Donald Trump Will Be At Drake University Instead Of Attending Fox News Debate

Donald Trump found himself in a barn in Lexington County, Gilbert, South Carolina. Trump donned the Make America Great Again cap and said he preferred wearing the cap as he was at a barn. The interest of supporters gathered at the barn was on a Thursday evening Fox News debate that Donald Trump is unlikely to attend. So what would he prefer to do on Thursday evening is the question that caught the interest of many of the audiences. Reaching out to the Iowa audience he said that he will be raising money for the vets.

Trump will be at the Drake University on Thursday evening the same time the Fox News debate was to be health. The event will be helpful to some veteran groups that he did not name. At this same time, Republican presidential candidates will be in a heated debate. During his speech is made a reference to the Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly without pronouncing her name whom he earlier called unprofessionally. Trump referring to his earlier GOP debate held at Cleveland in August said that he did not debate but received an unfair question and did not want to talk about it.

The barn had around 1,500 supporters and was warmer than expected. During the event, women fainted, and Trump wished her well. A retired veteran from the army Susan Lepping (69) made it to the barn from Augusta, Georgia to witness Trump’s second rally. Meanwhile, the Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina openly endorsed Trump before the speech putting the audience to surprise. McMaster had earlier endorsed Republican nominee Sen. John McCain in 2008. He also supported the ambassador to China Jon Huntsman in the year 2012.

McMaster called to the crowd to support Trump saying, “Now is the time for Donald Trump.” The speech by Trump was shorter than his usual one-hour speech. It had mentions of China, Iranian nuclear deal. He also talked about his rising poll number and mentioned that he is self-funding his campaign. The Republican front-runner will be in the limelight irrespective of whether he attends the Fox News debate or not.

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