Gruesome Murders Rock Lee County

A call to 911 from the Iona Lakes Apartments in Fort Myers on a Sunday morning put Lee County deputies on foot as they arrested a man after they found his girlfriend, the baby of the couple and a teenager who is the daughter of the women along with their dog dead in the Southwest Florida apartment. The arrested, Patrick Sean Carlopoli (27) was held on multiple charges. Calling the crime scene gruesome, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott explained that the crime was unthinkable.

At the press conference on Monday, Mike said, “I often tell people when I speak publicly that we’re in the business of whatever happens next. Whatever happens next is unpredictable, unpreventable, and unthinkable as well. The events scheduled for early Sunday morning were subjected to these with an underscore on unthinkable.”

Reports have it that Carlopolis guided the deputies to the apartment where they found three bodies, one of Tammy Modlin (37), Montana Modlin (16) and Jabber Carlopoli (3). The pet dog was also stabbed fatally. The mother and teenager were found on the bed with a firearm. The baby also was stabbed brutally. Patrick had blood all over the body and his clothes when the arrest was made. Patrick accepted that he shot his wife after showing the deputies that they were inside the house.

The couple was not married, and the duo was living together. Though, he uttered the words that he shot his wife. The jail records did not show attorney details for Carlopolis. Neighbor Leslie Hansen said that Jeanne was watching her every time she passed by. Hansen also regretted the incident calling the baby did not deserve such a gruesome death. Hansen was feeling disturbed as she did not understand the Jeanne needed help when she was looking out of the window. Hansen added that Jeanne was disturbed and appeared in the same pajamas and dirty all the time.

The little one is due to celebrate her fourth birthday on Feb. 28. The neighbor mentioned that the little one would have been alive if she took thought of her disturbed appearance. She said, “I know a lot of us thought about it. I don’t know why none of us did, but maybe if we had, she would still be alive.”

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