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Online Marketing Strategy: Links From Squidoo And Hubpages
I spent some time scanning and reading through the web looking for recent, as in the last 45 days, content on the value of getting links to your website from Hubpages and Squidoo.

Now there is a lot of disagreement, as there usually is when looking at almost anything regarding online marketing strategy, but the general consensus leans toward the fact that links from a Squidoo Lens still had a decent enough value that people were creating Squidoo Lenses specifically with a focus of getting a link to their website.

There will always be a grey area and a lot of argument when it comes to linking and different SEO practices as no one really knows exactly what is going on with Google and the new Yahoo/Bing, so I did run into a lot of disagreement.

Now Hupages was hit hard by Google’s Panda update and as a result one of their reactions is it seems that now they do not allow any linking to your own website from hubpages even in your profile. I went in there for a little while and it seemed you could only link to a webpage that was on Hubpages itself.

Squidoo on the other hand seems to have suffered very little from this last Google update. I did come across someone who thought they were a waste of time as well as just the opposite with someone who thought that Squidoo Lenses were ranking very well and the links had great value with Google and were the way to go.

But the general consensus was links from an ACTIVE Squidoo Lens will have some value but nobody really knows how much.

Online Marketing Strategy: Since The Squidoo ‘Slap’
Squidoo has done a lot to redeem itself and really got rid of a lot of spammy content after Google slapped them down several years ago. (Blogger should still be a good bet as part of your online marketing strategy and I’ll cover that in another post.)

One sort of ‘rule’ that still applies when it comes to online marketing strategy with regards to Getting Traffic is writing good, informative, compelling content and getting it out there on websites that have some authority to give some value or weight to the backlink to your website

The key point here is: Good, Informative Compelling Original Content!

Duplicate content will get slapped down by Squidoo as well as Google.

Online Marketing Strategy: An Active Squidoo Lens Affects Your Link
Now a Squidoo Lens will require a little work and also some continuous work as you will need to update your Lens periodically or it will be classified as a ‘WIP’ or ‘Work In Progress’ and this means the link value will be lost. You then have to add content to your Lens to get it to become active again.

So remember: You want your link to be coming from an active Lens.

Online Marketing Strategy: The Squidoo Audience
Let’s also look at the number of people you can reach when you create a Squidoo Lens, people who might never have found you. shows that, like most sites, their traffic as far as UNIQUE VISITORS! has bounced around somewhat over the last 6 months from a high of almost 8.7 Million to a low of 7.9 Million to currently stand at 8.4 MILLION UNIQUE VISITORS

Online Marketing Strategy: Using Squidoo

Now your online marketing strategy is focused on getting your marketing message in front of as many people as possible. 8.4 million unique visitors is quite a large audience you can expose yourself to.

If your Lens gets just a little of this traffic from people searching on Squidoo it makes the effort to create a good Lens more beneficial and worthwhile as you are not only getting a few backlinks but a chance to appear in front of a lot of new people.

If you do decide to use a Squidoo Lens as part of your online marketing strategy besides really good content you’ll also want to spend a little time with the design of your Lens to have it attractive and appealing to display your content.

Online Marketing Strategy: A Quick Look At Backlinks
Now there are a lot of places to get backlinks of various value; places like Squidoo, Hubpages, Yahoo answers, Social Bookmarks to name just a few plus many, many more.

As I touched on before how much value is placed on links from the various sites is something no one really knows, but the overall consensus is you HAVE TO GET LINKS and for the average person this is one way to go about it. For an ideal online marketing strategy you’ll want links coming from a variety of sources to have more appeal to Google so Squidoo is a way for you to expand your backlink portfolio.

Also as I stated above there is a lot of grey area when it comes to SEO practices and ranking in Google, (Someone said that they felt doing a Guest Post was a waste of time where as I personally feel it is one of the more relatively powerful links the average person can get.) but during my research one of the principles that popped up often for good, solid SEO was getting good, informative content out there and linking from that content back to your website.

So while Squidoo seems to have lost very little from the Panda and Penguin updates you still need to understand that you want to create a good looking lens with well written valuable information on it.

Building backlinks will take some time but it is a necessary part of your online marketing strategy and it can be done. There is no good way around that statement. Plus with something like Squidoo you are also getting exposure to an audience that uses Squidoo as a way to find information on all sorts of topics. Get content out there for all those eyeballs looking for what you have to offer.

You’ll want to remember to do all you can to SEO the content you do put on a Squidoo Lens.

Online Marketing Strategy: Things To Be Aware Of
A few slightly negative points to consider:

Google might like a site like Squidoo for a while and then decide they don’t for whatever reason. However, note that Squidoo has done fairly well for the last 2 + years and I feel they are focused on staying in Google’s good graces, so to speak, so they don’t get slapped down again.
You are at the mercy of Squidoo so if you are going to go to the effort to create a Squidoo Lens, make that effort sufficient enough so your Lens is active and do the little extra work done the road to keep it active. FOLLOW THE RULES! Don’t get your account suspended though normally they just make it a ‘work in progress’ until you address whatever it is they don’t like.
A few more notes:

Vary your anchor text links as this is one of the things Google is looking at in a negative light, a bunch of inbound links with the same anchor text.
Don’t worry about the ‘DoFollow’ and the ‘NoFollow’ when it comes to the links, from the majority of what I have read the ‘NoFollow’ are still noticed by the search engines. Squidoo apparently uses an algorithm of their own to determine if a link will be ‘DoFollow’ or ‘NoFollow’ and I have no concrete information on that at this time.

Online Marketing Strategy: To Sum It Up
Now you’ll have to decide for yourself if putting in the time and effort to work with a Squidoo Lens as part of your online marketing strategy for linking and exposure is worth it.

I personally am going to get a good Lens going to get myself presented to the Squidoo audience as well as getting a few links back to my site.



So you want to know how to increase web traffic to your web site.

Before I get into that let’s clear up a few things first.

It’s Not ALL About Linking And Backlinks! How About Getting The Reader To Visit Your Site?


The How To Increase Web Traffic Overnight Gimmicks
There are a ton of the ‘get rich quick’ products out there that will promise you a massive increase in web traffic.

The thing is, most of them are gimmicks that will not really deliver any quality web traffic. They will have some ‘system’ that requires very little work, and I hate to say this, but the truth is you will have to do some work, sometimes a lot of work, to really start to get somewhere with your internet business.

The product might actual deliver on its promise of ranking a video high or something else that sounds awesome but it will not translate to an increase in web traffic.

Straight out buying web traffic is a really bad idea in my opinion unless you have a well established business, such as a local business, with a product or service that gives you a high profit and you can then afford paying a high cost per click using pay-per-click ads for example.

Any service that that will send you a lot of traffic to your website cheaply is really just sending garbage as these will be uninterested visitors and you will have also have no idea where this increase in web traffic is coming from.

An uninterested 2 second visitor is worthless.

Bottom line is buying cheap web traffic will not be the targeted web traffic that you really want and you are just throwing your money away.

So for a quick review:

1. The super easy increase web traffic overnight products will rarely work or provide any real benefit.

2. Buying good, targeted web traffic is expensive.

3. Paying for a cheap service to increase web traffic is a total waste of money. They count a visitor who stops by your web site for 2 seconds and then is gone. You won’t get your marketing message across and will not make a dime.

So How To Increase Web Traffic To Your Web Site?
Get LOTS of content out there.

Quality Content!!

A blog is a great way to get content up on the web.

To further drive traffic to your blog and/or website articles and press releases are still considered to be time honored methods of getting the word out there about your business and getting good backlinks of reasonable value.

Google is always changing and they are very aware of all the tricks people are trying in order to quickly gain bogus links to rank higher in the search results they return.

I am sure you have heard of the horror stories when Google changes it’s algorithm and people have had major web sites disappear.

Quality content is still respected by Google and the phrase ‘Content Is King’ still applies today.

You can also do video as well but right now the focus is on writing quality content and getting it up there on the web.

Places such as Blogger (Which is, Hubpages, and Squidoo are also out there to name just a few.

The site analytics website shows that for UNIQUE visitors:

Blogger CP: 62 million
Hubpages CP: 7.5 million
ezinearticles CP: 5 million
Squidoo CP: 8 million

Those numbers are for UNIQUE visitors, that’s not counting all the REPEAT visitors!

So MILLIONS of people are going there looking for information. Are you up there with any quality content?

Now remember you are NOT just looking for backlinks to your site, you are looking to get content all over the web where people go and they read your content on another site and then decide to visit your site

So when it comes to how to increase web traffic it’s not just a game of getting links, it is also having someone read your content somewhere else and be interested enough to then visit your site itself.

(Yes I know I repeated myself but that is an important concept to understand)

This is good, targeted web traffic.

People want good information. Written content that teaches them something; has them learn something they hadn’t thought of before.

Give it to them!

Free press release sites might only have 500,000 visitors or less but the content there gets picked up and put on other places on the web as news. This means more links from other sites besides the actual press release site AND can give you more exposure to an audience that might never have found you.

There is always the debate about the value of a link from sites such as Blogger and an article directory such as Ezine Articles, but as I stated above you are also reaching out to millions of potential readers this way.

So What Are Some Good Methods For How To Increase Web Traffic?

Answer A Question, Solve A Problem, Educate Some One In Some Way And Then You Have A Good Chance To Get Them To Visit Your Web Site!

You can just go through these steps:

1. Blogging on your own domain website.

2. Articles and Press Releases.

3. Other places that will allow you to place content for free like Ezine Articles, Blogger, etc

This might not seem very exciting as there is nothing really magical here but this is what has been going on in the world of successful internet marketers for years.

If you’re disappointed, I will not apologize as this is something you need to understand as a basis for a good internet business

So prepare yourself to do a little work and start writing good, informative content and get it up there on the web!



If I start talking about online marketing strategy everyone’s mind immediately goes to getting traffic by ranking, linking, etc.

But let me make this statement: The biggest obstacle you will face when it comes to working on your own to create a successful online business is you. This is because you are a human being and human beings are very weird with minds that can wander and trigger negative emotions.

So I would suggest as part of your online marketing strategy one of the things slightly ‘outside of the box’ that you might want to consider is the positive impact a little organization can have on your online marketing efforts.

Online Marketing Strategy: Organization
Again, most of the time people think of an online marketing strategy as a way to get traffic to their website or a way to make money using the Internet. My point here is how are you going to efficiently and effectively learn and put these online marketing strategies into play?

In my opinion a little organization can go a long way towards making your overall online marketing strategy more effective. Why? Because normally those that are more organized are more productive as well as feeling more relaxed as they have right before them that list of what they are going to do and feel in control of things.

This results in them feeling on top of things and being able to focus on getting one single thing done as fast and efficiently as possible.

Or to put it more simply and personally; A little organization can have you working better, smarter, faster by having your mind free, your body relaxed and your spirit feeling light and free as well. (Screw that defeated feeling!)

Online Marketing Strategy: Making A List
By making a list, and this means physically writing it out or making the list on your computer so you can see it, your mind will be clear of holding onto all of those thoughts and allow you to focus all of your concentration and effort on a single one.

I was told long ago if you can’t sleep at night because one or two things are stuck in your head and your mind won’t let go of them then get up and write it down. Then read it twice, realize it is right there for you to look at in the morning and then go back to bed.

The result of the action of writing it down and reading it seems to somehow get the mind to let go of it.

This especially applies to working at home alone when you sit down at your computer and begin to think of everything you want to get done during the day.

Online Marketing Strategy: The List Creates A Focus On Work
The first thing making a list accomplishes is that it gets you to focus on just your work. You’re not thinking about having to pick up the kids at school in the afternoon.

The rest of the day is blotted out and you are thinking about the work you want to get done. You’re mind is not distracted by thinking about everything as it’s been written down as you can refer to your list at anytime, you know it’s there.

I would also suggest you outline your day as well for all of the same reasons.

Online Marketing Strategy: Prioritizing Your List
Once you have written out the things you want to focus on, go back through the list and prioritize it. Realize that you don’t have to be perfect here, and if you are not sure of what should be the top priorities just pick 3 things and number them 1, 2, 3 and START!

Getting started is an important concept!

Just start doing the first thing you have on your list, whether it is easy or hard, and then just focus on doing that one thing. Everything else should be waaaay back in your mind now which will allow you to apply all of your concentration and effort more freely on just finishing that one task on your list.

Online Marketing Strategy: An Important Tip
Before you go to bed write down 2 or 3 things you want to get down the next day. This can create a shortcut as you can sometimes just sit down and pick 1 of those 2 or 3 things then Bang! You’re off to the races.



One fairly recent change in online marketing SEO is Google’s decision to put a little more emphasis on bounce rate, exit rate, the amount of time a visitor spends on your website and how often visitors return.

Google has the ability to analysis this data and use it to determine a websites importance and value when Google goes to rank a webpage or website and decide how high in the search results to place it.

This is normally referred to as ‘SEO Metrics’ and as mentioned above there has been a shift by Google in putting more emphasis on these factors when determining how high to rank a website or webpage.

Online Marketing SEO: What Exactly Are The Bounce Rate And The Exit Rate?
Let’s define these online marketing SEO terms first so we can understand what we are talking about.

The two most important of these online marketing SEO factors are the ‘Bounce Rate’ and the ‘Exit Rate’ so let’s take a close look at understanding what is meant by these two terms


The ‘Bounce Rate’ is when someone visits a single webpage on your website and then clicks off that webpage without visiting any other page on your website.

The ‘Exit Rate’ is a percentage determined by a visitor leaving a particular page of your website compared to the number of visits that particular webpage has had.

So an ‘Exit Rate’ factor only occurs when someone visits more than one page on your website and that ‘Exit Rate’ is assigned to the particular webpage that was the last page they visited and clicked off from.

Online Marketing SEO: How Do I Find Out What The Bounce Rate And Exit Rate Are For My Website?
The easiest way I know to do this is to use Google Analytics. (I am developing some material on Google Analytics for the very near future.)

What Is A Good Target For Good Online Marketing SEO For The Bounce Rate and The Exit Rate?

A bounce rate of 25% is considered acceptable though in some cases it is mentioned that a keyword phrase can accidentally lead to irrelevant search results.

As an example is someone types in: “How To Get Great Flowers” and they will be presented with sites on Flower Photography, Wedding Flowers, Buying Flowers, and Growing Flowers. However, with the title and the description displayed on the search results returned page, I would expect these irrelevant clicks that would be considered a bounce would be limited quite a bit.

For a website with a natural flow to a last page you would naturally find that page to have a high exit rate.

For a blog such as this website you would want to be concerned with two things:

If your home page had a high bounce rate as well as a high exit rate.
If one or two individual pages have a high exit rate you would want to consider either changing the content or layout of these pages or actual deleting them from your site altogether.
And, of course, if the bounce rate and exit rate is high for your home page you really need to look at what you can change about it from content to layout and quickly address this problem. It could be something as simple as the page taking too long to load or it may be in need of a more extensive adjustment by changing the content and / or the look of the home page.

Online Marketing SEO: Why Are The Bounce Rate and Exit Rate Important to Know?
Good Bye Forever

There are two important reasons for knowing your bounce rate and exit rate for your web pages.

The first is this allows you to further optimize your website and web pages that have a high rate for one or both of these factors, so you can edit these pages to give the more of a ‘Sticky’ quality and keep your visitors interested in your website and web pages and have them spend more time on your website.

The second important reason is that Google knows your bounce rate and exit rate and uses that as part of its equation when it decides how well to rank your website and web pages

When it comes to online marketing SEO factors Google also knows the length of time a visitor spends on any one page of your site as well as the total time a visitors spends on your entire website and factors this into its ranking decision as well.

AwStats in the control panel of your website will only show you the length of time a visitor spends on your website in segments of: 0 to 30 seconds, 30 seconds to 2 minutes, 2minutes to 5 minutes, etc., but it is a good way to get a feeling for how many visitors are leaving in less than 30 seconds to give you an idea of what your bounce rate is.

Eventually you’ll want to get something like Google analytics installed and understand how to use and interpret the data it gives you but if you’re focused on just getting traffic with a relatively new website you can just check AwStats until you decide it is time to devote some of your online marketing SEO efforts towards learning and using Google Analytics

Online Marketing SEO: To Sum Things Up
So the bottom line is, especially for the bounce rate, to be aware of what it is and how it can have a negative effect upon your web site and you web page rankings in Google as well as tell you that you need to experiment and change something up to reduce it so people will stay interested in staying on your website long enough for you to get your marketing message across.

I didn’t give any real solutions towards the online marketing SEO tactic of making your website ‘Sticky’ to reduce the bounce rate but this post is already rather long so I’ll come back tomorrow with a post on methods to create a ‘Sticky’ website and ‘Sticky’ web pages.
There are many instruments of affiliate marketing which you can use, when you work through the Internet. However, it doesn’t mean that you should use them all. You decide yourself what tools it is better to use for you.
Remember, we are experts in affiliate marketing, and we should understand that there are a lot of tools.
Keyword research tool is very important if you work into affiliate marketing.
You can try different services, but I like more the Wordtracker. It is very good for me because I like to go deeply to my keyword research. I completely recommend using the tool of keyword research. For some initial research of a keyword I recommend the Tool of keyword Research from Google, and SEO Book. Both of these services you can use free of charge.

You should use the good tool of keyword research because keyword research – one of the very first things which you should make before you will organize work of other tools.
The Blogging platform.
There are many different blogging platforms, which you can find online. Try to check one of them, for example, WordPress. For me using of a WordPress brings me the big advantage. At the first, you don’t need skills of a web design, only capture the free subject from web site WordPress. At the second, Google loves blogs – you shouldn’t create the map of own site as you have to with usual web site. At the third, Blogging is an excellent method to communicate with your audience. If you send traffic to the blog, people, more possibly, will buy, because people still consider a blog as the information environment contrary to sale of media as the web site.
This tool is extremely important into affiliate marketing. You should develop and be always on top as the Internet expert in marketing. Forums – a magnificent place to see what works on people, and understand market tendencies. You can capture some bonus information from them as there are some really good experts in marketing who hang out there. Study what exactly works on people, consider acceptance of different methods and tools.
Need more details on affiliate program promotion? Then you are invited to check out this affiliate program marketing software site. It is the right place on the Internet where you can get info about pdf branding software for affiliates and create affiliate program photo ads for affiliates as well as much other.
Also I would like to share some general tips. These days the Internet technologies give you a really unique chance to choose what you need at the best terms which are available on the market. Strange, but most of the people don’t avail themselves of this opportunity. In real practice it means that you must use all the tools of today to get the information that you need.
One more thing. The topic has become very popular recently. So search Google or other search engines. Visit various social networks and look through topics which are related to yours. Go to the niche forums and participate in the discussion. All this will help you to build up a concept of such kind of work.
P.S. And with that I would recommend you to sign up for the RSS on this blog as we will do everything possible to keep this blog tuned up to the day with new info about the topic and other important issues.
How to increase webtraffic
In modern competitive business world everyone is trying to get more valuable customers or clients. In the real business world, the only thing you require is the location with potential customers. However, it is different for the virtual world. In case of online business, regardless of what you are planning to promote or what your business is all about, you have to grab some web traffic. The whole success of your internet business depends on the amount of web traffic you can attract to your website. Here everything is very simple – the more web traffic you generate, the more you succeed.
You have to know that web traffic denotes a few things. It could refer to the amount of page views, unique visitors, hits on the website or the amount of sessions. Remember that all these could show you the extent of web traffic you have. But the strategies to increase web traffic are not same for all. Keep in mind that some websites aim to increase the amount of subscribers while others like to push the amount of page views.
As well there are some of the web masters who prefer to count the amount of hits on the website as the web traffic that is not the exact indicator of web traffic.
You have to know that search engine optimization is the most vital step to increase web traffic of any website. As a rule, it involves the appropriate and unique keywords best describing your website as well as its business purposes. In fact, a keyword phrase consists of two and more words. While doing search engine optimization for increasing the amount of web traffic, it will be much better to avoid single keywords.The other factor to consider is placement and frequency of keyword phrases on your web page. Because they play a crucial role in the organization of your website, the more appropriately you could do the more web traffic you will get as a result.
Small wonder that every site requires web traffic today as it directly influences one’s online business. There exist many ways to attract traffic and one can make use of free traffic which can be got on this web traffic site.
Web Traffic And Different Types Of Paid Advertising

Of course, the easiest and fastest way to actually increase your web traffic is to pay for advertising. In fact, there are several various types of paid advertising: by view, clicks or impressions. However, paid web traffic is really affective when you definitely need to drive it quite fast and also when you are obviously trying to capture leads in your own niche.
Well, the first kind of paid advertising is certainly Pay-Per-Click. And thus you actually set up your own ad, your daily budget and also bid per click. Besides, you will be charged only when some individuals really click on your ad. For sure, once you have surely hit your daily limit, your ad will definitely stop showing until the next day.
Moreover, depending on your keywords, you may only need to pay just as low as five cents per click. Of course, if you are actually in a quite competitive niche and if you are targeting some widespread keywords, you should not be surprised if you possibly need to bid a bit more money per click. But to really reduce your cost per click, you need to aim for some long tail keywords with less competition. In fact, Yahoo Search Marketing and also Google AdWords are only two of the most widespread PPC options that are available out there.
In addition, cost per thousand impressions and Pay-Per-View definitely work differently than famous PPC. And thus in PPV you actually pay for each time your ad is really viewed, whilst in CPM you clearly pay for every one thousand time your ad appears. Well, CPM is mainly the cheapest kind of advertising, but the results are commonly not as good as with PPC.

And finally, another popular kind of paid advertising which is gaining popularity these days is Cost-Per-Action. For sure, CPA certainly works differently than some other kinds of advertising, because it actually requires visitors to perform an exact action before you really pay.
It is not surprising that every site requires website traffic today as it directly influences one’s online business. There exist lots of ways to attract traffic and one can even get free traffic which can be got on this free traffic site.

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