money and Reduce Oil Dependency
A heat pump is a cost-effective way to keep your home warm when the weather cools down, while saving money on your home heating bills. With the price of oil what it is today, a heat pump is an energy-efficient, less expensive way to both heat and cool your home.

What is a Heat Pump?
A heat pump is a special type of air conditioner that also warms your home by means of a reversing valve and defrost board and a meter to detect the outside air temperature.

An air conditioner’s evaporator (one of an air conditioner’s three main parts, along with the compressor and condenser) takes hot air from your home. The compressor, which pumps refrigerant through the system, cools it down, and the air returns to the house as cold air. In the
winter, a heat pump reverses the cycle by reversing the flow of refrigerant. The evaporator absorbs the air from the outside, warms it, and brings it into the home to keep you warm when temperatures outside drop.

A heat pump operates effectively when the outside temperature is above 35 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the perfect, cost-effective solution for heating Pinellas County, Florida homes.

When you use a heat pump to heat and cool your home, you’ll receive just one bill for all your home heating and cooling, and the price you pay per month will be lower than what you pay for heating and cooling with separate systems.

Friendly, Professional Heat Pump Installations
At Air Zero, we are Florida natives, so we understand what it takes to keep the residents and businesses of Pinellas County, including Clearwater and St. Pete, comfortable. We run our company with Southern pride, which means we treat every customer as if their business is the most important thing in the world to us — because it is.

We have more than 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry and are recognized by the Better Business Bureau. But don’t just take our word for it; read what our satisfied customers have to say about our AC and heat pump installation and service.

We offer a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. And if your heat pump or air conditioner ever breaks, we offer round-the-clock emergency service. There’s no reason to be uncomfortable; just call us for fast, friendly, emergency AC and heat pump repair.

A Complete Line of Heat Pumps
We offer a complete line of heat pumps from all major manufacturers. Our heat pump experts will help you select the right size heat pump for your home to keep you comfortable and save you money.

Call Now! Our Heat Pump Experts Are On Call to Serve You
Tired of home heating fuel prices? Afraid of costs rising even more? A heat pump can be the answer for Pinellas County, Florida, homes and businesses. Every heat pump installation is backed by our Southern hospitality and 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

If you are like most, you like to save money. Well, at Air Zero, we feel the same way. That’s why we provide heat pump installation in all of the Pinellas County area, including Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Florida.

Here at Air Zero we are dedicated in keeping our customers happy. Not only do we do our best to keep you cool and comfortable, but we also do our best to save you money. With our complete line heat pumps, we can do just that. Heat pumps are a great alternative energy-efficient method to heating and cooling your house.

At Air Zero, we offer a complete line of heat pump installations and repairs. And our heat pump experts are willing and ready to come out and help you start saving energy and money off your heating and air conditioning bill.

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If you are tired of the high cost of home heating fuel, then maybe it’s time to get a heat pump system. With a heat pump installation, your heating and air bill will no longer be separate, but all on one bill and the bill will be lower than what you were used to paying.

If you are interested and want to know more about our heat pump installation, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll even come out and give you a free estimate! Give us a call today at 727-392-6111 to schedule your appointment for a free estimate and heat pump installation.
No matter when your home was built or what the physical configurations are, you can install the system for high performance heating and cooling splitairconditioners comfort. Crafted to weave around and through existing construction, splitairconditioners the flexibility of the system makes the system the perfect solution for retrofit applications. In fact, you”ll find there”s little or no remodeling required for installation. This allows homeowners the unique opportunity to maintain the architectural splitairconditioners integrity of their home while enjoying many advantages over conventional systems: Little Or No Remodeling – The system fits where other systems can”t. The flexible mini-ducts can be routed through existing cavities in the ceilings, walls and floors. The modular air handlers and coils can be installed easily into ceilings, crawlspaces and closets.

As we installed new energy-efficient windows in the existing buildings, we retrofitted with other energy-control devices, such as occupancy sensors that regulate not only lighting, but also heating and cooling,”. “Our energy savings went up, and we were able splitairconditioners to actually save additional chiller load.” In fact, a wide range of energy-saving heating and cooling technologies were splitairconditioners reviewed for the project, but many were found to be impractical. Indeed, many industry experts agree that many products and systems that look good on paper may splitairconditioners not be economically feasible for larger commercial buildings. Renewable resources such as geothermal, wind and solar power, for example, may be useful on a limited basis. Improvements to existing technology, on the other hand, more commonly make inroads into the final building specifications.

From floor to ceiling, air temperatures are even and drafts are eliminated. Removes 30 percent More Moisture – The system provides an excellent degree of comfort. Air in the system is passed directly over the evaporator coils at a colder temperature – 28° to 30°f colder for the system compared to 15° to 17°f for conventional systems. With this unique difference, the system removes 30 percent more moisture in the cooling mode than conventional systems. You”ll enjoy fresh, pure air and feel more comfortable, even in areas of the country with high humidity. Matches Any Décor – Outlets in the system are small and subtle. You can choose to install the outlets in the ceilings, walls or floors. To allow you to choose a look that best suits your decorating tastes, four outlet styles are available. You can also choose a wooden finish or plastic finish – and splitairconditioners choose splitairconditioners to paint or stain the outlet to match the coloring of your room. Once installed, the outlets blend into any décor.

Are you searching for new central air conditioner systems for your home or office? Visit our site and check out our complete information about the latest and greatest air conditioning technology. Shop our site and see how we can help you.

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