These are the alarming facts every dog owner should know to avoid receiving dog bite cases. For the record, the latest statistics on dog bites already rose to 4.7 million people last year in the United States alone.

Currently, there are now 62 million dogs in the US. In this number, there is a large percentage of homeowners buying fiercer breeds and leaving their dogs more often alone at home and most of them are left unsupervised and untrained.

For those who are not aware, most dog bite cases occur when a dog remained tied up in long periods of time or most of the time they spend the day by themselves and thus, not used to strangers. But of course, most of these dogs do not have the basic, proper training.

If you love dogs and currently has one at home, it is your responsibility to be liable to dog bites or dog inflicts that may occur if your dog bites another person. You may be aware that there is a law that states an owner is not liable if beforehand he/she is not aware that his or her dog will likely hurt someone. But you should also know that this law has already changed. Now, most states already make any owner liable for any kind of harm his/her dog causes to another person. Thus, as the pet owner, you should be able to train and socialize your dog. If you worry about the costs of dog training classes, no worries, there are actually a lot of humane societies that offer low cost basic dog obedience classes. It is highly recommended that you try to enrol your dog to one of these classes.

Also, please take a look at some further tips you can use below:

1. Do not let your dog run at large.

2. Always keep your dog’s vaccinations current.

3. Keep your dog out of stranger’s path such as sales people, mail carriers, and so on.

4. Keep your dog away from your front door.

Do not wait for the time when your dog bites another person. It is safe that you always keep yourself updated on how to properly train your dog and better ways to keep your dog away from places that will likely incur dog bites.


There have been questions that were addressed to vehicle accident attorneys over the years and such questions are very important in a lawsuit or settlement of a personal injury case. The fundamental question is- why do injury cases take a long time to settle? The answer to the question is simple and straight to the point if you ask a personal injury attorney.

When one has been is harmed; the lawyer can’t resolve a case until an analysis is supplied to him. What to we mean by prognosis? That’s the prediction of the probably course of an injury provided by the medical professionals. No matter what the injury case maybe, whether it’s a broken leg, broken arm, smashed wrist, or other severe orthopedic injuries, it usually requires at least 1 year and six months before the professional will be in a situation to suggest what the future course will be like. You and your lawyer must meet this requirement because it will add more value and significance to your case.

Personal Injury Lawyers San Antonio

Due to this process, you can’t negotiate a case a year after the accident. You must wait for a longer time. But usually, these cases will take 2½ years to settle with an experienced attorney. Good lawyers can do this with a committed team who will concentrate on your case throughout the period. They will file cases 6 months sooner than the usual time period. If you speak to a good attorney by the time the accident happened, you will be able to begin a case within 6 months. An expert will help you plan and work things out ahead of time so that the resolution of your case will not be prolonged.

What takes place after the lawsuit is the posting of the statement of claim, after which there will be the declaration of defense and assessment of updates. Within a couple of years from the accident, arbitration materialize. At this stage, you should realize that these cases don’t work like magic and you will need a working system with your lawyer to get things done at the shortest time possible. With efficiency, hard work, and determination, synergy and help from your attorney, you will be able to push your case to next stage.

It is also important to take note that some cases which a lot of time to process and it still depends upon the circumstances involved. If ever your injury is really substantial like a brain injury, it could sometimes take 4 or 5 years to resolve. The litigation procedure is long. But a good team work with an expert vehicle accident attorney will take your case one stage further.

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Whiplash Injury Claims – Whiplash is an injury often caused by traffic accidents, wherein the head and shoulders suddenly jerk forward, causing your spine stretch. This may inflict extreme pain, and is a genuine affliction, though lots of individuals have been known to fake it in order win ridiculous lawsuits.

Like any injuries, there exist methods to cure it, an ice pack will be required to cut down inflammation, and the individual will need to rest for approximately one day, so it is not really a deadly injury, but that does not by any means, mean that it should be taken lightly. No, it in fact needs to be considered seriously, because if we brush aside the smallest of injuries, the larger ones could be next. You also need to realize that this condition, while not life threatening tends to make an individual immobile for long periods of time, thereby making it unthinkable for that person to go to work. That means that they lose money, and therefore their lives are negatively affected. Of course there is worker’s compensation, however that might not pay enough to keep up your everyday life. So as you can see, it should not to be taken for granted.

Annually, 120,000 people are adversely affected by whiplash, and not only in car accidents, it can be a boating accident, climbing, or even a para sailing incident. What these accidents all have in common, is that they have been inflicted by a person, or or a thing. Some people will say that whiplash is nothing to be concerned over, however an injury that may cause someone to miss work for weeks at a time, and could possibly destroy the spinal column, is certainly something to be worried about!

You need to seek compensation for these injuries, and you must be diligent. You can’t allow others tell you to just allow the claim go quietly into the night, you need to peruse it, and you have to make sure you get every cent that is coming to you, that includes the money that you failed to collect by being out of work for so long. You may haggle this out with the insurance companies, or even inside court, trying to tell the judge that you are afflicted with whiplash, however the ideal way to go about doing it, is by hiring an attorney. A lawyer that specializes in whiplash injury claims will serve you well, since he or she has had massive experience in this area. Even though it seems trivial, the attorney will obtain the maximum amount of compensation for you in this injury claim.

Keith has been writing articles online for nearly 4 years now. Not only does this author specialize in Legal matters but you can also check out his latest video on Accident Injury Compensation. Help is not hard to find for Whiplash Injury Claim if you look hard enough. Keith’s video has lots of information on Car Accident Claim and is available for any questions you may have.


Why is it necessary to result in the right choice after an accident? Oftentimes, people can’t remember what really took place in an accident after it occurs. It has been noted for so long that individuals tend to forget details about the accident that’s extremely important 30 to 60 days after it happened. Therefore, it is a good choice to see having a personal injury attorney San Antonio after the accident.

Hiring an investigator to help you collect information would be also the best thing to complete. You can be certain that the insurance company may have their very own investigator to research the accident on their behalf. They’re trying to get themselves in a better ground than only you have made sure that you do your personal investigation as well. Via a recognized, the injured individual will be captured inside a lesser placement.

Personal Injury Lawyer San Antonio
Apart from proof and also the preservation of proof, statute of limitations is also important. This is a very obvious move to make but people should understand that what this really leads to if for them to be able to get all of the necessary requirements needed for situation before when they still could. You should know what these limitations are and then act in your situation immediately while you still have the chance.

There may also be additional requirements that you will be asked to comply because the situation advances and you have to pay focus on them also. The updates may vary as time goes by and you’ll have to make sure that they comply with the statutes. As such, you need to be sure you’re on the right track and focus on complying with the requirements immediately.

Such cases can be challenging to deal with or quality assistance from personal injury lawyer would be most credible. As such, you’ll have to do what you could to assist your attorney operate things out and offer your situation in the court if necessary to get the best results.

If a wrong deed was ever done to you by some organization, business, individual along with other groups that left you experiencing emotional and physical damages, it is your right to opt for a lawsuit so that you can obtain compensation for the damage that has been done to you. You will need just compensation for the recovery of your injuries and life. In the event you go for a lawsuit, it will be in your best interest to be represented by a car accident lawyers with experience of your kind of case.

You wonder how much it could set you to obtain an attorney and you have to know that it won’t set you much. To begin with, you need the lawyer to defend your case in court. It’s the best chance you’ve got in winning the case and be granted with compensation where one can pay for each of the bills involved. And if you decide to hire someone who would represent you legally, there is an increased chance that you will get a greater amount of cash in the case compared to when you’re going to trial by yourself.

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The very fact from the matter is that many of the personal injury attorneys may wish to represent you based on pay per win. This means that they’ll only get a portion of the compensation fees in the event you win in the case. In majority of states, the share is at least 30% to 33%. This naturally leads to 2 major benefits. First benefit is you don’t have to pay the attorneys who’re working with your case upfront. They’ll begin setting your cases and document all of the necessary files and execute the needed investigations to reveal concrete evidence. This can assist you along with your case in court.

The 2nd benefit is that you can obtain higher compensation as the lawyer says you should and since they will be aware of your case better than you. You can opt for higher compensation so long as the lawyer says it’s feasible. And so it won’t matter much that the lawyer obtains a part of it since you are set to some higher compensation if things go right.

So it’s not merely you lawyer but you who are earning a lot of money as soon as your case is won. If you think about this, it’s as affordable as a lawyer in a lawsuit can get.

To have an accident is never pleasant – the pain, the medical bills and the aftermath can be difficult to cope with. Likewise, if you own a business and someone sues you due to having had a slip and fall accident at your premises, it won’t be all that nice for you. Chances are you never in a million years thought that someone would have an accident on your premises, just as little as the person who had it expected it would happen.

As slip and fall attorneys we have seen many, many different cases over the years and we know that accidents aren’t pleasant, but there’s a lot you can do to make the aftermath more smooth. The first thing is to call one of us slip and fall attorneys. It might sound like an unnecessary thing if you just had a small accident, or someone fell over without seemingly getting injured, but you never know what the repercussions may be.

When it comes to accidents what you thought to be nothing may become big lawsuits. Believe us, anything is possible and as slip and fall attorneys we’ve seen a few different scenarios play out over the years. Some injuries take time to show and then the lawsuit takes time to show. If you own the premises where someone was injured, you do good to immediately contact us slip and fall attorneys. Better safe than sorry, when sorry can cost you a lot of dollars!

To tell you an absurd story (and no, this isn’t common to hear, not even in amongst us slip and fall attorneys) – someone in France (so at least not in the US!) decided to burglar a house. Doing so they only too late discovered there was a snake protecting the home. They discovered this only when they tripped, fell and broke something. And consequently they sued the owner of the house. The burglar sued the owner of the house.

After that story you may realize that even us slip and fall attorneys get to crack up ever so often! However, as slip and fall attorneys we take our job seriously – we want to minimize the risk that you have to pay gigantic sums for medical bills if you had an accident, or get run over by lawsuits if you owned the premises the accident took place in.

An accident can happen to all of us, as slip and fall attorneys we know this. What most people don’t know though is that they may need legal help if it does. We would like to recommend you to get in touch with some slip and fall attorneys as soon as an accident happens, to minimize the risk of heavy repercussions. Our job might not be glorified, but as slip and fall attorneys we know that we do make a difference in peoples’ lives when they’ve had an accident!


At some point in your life, you will probably be involved in a car accident. It may simply be a bump in the parking lot, or you could end up in a more serious accident where people are injured. In any case, knowing how to react to a car accident will improve the outcome for everyone involved.

You may be wondering, “Why do I need to know what to do if I’m in a car accident?” If you do not follow the proper procedure, your insurance company could refuse to pay your claim. In addition, you could face fines if you do not follow legal procedures. Being aware of the steps to follow will help you when you file police reports and when you file for insurance compensation.

As a precautionary measure, keep first aid supplies and an emergency kit in your car. Flares, a bright orange vest, a cell phone, and a disposable camera are all helpful objects to have in case of an accident.

If you are in a moving vehicle when an accident occurs, immediately and safely pull over to the side of the road, turn off your car, and turn on your hazard lights. Check to see if anyone is hurt. If there is an injured person, do not move them until you take standard first aid measures. Place flares, cones, or triangles alongside the road a few hundred feet before the accident so traffic is aware that there is an accident ahead.
Call 911 and inform them of any injuries. If you are on a freeway and do not have access to a cell phone or telephone, check for a roadside phone that you can use.
Trade information with everyone involved in the accident. Be sure to exchange the following:
-Name, address, phone number of all drivers

-Name, address, phone number of all passengers or witnesses

-Driver’s license numbers and license plate numbers

-Insurance companies of all drivers involved

-Registered owners of all cars

-Year, model, make, etc. of all cars involved

Do not discuss what happened with anyone else but the police. Do not say that it was your fault, and do not make accusations. These comments may be used against you later. If time and accident conditions allow, take notes about your perception of what happened.
Immediately report the accident to your insurance company, and to the police if there is over $500 in damages (in Washington state-check with your state laws for the dollar amount in your state). You may find that the other driver has filed a report stating that the accident was your fault.
If you have or suspect an injury, visit a doctor right away.
Following these simple steps will keep the accident scene as safe as possible, and will help to ensure that no one has to bear unnecessary blame. The next time you are involved in an accident, whether it be a fender-bender or a rollover, don’t panic. Now you know the proper procedure for dealing with this type of situation.

Contact our michigan Accident Lawyers if you have ever experienced a personal injury and think others are at fault for the accident.

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