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Casey Affleck In “The Finest Hours”

Casey Affleck’s new film is based on a more than 60 years old true story. It is the story of a brave rescue made by the US coast guard. Affleck said he was attracted to the movie because of its old-fashioned heroic story line. Affleck is playing the role of an engineer who was on board the SS Pendleton. A massive storm struck it in the year 1952. It was a real tough time for the cast to shoot the entire storm sequence as said by Affleck.
Chris Pine portrays the role of a small coast guard who has to rescue the sailors trapped inside. Affleck is the younger brother of Ben Affleck who has also won Oscar. He became best friends with Joaquin Phoenix on the sets of “To die for.” Their friendship was not limited only to them, Affleck is now married to Phoenix’s sister, Summer Phoenix. This historical movie “The finest hours”, is awaited in theaters. People are eager to watch it on January 29.
A film produced by Walt Disney Pictures is never a small deal. The same is with this movie which is produced by the same house. While many superhero movies are awaited in 2016, let us see how this real life heroic story inspires people. People are giving a mixed opinion about the story line. Only after its release, we will get to know how effectively the story is portrayed and loved by people. One of the big banners to open up in 2016 is here with its “The finest hours”.