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Death Of Kim Richard’s Ex-Husband

Kim Richards, 51, a well-known reality show star, shared a heartfelt tribute about ex-husband’s death. Monty Brinson, her ex-husband died after a really long struggle with cancer. Kim wrote he was the best person she ever met in her life. They shared an incredible 30 years of love relation. They also have one daughter. She also posted an old picture of them, dancing together. It was a beautiful picture and received more that 11.8k likes on Instagram.
She also added further saying that he will always remain in her heart. Their daughter Brooke Brinson also posted a heartfelt message on Instagram. Initially, the death of Monty Brinson was announced by his brother in law, Rick Hilton. He took it to Instagram to inform everybody about his sad demise. Rick wrote Brinson’s heart was as big as the moon, and he was loved by all he met. Not only him, but also almost every relative of Brinson expressed grief on Brinson’s death.
Paris Hilton also expressed her sorrow for her uncle’s death. She also attended her uncle’s funeral in Los Angeles. Every real person is to bid goodbye someday. So did Monty Brinson after his lifelong struggle with cancer. People will always remember him in their loving memories with him. Great souls never die, but they always remain in between us with their memories. Social media sites remained filled with sad messages on his death. Monty Brinson was appreciated as an actor and writer. His best-known work was Escape in 1989.

Exploring The Sundance Film Festival

If you are looking forward to the Sundance film festival, just 24 hours for it is not going to be ideal enough. It is considered as a movie pilgrimage by countless filmmakers. A myriad of seminars, events, parties and screening take place every year. It is really hectic to go through everything within a single day. To go through all the incredible documentaries, movies and events organized here, you need a good amount of time. Your each and every minute in the Park City will be worth remembering forever.
Stuart Oldham’s variety suite is a must visit in the very first instance. It is right there on the main street. When our reported entered the suite, Lena Dunham just passed by who was there for an interview. Matt Damon also dropped by there for an interview. His upcoming movie “Manchester by the Sea” is getting a lot of limelight these days. Oldham also appreciated the documentaries being shown in the festival in the current year. According to him, they have got better year over year.
The Hollars is a must watch movie shown right here. It includes marvelous performances from Anna Kendrick and John Krasinski. Its creative writing is done by C. Strouse. It is the second directorial debut for Krasinski. This news deserves a big shot on the big screen. Sundance is a place that filmmakers must visit. You will not get a better set of an audience anywhere else. Many actors, directors and agents come together to share the best of ideas with the most experienced people.